Bonus Avios when you top-up your tank at Shell and Shell have launched a special promotion to ‘celebrate’ the launch of new Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded and Diesel.

Until June 3rd, Shell is offering 4x the usual Avios when you buy Nitro+ fuel with your Shell Drivers Club card, assuming you have set up your Shell Drivers Club card to convert points directly to Avios.

Shell promotion

The normal earning rate is 10 Avios points for 20 litres of Shell fuel. With Nitro+, you will receive 40 Avios per 20 litres.

Full details are here on the website. It is not clear if this also works when sending your Avios to British Airways Executive Club rather than

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  1. Hope I’ve got this right… I believe it costs something like 10 pence per litre more for high octane fuel. On a fill of, say, 60 litres this means an additional £6.00. This would normally bag you 30 Avios, with this promotion you’d get 120. You wouldn’t pay £6 for 90 Avios, so it’s not worth buying this fuel unless you’d be buying it anyway (in my case I do, and there is a cheap Shell station near where I work, so this is a welcome bonus!).

  2. It also appears to include regular diesel as well as Nitro+ petrol.

    • I think that’s Shell’s usual misleading/sloppy wording – I suspect they mean either Nitro + Unleaded or Nitro + Diesel rather than regular diesel.

  3. Unless your car needs such fuel – and most don’t – this would be an expensive way of earning extra Avios.

    Then there’s the problem of actually receiving the bonus Avios. I’m still waiting for 1,000 (or was it 2,000?) bonus Avios from a qualifying transaction in September 2012. Much e-mail correspondence has produced the latest promise of ‘late May/early June 2013’. We’ll see. In the meantime, they have given me 500 points for my trouble.

    I’m sticking to Tesco.

    • On the other hand, hubby did get 5 x quarterly 2,000’s for an offer which was supposed to last a year!

  4. Great for car club which gives you a fuel card. Although once I reach 25 it will be cheaper to rent cars from Hertz..

  5. Phillip says:

    Personally I find that V-Power Nitro+ fuel increases my car’s efficiency and as such, having calculated it closely, I spend the exact amount of money per mile driven, whether I go for standard or V-Power/V-Power Nitro+. V-Power fuel also earns double Shell points anyway, so 20 litres of fuel, gets you 40 Shell points which mean 20 Avios. It is not terribly clear how the promotion actually works though. 4 x the usual could mean 4 x 20 Avios per 20 litres based on the above, or 2 x 20 Avios per 20 litres (given that it was already x2 from standard fuel in the first place).

    • Phillip says:

      I’ve just re-read the example on the Avios site – it is only 2 x what V-Power Nitro+ already gives you, 4 x compared to the standard fuel.

  6. Sir Stamford says:

    I have just seen this from Barclaycard where you get 5p off per litre of any fuel.–d4096

    I wonder if you could combine this discount with the above bonus Avios promotion.

    Sir Stamford

    • £5 off £10 at Starbucks deal on that site as well!

      • Sir Stamford says:

        Re Starbucks deal

        It is a very good offer but the real deal is, as I understand, you can use the voucher to load the full value onto your Starbucks card … and then ask for a refund to your bank account.

        For example, pay £5 for a £10 voucher which you then transfer to your Starbucks card and afterwards ask for a refund for £10. You need lots of email accounts though to make it worthwhile.

        Sir Stamford

        • Cap of £150 on one card. However, yes, the T&C’s of the card confirm that if you cancel it they will ONLY reimburse you by a bank transfer!