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Last chance to convert Clubcard vouchers to Virgin Flying Club for 50% bonus

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Just a quick reminder that 5th March is the last day to convert your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club to benefit from the current ‘50% bonus miles’ promotion.

(There is also a separate promotion offering 1,000 Virgin miles if you choose to set your Tesco account to auto-convert to Virgin Flying Club each quarter.  I do not recommend this, though, as it is better to keep hold of your vouchers until a decent conversion bonus comes along.  They don’t expire for 2 years, after all.  If you do want to do it, perhaps with a dormant Clubcard account, log-in to the Clubcard website and go ‘My Clubcard Account’ and ‘My Preferences’.)

Details of the conversion bonus, and the web page to order from, are here.

Virgin Atlantic

If you are not familiar with Virgin Flying Club, please do NOT jump in and convert a large pile of vouchers without doing your research.

Whilst Virgin has a good route network these days, and has a product that is as good and potentially better than British Airways, you need to look at sample availability on the route that interest you.  Can you get the seats you want?

Taxes and fuel surcharge on Virgin are in line with those wanted by BA.  However, unlike BA, Virgin does not have a short-haul European network and does not have any ‘low/no tax’ partners (BA has airberlin and Aer Lingus if you want to minimise taxes).

That said, the Virgin scheme works well for a lot of people.  But don’t jump in via this deal without thinking it through.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (10)

  • Thunderbirds says:

    I second your thoughts. Although I am a memeber of Virgin Flying Club I’m using it purely as a short term exercise to check out their quality of service on certain routes compared to BA. I have a couple of Reward E to PE upgrades to spend and a few extra miles from this promotion will come in handy. The main problem are the conditions on the companion voucher which mean unless you are forced to fly mid-week the voucher is virtually worthless. A few tweaks to their program, such as making this voucher applicable on all fares and then doubling the trigger spend from £7.5k to say £15k would make the program a true competitor to BAEC.

  • Chris Storrie says:

    Anyone who converted under the current bonus had their miles through yet? I know they say 28 days but it’s normally quicker than that i’m very keen to get mine through so i can book a flight

  • Chris says:

    You can opt out once the 1000 bonus miles have posted, which I did last time they had this promo. I wonder if you would get the bonus if you opted in again – I haven’t tried though as the only use of VS miles for me is to convert to HH and 1000 doesn’t do anything.

  • Tariq says:

    Chris, i can confirm that I got the bonus the first time I set up auto-tip last year, then cancelled it and did it again this time. No auto-tip bonus (so far), but I did get the 50% mileage bonus credited straight away.

    • Chris Storrie says:

      Yeah I was wondering about the actual transfer of miles rather than the auto opt in bonus. I changed points 15 days ago and still haven’t seen the miles, wondered if maybe virgin are going to wait until after the 5th before exchanging miles

  • AndyWP says:

    is this the best way to keep my miles alive? – they expire later this year and whilst I have nothing planned coming up on Virgin, I’d rather not lose what I have 🙂 (and don’t really want to take out their credit card)

  • Thunderbirds says:

    I converted a large batch on 1 Feb and had both the base and bonus points arrived almost immediately after I was notified by Tesco. According to T&Cs any “earning” activity should reset your memebership for the next three years.

  • tom says:

    can i convert points before the statement date? i mean they arenrt currently in vouthers just showing as points in my account any way of converting them now?