New Amex / Foursquare deal launched!

A new Foursquare and American Express promotion has slipped out, without most people being aware of it.

The deal is with Harrods, again, and unfortunately is not as generous as the previous offer.

The new Foursquare deal gives you a £25 credit on your American Express statement when you spend £100.  The deal runs until 30th April.


It certainly isn’t as generous as the last deal, which gave you £25 back on just £50 of spend.  However, if you spend a lot in Harrods in general, it is worth picking up a few £100 gift cards to benefit from the £25 rebate.

You should also remember that the Shell deal continues until 18th April.  This gives you a £15 rebate when you spend £50 in a Shell petrol station.  Even if you don’t need fuel, this can be a decent deal if your local Shell garage sells gift cards – quite a few people have found Amazon gift cards in Shell garages, for example.

If you are new to Foursquare, full details of how to register for Foursquare promotions and sync your Amex card can be found in this Head for Points post.

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  1. The_Pope says:

    Here’s hoping they add more as the month progresses. These promotions really made being a cardholder worth it. Managed to get 2 x £25 off at Debenhams and bought myself two new suits. Just made sure we bought Gift Cards first, then found designs we both liked and paid the balance with the Platinum.

  2. mike turnbull says:

    Daft question…I’ve now linked my second Amex card to 4Square with a different email address, but how do you Check In with this card (I need to fill up at Shell, and I’ve successfully used the first card OK) Thanks a lot !

  3. David says:

    I actually made a transaction over £100 in Harrods on the 27th (when the offer started) – if I write to AMEX and make a story like “oh, well it said it had loaded but evidently it didn’t” will they honour it?

    • You can try but it’s unlikely – they seem pretty strict about following the rules on this. Also even if the load had failed they could potentially see that you hadn’t checked in.

      • David says:

        Surprisingly, they did honour it.

        Also, it appears from their records that I did check in – I did for the last Harrods offers but I didn’t even do them.
        Maybe be they’re being lenient over Easter.

        • Good result, David 😀 I know they’ve not been the best with some folk in honouring things but glad they did in your case. I do find their CS a bit hit or miss – some agents very helpful and sort things, others just refer issues to ‘Exec Complaints Dept’ at the drop of a hat (which then leads to an average two month delay before hearing back!)

        • David says:

          Thank you, Alan.

          I actually had a marathon long argument with AMEX over the 20,000 sign up bonus with the Starwood card: I only recieved 10,000 and I was certain I applied when the 20,000 promotional offering was distinctly laid out on the AMEX and the Starwood page for the card.

          I initially left the problem because I was more happy with having another card to take advantage of Foursquare deals but thought no, I took out that card for a reason and will make sure I get what I deserve.
          So, over the phone the members I spoke to were unsure why I had not received the correct bonus. “They’ll be added in due course”…nothing appeared…went to the managerial echelons and the manager promised the points would be added going so far as to make sure I had his name. Again, nothing happened.
          I couldn’t be bothered with talking to someone so did the whole secure email route and the colleague I spoke to was adamant I applied when the promotional bonus was 10,000. At this point I didn’t really care and just wanted them added to my SPG account – “can’t be done because not all information from your SPG account correspondes with your AMEX account.” – boring – boring – eventually got 5000 points for the inconvenience.
          It was not worth the hassle.

          But yes, that is my super long way of agreeing with you! 😛

        • AviosNewbie says:

          Hi David, to avoid arguments about the sign up bonus, what I usually do is send an email inquiry to Amex immediately after I receive the card (i.e. before I start putting on spends) to confirm that I understood the bonus offer correctly – number of points, when they will get credited, etc.

          Then in the future, I always have their old emails as proof!

  4. Sadly I’ve so far only heard of one Shell garage in the West of Scotland that has Amazon vouchers – all the best ones I’ve tried in the East have only Debenhams/B&Q/Next/Argos, etc 🙁

  5. Andy S says:

    Poor offer from Amex this time!

  6. There’s definitely no time requirement – I’ve made purchases weeks after checking-in wihout a problem. However the key part after checking-in is the ‘load the offer’ to the card – did you do that bit too? If not then that might explain it?

  7. Total nonsense. I don’t even have a smartphone, I do all the check-ins from home on an ipad via wi-fi and often do the purchase a week or so later. Never had one not go thro’ on Amex and Lloyds cards.

  8. Yep they all count as Shell purchases so you’d be fine. Wish I could find a use for Debenhams ones myself!

  9. With an Amex-issued Amex, you should get a message on Foursquare within literally an hour of making the purchase. With other cards, it is hit and miss in my experience whether a message turns up.

    I once got an email from FS confirming a purchase as well, but only once!

  10. Roger says:

    We were away in February so missed that month’s FS offers. Our experience is with the Debenhams offer in March.

    Between us, Mrs Roger and I used 11 cards. We had precisely zero e-mail notifications. Checking online, all four ‘real’ AmEx cards posted credits after about 4 days including a weekend. Six MBNA cards posted 1-2 days later. Thus far, 10/10. 🙂

    The 11th was my Lloyds TSB. (Yawn.) They don’t seem to want me as an online customer so I will only find out when our next snailmail statement arrives.

  11. How did you signup to foursquare with a made up (if that is what you mean by fake) email address?

    If you did not not signup to foursquare and/or it was not a working address, I would contact Amex to get them to remove the association, so you can associate it (sync it) with a working email address.

  12. Just unsync from FS and resync

  13. These are the only Foursquare / Amex that seem to be running at the moment. Fenwicks and Debenhams finished on 31st March, Banana Republic finished in February I think. I will post details of new deals as and when they are launched.

    • Mike Turnbull says:

      Is there asoftware bug with the current Shell offer ? if I’m asked to check in any more times before I can load to card, I shall go mad !

  14. Koshka says:

    Finally got around to doing the Shell one today. Whitechapel, London only had gift cards for Argos, B and Q, New Look, iTunes and Next so I gave it a miss. Old Street had Debenhams and Boots as well so I went for those. Foursquare notifications received almost instantly. I loaded these weeks ago for a completely different station and didn’t have to check in again.

  15. Craig Shaw says:

    Is anyone else having a battle with Amex about Debenhams 4SQ credits? They have charged us the £25 credits all over again across two a/c plus supplementary cards.