Last chance to get Amex Platinum with 50,000 Membership Rewards (= 50,000 Avios) sign-up bonus

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This is a ‘final boarding call’ for anyone thinking of applying for the American Express Platinum charge card.

The Amex website has been saying for a couple of weeks that the 50,000 Membership Rewards points offer will end on 3rd March.

My best guess – and I honestly don’t know – is that it will drop back to 40,000 points, which is what it was until last Autumn.

50,000 Membership Rewards points (good for 50,000 Avios or various other things) is a great deal.

Whilst the card does carry a £450 annual fee, you can cancel this for a pro-rata refund as soon as you have spend the £2,000 necessary to get the bonus points.  This pro-rata refund is in the terms and conditions of the card (paragraph 18.2 to be precise) so you will have no problem getting it.

Amex Platinum

So, if you meet the £40,000 household income requirement and have not had a Platinum, Gold or Green Amex in the last six months, you need to decide whether to go for it before the deadline.

Cancel within 3 months, and your net fee will only have been (3/12ths of £450) £112 – a fantastic deal for 50,000 Avios!

However, the Platinum card has some great benefits – Cathay Pacific Gold card (= BA Silver and gets you into BA lounges), Starwood Gold, Club Carlson Gold, Accor Platinum (EDIT – initially said Gold by mistake), 2 Priority Passes for lounge access when not flying BA etc – and you may decide that it is well worth keeping once you have got used to the benefits. I have had once since 1999.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. AviosNewbie says:

    Hi Raffles, I have been a follower of your blog for the past few months and you’re doing a fantastic job!

    I have the Gold charge card and I achieved their bonus a few months ago, but haven’t cancelled it yet as I am waiting for a MR to avios transfer bonus. I am sitting on around 52k MRs, and do you think I should transfer now or wait for a bonus? I haven’t been able to apply for the Platinum because I already have the gold, and will lose out on the 52k offer now.

    I also had a suggestion for your site: can you create a section where readers could post questions for you? I had a few questions about avios, BA redemptions, etc. and would love to get your thoughts on them, but don’t know where to post.

    • The good thing is that the Gold is fee-free for the first year. So you don’t loose out on any prorated refund.

      Do you have a significant other or fanily menber than you could refer for a card? You can then move your points MR points to them for a flat fee and cancel your card, yet still be waiting in MR. However the MR holding account would not be in your name but theirs while you wait for transfer.

      Far better to wait for the fee-free first year of gold on your account, get them to churn the plat (apply, spend, get bonus, cancel) and then pay the flat fee to trf their points into your holding pot. You could be the additional plat card holder on their account of that helps with spending.
      The only plat feature you can’t apply for as the additional sup is the Cathay card – main cardholder only.

      This also keeps you holding the Gold which is that better for day-to-day spending.
      Of course if you wanted to switch to the plat yourself as a long term hold card that would be different.

  2. Flashware says:

    When did it drop to only 2 priority passes? I have 2 full priority pass memberships (myself + supp card holder) that also allows us both to bring in 1 guest for no cost, unlimited use. I suspect that is what you meant but it didn’t read like that!

    • Colin says:


      Can i just double check this, if i take out an AMEX Platinum charge card and a supplementary card i can get the Priority Pass with unlimited access on BOTH PP cards? I have read on other websites the supplementary card is the basic one where you need to pay for access, albeit i think that might be for AMEX cards issued in the U.S.

      • Hi Colin – yes, BOTH the main cardholder and the additional Plat cardholder receive a PP card. These cards both allow both the PP cardholder + 1 guest unlimited free entry to lounges. The US Plat card is quite different – it comes with the PP Select (valid for fewer lounges) and I don’t think has the free guest – on the other hand the US card also has lots of other benefits that we don’t have, like no fees on foreign currency transactions!

  3. It is Accor Plat I believe (well mine certainly is), not Gold.

  4. Is the hotel status renewed each year, or is it just for one year?

    • Hilton Gold (now removed, replace with Accor Plat) used to be one-year only.
      Le Club Accor Hotels Plat is I believe on-going (renewed).
      Club Carlson Gold is ongoing (renwed)
      Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Gold is one-year.

      Above is from memory.

      • Almost right 😉 SPG Gold is a longstanding ongoing benefit. The only one-year hotel status was Hilton, now removed.

        • It was from memory – and I’m not really a SPG person.

        • Yes, I haven’t had many stays with them either (few UK properties and those they have are pretty pricey) but have had good use out of the Gold status on a few stays – also applied twice for the SPG Amex which has given me a nice chunk of SPG points. This kind of occasional stay but getting mid-tier benefits is a definite benefit of the Plat card and something I would miss if they removed it.

        • Flashware says:

          What have you found the bennies like? I’ve got upcoming stays at the Sheraton Grand Tokyo Bay & Westin Kyoto.

        • Ironically I stayed at Westin Kyoto about 8 years ago as an SPG Gold and got upgraded to a lovely junior suite. In theory, though, you are behind SPG Platinum members in the upgrade queue. There was a big tour group at the Westin when I was there, all of whom would have had no status, which probably helped me. It was a lovely hotel, hopefully it is still OK.

        • Flashware says:

          Given it will be our 1 year wedding anniversary the night we check in, fingers crossed!

        • I’ve had upgrades to SPG Gold/Plat floors (generally higher up and daily free water, which was quite useful for when I was in Argentina and it was hot!), also been refunded the resort fee due to SPG Gold status on a few stays in the US – at $14.95/day for a couple of week-long stays that’s about £139 of value straight away 😀 It’s only mid-tier status though, so I’d go in not expecting too much and hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

        • Congrats, Flashware! Given that I’d definitely contact the hotel in advance to make them aware – I had very good results with Hilton on a recent NZ trip in contacting them in advance.

        • Flashware says:

          I did mention it on the booking, but maybe it’s worth emailing the hotel as well! Thanks for the idea Alan!

      • SPG is actually permanent, but it does not renew automatically. You need to ring up or re-do the application form each year.

        • Not quite – it has auto-renewed for me twice now – it’s certainly meant to auto-renew!

  5. Flashware says:

    How you described just there is how I did it 🙂

  6. Yes, that was it. It may or may not work, it shouldn’t work, obviously!

  7. On the AMEX Platinum you get Gold Marco Polo as well which gets you into BA lounges at T5 for example – the card is valid for a year, is this renewable or is it a 1 year deal only?

    • It’s not 100% clear. They initially offered a free Marco Polo Gold card for one year in a mailshot about six months prior to the fee rise from £300 to £450. At the time of the fee rise they included it as a main benefit, although were not particularly clear about whether it was recurring or not! I first got the card from the mailshot offer – this ran out in September time but then automatically renewed. Others seem to have had the same experience. Whether this will happen again or not or whether this was a one-time thing is yet to be seen. It’s a definite benefit in the first year but I would stake everything on it being ongoing – however I think it’s probably more likely than not to renew again, only time will tell! (Amex CS seem to give conflicting/useless answers when questioned)

      • Alan – many thanks for this, my MPG card expires in a couple of months so time will tell, but very much appreciate your reply.

        • Well certainly up until now everyone’s cards seem to have been renewing so I think you’re in with a good chance – how things are in another 10-12 months is possibly quite different though!

  8. If you spend and then cancel, do you get to keep the statuses for the rest of the year?

    • Priority Pass no, Cathay, Accor, SPG, Carlson, Hertz, Avis yes

      • They cancel the Priority Pass very quickly as any guests over the 1 free is charged to your card, a colleague cancelled his AMEX card and a couple of days later the Priority Pass was no longer accepted.

  9. Thanks for the info.

    There is no mention of the Cathay card on the Amex website, although it is not something I need.

    • Everyone asks this! No idea why they did this, unless it is to protect the BA relationship.

      It is sort of mentioned. They say you get access to 1,000 lounges. Priority Pass only has 650, the other 350 refer to the oneworld global network that Cathay gets you into.

      • Thanks Raffles.

        Will sleep on the offer and may seek your referral if I decide to proceed. Have a BA PP Amex, but the Platinum card sounds good.

        I appreciate the blog!

  10. John Trops says:

    Slightly off topic, I applied for the BA standard Amex for my wife last month (I already have the Premium Plus and have hit my £10k threshold) and now realise after reading Head for Points that I should have got her the Premium Plus too. So far we haven’t started spending on it much. Were she to upgrade now i.e before her 3 month spend critieria has been fulfilled and spent £3000 would she get the additional bonus i.e 25,000 points instead of the 9,000.
    Alternatively, should I just do another online application for the premium plus for her so she has a standard card and a premium plus? Any benefit in holding both cards or is this forbidden?

    • Raffles says:

      You can’t hold both cards.

      I don’t know what would happen to your bonus if you upgraded now, you would need to speak to Amex and try to get something in writing if they say they can change the bonus. Your 9k is guaranteed if you don’t upgrade until after the bonus hits, but there is a risk you may end up with nothing ( or 25k).

  11. Hi. Raffles!

    Another question regarding the ba amex

    As a ba amex card holder with a very high credit limit, I just applied for the platinum and got declined.

    Do you think I can request them to decrease my BA AMEX credit limit in order to get the PLATINUM ? will that work with amex?

    Many thanks

    • Flashware says:

      You could do, however note that the Platinum bonus has now finished and is sitting on 0…

      • On 2000 actually…

        But I won’t get the bonus when applied for it when offer was still on ?

    • As others have said, they have killed the Platinum bonus! However, I am sure it will come back in some form. I would definitely cut your BA Amex if it is too high. It will help you with all future card applications, not just Amex.

      • My question was if I can still get THIS application going threw by reducing the credit limit and getting approved on the same phone call. Any experience with this ?

        • Good question. Best you can do is ring Amex and discuss it with them, but I doubt it can be done immediately – they could reduce your BA Amex limit on the spot but then may want some more time to reconsider your application. However, be sure to get in writing via email that this is a contination of your old application and not a new one. Ignore anything the agent says about it definitely going through with yesterdays date etc, because this won’t count for anything if the 50,000 does not post and you have to chase it up – you want it in writing.

  12. So I referred my Dad within the deadline and we checked yesterday – they will still value the referral email and credit the 52k points for signing up. Good news.

    He’s come back to me with a question this morning though: supplementary cards on the Amex platinum are free or not? He thinks it looks like they’re £170. Can anyone confirm please?


    • The first Plat is free, subsequent Gold cards are also free but subsequent Plat supp cards are chargeable after the first one.