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Miles & More credit card sign-up bonus increased to 6,500 (possibly 16,500) miles

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As part of the 20th birthday celebrations for Lufthansa’s Miles & More programme, the sign-up bonus on the UK Miles & More credit card has been increased from 1,500 miles to 6,500 miles.

The application link is here.

You receive 1,500 miles on acceptance and a further 5,000 when you spend £500 within 90 days.

Miles & More cards

This is not the best offer we have ever seen on this card. Last Autumn, for instance, they were offering 11,500 miles. However, if you had been thinking about getting the card then it is certainly an improvement.

It is issued by MBNA, who also issue the bmi, American Airlines and United Airlines cards in the UK. If you already have one of those cards, you will be accepted OK for the Lufthansa card. (You may get turned down when you apply, but if you ring and offer to shift some credit from your existing card to the new card, they always relent.)

Assuming you earn Miles & More miles from elsewhere to top up your balance – since long-haul rewards are the only ones worth bothering with, given the huge taxes on short-haul – the card is not bad.  The standard rate is 1.5 miles per £1 on the Amex and 0.75 miles per £1 on the MasterCard (the cards come as a pair). However, for the first 6 months you get a 33% bonus.

The other good news is that holding and using the card stops your Miles & More miles from expiring. There is also no annual fee.

This offer closes on 30th April.

PS. There is also a targetted email offer with a 16,500 mile sign-up bonus. If you receive this, then I would strongly recommend giving it serious consideration.  You may also want to risk applying through this link anyway – you may well get the higher 16,500 mile bonus.  Note that the spending target is higher, at £2000 within 90 days instead of £500.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (11)

  • daniel says:


    i am not too familiar with miles and more, what would 16,500 be worth i.e where would that take me?
    and if i apply with the link will i get the 16,500?


    • daniel says:

      one more thing, how can i see how much the taxes are? as i do not have enough miles, it wont take me throught to the page that shows that information?

      • Rob says:

        Do a dummy booking on Expedia for a cash ticket on the same route. Choose a fully flexible (cancellable) ticket and see what the taxes show as when you click through to the payment page.

        • daniel says:

          Can that also be done for a one way booking? Isn’t it always much more expensive then a return?

          • Rob says:

            Cheers James. I have heard about this before but never got hold of the details. I will write it up separately.

          • Rob says:

            Yes. It doesn’t matter if the total fare is crazy when you price up a cash ticket on Expedia for a one-way. The taxes number will still be accurate.

  • tom says:

    I have a VIRGIN ATLANTIC card , but got declined today on the LUFTHANSA one . Should I call up MBNA ? and will I still get the 16500 bonus?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, call them. Say you will transfer £x,000 from your Virgin credit limit to the LH card. They are OK with this, usually, and you will still get the bonus.

      • tom says:

        They didn’t want to do this. He said that as I’ve been declined online they can’t approve me over the phone , and I should write to their reconsideration team . When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he simply refused to put me threw. Is there anything else to do ?
        ( as I probably won’t be bothered to write them a letter for this few thousand miles..)


  • Andrew says:

    How exactly does having the card prevent miles from expiring. I find the wording on the Miles & More website quite confusing. Without the card miles expire after 36 months and with it you must make one purchase every month to stop them expiring. Does that mean that if one month is missed all miles earned up to that point are doomed? Or if you started using the card again the next month would the expiry clock be suspended? Could you effectively not make any purchases for 35 months but then still hang on to your miles forever if you never missed a month again?

    • Rob says:

      I genuinely have no idea, and this is despite having had the card for a couple of years at one point when I lost my M&M status. Sorry! Logically, you could get to month 35 and then start using the card and your miles would be protected.

      Easiest thing to do may be a £1 charitable donation automatically charged to your card each month, assuming you don’t want to carry it around, or perhaps some other recurring transaction.