New Amex / Foursquare deals launched!

(EDIT:  There is a later, follow-up article to this post on the Debenhams deals, which can be found by clicking here.)

March is here, and with it are two great new Foursquare deals.

As was hinted at last month, two new deals have been launched with Debenhams and Fenwick / Bentalls.

Both work the same way as the February offers at Harrods and House of Fraser:

  • Spend £50 on an American Express card and receive a £25 statement credit
  • One bonus per Amex card
  • Offer ends 31st March


As usual, remember the golden rules here to take full advantage:

ALL UK issued American Express personal cards can take part.  That means all the Amex-issued ones (Gold, Platinum, Green, BA, Nectar, SPG, Harrods, Costco, Cashback etc) plus the Lloyds TSB and MBNA-issued Amex cards.

You need to open a separate Foursquare account for each Amex card you hold.  Make sure you keep a written record of the log-in details of each Foursquare account plus which card is linked to it and which offers you have synced to that card.

Supplementary cards with a different card number to the main card count as separate cards, so you can double-up.  I have 6 Amex cards (3 in my name with a supplementary card on each for my wife) so I can buy up to 6 x £50 gift cards at each store.

The easiest way to take advantage of the deal is to buy £50 gift cards.  This triggers the £25 credit for the lowest spend and gives you 12 months or so in which to use them up.

Gift card purchases made online usually do NOT count for this promotion.  You must go into a store.

The £50 must be spent in one transaction.

Debenhams – extra information

The Debenhams website has details of how their gift cards work here.

The key items in the small print are:

Gift cards have a 24 month life

You can spend gift cards on the Debenhams website, but only for full payment (ie the order has to be for less than the value of the giftcard.)  It is not clear if multiple gift cards can be used on the website for the same order – to be safe, instead of buying lots of £50 gift cards you may want to keep topping up the same one.

Gift cards cannot be used to purchase third-party gift cards instore or online.

UK-issued gift cards can only be used in the UK stores (Ireland is excluded).

Fenwick / Bentalls – extra information

The website describing Fenwick / Bentalls gift cards is here.

Gift cards have a 24 month life.  It is not clear if gift cards can be used online (assume not until proved otherwise).

Cards can be used at either Fenwick or Bentalls, wherever they are bought.

I assume, since Fenwick and Bentalls are owned by the same company, that you cannot double-up by visiting a Fenwick store and a Bentalls store with the same Amex.

The terms and conditions make vague references to some concessions not accepting gift cards, although no further information is given.  You may want to double-check before making a specific purchase.

How to sync your Amex card to your Foursquare card

If you are new to this deal, this is how you sync your Amex card to your Foursquare card:

Download the Foursquare app onto your ipad, iphone, Android device or whatever you carry!  (A wi-fi only ipad or ipod touch will also work OK)

Sign up. Make a careful note of the email address you use.  Ignore all the screens about linking your Facebook etc accounts.

Sync your MBNA, Lloyds or Amex-issued Amex card with the Foursquare account by going to this website.  You must use the same email address as in 1.

Go back to Foursquare and search for Debenhams, Fenwick, Bentalls etc. You need to click ‘Check In’ and you will see a special offer flick up. Click ‘Load to Card’ and the offer is set up directly with Amex.

Repeat for each Amex card you have, with a new Foursquare account. It would be sensible to make a note of which Amex card and email address links to each account.

(You can actually carry out steps 1-3 on a desktop PC as well. What you cannot do is Step 4, as the ‘Check In’ box is not active.)

There is nothing to show in the shop when you make your purchases. The shop will never even know you are taking part in the promotion. 3-4 days after making the relevant shop purchase, a credit will hit your Amex account.


If you have any feedback, tips or questions on these new Foursquare promotions, please post in the Comments below.

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  1. KeithJenner says:

    I can confirm that you can only use one Debenhams gift card per transaction online. I bought a couple last year to take advantage of a supermarket offer but had to make my purchase in store as the online system only accepted one gift card.

  2. Debenhams have a very sloppy IT system. The gift card value has to be more than the purchase value.

    What you can do is ask Debenhams to merge your gift cards. This can be done at any till, but not online or over the phone.

    • andyu says:

      Has anybody from northern Ireland ever found an Amex deal over here? I

      • Yes. I’ve done the gap and house of Fraser deals in the past couple if weeks. Just unlocked the debenhams one now

    • “Debenhams have a very sloppy IT system. The gift card value has to be more than the purchase value.”

      Most retailers’ e-commerce platforms only accept a single payment source in an attempt to cut down on fraud.

  3. Dolly says:

    Did the Shell one on 11/02/13 but it’s not shown up on my MBNA card yet, synced my card & checked in with Foursquare, spent £52, who do you chase it up with?

  4. Is there a way to find out which card is synced to which account after you’ve done it?

    • The easiest way is to search your emails for ones with the subject line “Your Card is synced. Now start saving.” – if you didn’t keep them then your best choice is probably to unsync them all then resync them taking a note of which one is synced to which account!

  5. Good to see new offers being announced, just wish they’d go for more nationwide chains rather than places like Harrods and Bentalls/Fenwick! John Lewis would be a good choice 😛

  6. Perhaps a dumb question, but do you have to re-sync your Amex cards to your Foursquare accounts each time a new batch of offers is released?

    I would have assumed not, but something in the email about it last month made me think that perhaps I should…

    • Nope you definitely don’t – just log out/log in to each account and check-in/load the offers as usual! You can use each offer once per card per offer period (e.g. Shell is still ongoing so if you’ve already used it during the previous batch of offers you can’t use it again now, but for some other retailers previously like Carphone Warehouse you could use it a second time as it was a totally new offer)

  7. esperluette says:

    and if you dont have a “modern android” phone?are out out in the cold?

    • Raffles says:

      There is a PC programme you can put on your laptop which lets you download Android apps, so you could download the FS app and check in from your laptop.

  8. karen says:

    Debenhams are having a one-day ‘Spring Spectacular’ sale on March 5th with up to 25% discounts throughout the store. It’s also online from 3-5 March.

  9. Raffles says:

    Worth adding that gift cards can be used at Debenhams Plus which sells laptops, blu-ray players, fridges, bikes etc.

    However, you need to call to pay with a gift card! The good news is that you can, at Debenhams Plus, use a gift card as part-payment, topping up with a credit card.

    • Michael Christie says:


      does this effecitvely mean 50% off mini ipads etc and the like….we just buy the gift cards – go to debenhams plus and then buy what we want at 50% off ??

      • Raffles says:

        Seems so! You may want to ring first and see if they would accept multiple giftcards in the same order. If not, of course, you could get £50 ones and get the shop to consolidate them into one before ordering.

        • Michael Christie says:

          called debenhamsplus today and they do accept more than one gift card…..ive got 10 amex beteween wife and i so will get 2 gift cards with £250 each on them…..and use them…..means saving of £250 hopefully on a new mini ipad or ipad.

    • trickster says:

      This is great news, I’ve been waiting for a Amex/FS deal to get an iPad Mini (Harrod’s didn’t work for me being ‘oop North!)

      I’ve just used two of my 8 card options in store today buying birthday presents, but still have 6 left, which according to my maths with get me a 16Gb iPad Mini for £144

      Just need to walk around the store and buy/top up gift card(s) with from each Amex now. Might get all the check-ins out the way this eve!

  10. Any issue with using multiple gift cards to pay for large ticket items. I have seen a coffee table I am interested in at Fenwixks priced at £500.

    • Koshka says:

      Worth checking if they will just split the payment over multiple credit cards. Harrods let me use two credit cards for a £100 item.

  11. Rainbowdrops says:

    Hello, I’m having trouble loading the Debenhams deal to my cards.
    I’ve unlocked FS deals before, so the cards are already synced.
    Tried my Gold card, and I thought it had worked, but I have no email confirming.
    Tried the other two cards (BA & MBNA) and I click on “Load to Card” but it just gets stuc on “Loading”.
    Anyone else had similar issues / any advice?

    • Rainbowdrops says:

      Just tried again & it worked – must’ve just been glitchy!

    • I have had them get stuck before when loading, but a log out / log in usually fixes it.

      You can check if it worked OK on your Gold card by trying to load the offer to the card again. You should be told it is already loaded.

  12. I have a Nokia windows phone. Downloaded foursquare app. I could “check-in”, but could not see “load to card”. Does this mean it does not work for windows phone? Or, do I have to be in Debenhams in Oxford street in order for “load to card” to work? I “check-in” at home on windows phone. I have tried with other offers as well, but could not get to “load to card”. Please help!

  13. Trevor says:

    To confirm a comment above, there is a 25% discount sale currently on at Debenhams, but it lasts til Saturday 9th. Also, if you look around the gift cards, they have some offers for Mothers Day whereby you buy an least £50 giftcard and get a special box which offers 10% discount, free makeover, and a treat in the cafe! I found/bought 4. The offer expires mid May if I recall, but presume the gift boxes won’t be around (if you can even find them) after Sunday.

  14. Jamie says:

    Hi, On the subject of supplimentary cards being set up with FS, I tried to create an account for my wifes supp BA PP card, and she got a message saying something along the lines of “Good news. You already have an account…”. I’m sure I followed the steps correctly, as I only set myself up a couple of days earlier. Can anyone think of a schoolboy error I might have pulled to allow for this message to crop up?
    Thanks for your time.

    • If you used a different email address, I’m not sure what they could have flagged. Just open another new email for your wife and use that.

      • Jamie says:

        Thanks Raffles, I’ll give it a go later. And thanks for the site as well. Fantastic info.

  15. Trevor says:

    Interestingly, I have just cancelled a synced card, so decided to cancel the sync, ready for the next card, and on the cancellation screen, saw this:

    Confirm Your Unsync
    Are you sure you want to unsync your American Express® Card from your Foursquare account?
    Note: Once you unsync your Card, you will still be able to redeem the offer(s) you’ve already added to the Card. Should you wish to take advantage of such offer(s) by using a different Card, you must sync that Card then add such offer to the newly synced Card, provided that the offer is still available.

    What this means (especially for all those worried about having duplicate FS accounts), is that you can load all the specials to your various cards by simply using 1 FS account! We already know you needn’t actually be in the store physically to check-in, and we know you can check-in in advance, so this just takes it 1 step further, by checking into all specials in advance, then unsyncing the current card and moving on to load all the valid specials onto the next synced card!

    Personally, I don’t do it all in advance and it would prove too tricky to unsync and sync new cards on the move, so I’m happy with numerous FS accounts.

  16. Dominic says:

    Raffles, you are a wonder. My wife and I just had a night for free at the Waldorf, using up Hilton points before the changes/devaluing takes effect, and we had dinner at the Oxo Tower, with £200 of Harvey Nichols gift vouchers purchased through FourSquare, about which I learned from your wonderful blog. Free upmarket hotel and free upmarket dinner because of you! Many thanks!

  17. louise says:

    I am still waiting for credits from HOF from transactions on the 26th Feb. Getting a little concerned now. I logged in with 3 accounts, 3 cards and none of them are showing a credit yet. I have received notifications on foursquare confirming the saving. Am I just being impatient and is it usual to take this long?