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Should you redeem BAA WorldPoints now before the Avios redemption rate is cut?

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When BAA WorldPoints ran their recent conversion bonus to Avios points, there was a reference in the email to the exchange rate moving to 250 : 250 from the current 250 : 300.  However, the small print of the email contradicted the main email so it appeared to be a typo.

With no fanfare, though, the following statement has now appeared on the WorldPoints website when you try to redeem for Avios:

From 14th May 2013 the conversion rate for British Airways Avios will revert to 250 WorldPoints for 250 British Airways Avios.

To be fair, this is just going back to how things used to be.  Before the launch of Avios, WorldPoints had a more generous conversion rate to (the old) Air Miles than for BA Miles.  After November 2011, the more generous Air Miles rate stuck and the Avios rate became 250 : 300.  This is now being taken back to where it was.


If you had a large WorldPoints balance, you probably converted it in the recent 100% bonus promotion.  If not, you now need to decide whether to lock in the 250:300 rate, or hold your points and hope for another 100% bonus later in the year.

If this happened, of course, you would be getting 500 Avios points per 250 WorldPoints.  That is only equivalent to a 67% bonus based on the 300 Avios points you would get today.

Given the WorldPoints to Avios conversion bonuses have become fairly regular over the last 18 months, I would still wait.  Locking in an extra 50 Avios per 250 WorldPoints now will not make up for missing out on a conversion bonus later.

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Comments (6)

  • Alan says:

    Sadly my most recent LHR trip (complete with purchase of some brilliant Bose noise cancelling headphones in Dixons making use of my previous voucher from the Xbox-4sq deal!) came in a couple of days after this current transfer bonus finished, so I think I’ll take your advice and sit on my new much smaller stash of WPs! I used use them for car parking, but since EDI was sold off that’s no longer an option for me so Avios are probably the best redemption deal. Oh and I did earn WPs on both purchase and use of the Dixons gift card… 😛

    • Sir Stamford says:

      Good to know that their system may not be sophisicated enough to pick on up on these transactions since you strictly don’t earn WPs!

      Extracts from 4.1 of their terms and conditions
      Members will not be awarded WorldPoints for expenditure … for the following transactions … the retailer’s own pre-paid gift vouchers.

      Sir Stamford

      • Alan says:

        Oh indeed – I was quite aware of that 😉 Of course the system is entirely manual – they take your WP card, swipe it through a separate machine and tap in how much you spent. It would therefore rely on the Dixons sales agent to manually deduct the GC amount from the sale total – they don’t bother doing that and also didn’t seem to know not to swipe it when purchasing a GC either 😉

        • Sir Stamford says:


          Now … if only Dixons Travel prices are competitive enough (they seldom are) to tempt me to purchase 🙂

          Sir Stamford

          • Alan says:

            Yes, I find it does rather depend on the item! In this case (Bose NC headphones) they were actually £20 cheaper than Amazon, with the bonus of using up my £50 GC (only £25 cost thanks to Amex) and 540 WPs to boot so was a fairly straightforward decision! They’re not universally bad value by any means – I tend to check prices of anything I’m thinking of buying on my mobile though – occasionally they’re shockingly overpriced, but generally I find their fair (with the bonus of WPs) or for some items (esp iDevices) actually properly discounted. It’s one of the few shops I’ll actually spend money in at T5! (most I just walk straight past on the way to the lounge) – they’ve got a store in EDI too but no point using that as I get the WPs in LHR.

  • David says:

    The one other thing worth a mention is possibly a reminder to check your expiry dates. Regardless of activity on the account, individual WorldPoints expire 3 years after they were earned.

    The current rate relative to the future rate is obviously not worth taking for itself if you can hold on for a future bonus, and hopefully if you had a large balance or a historic one you got rid of it during the recent promo.

    But if you didn’t get it away during the current bonus, or for any reason you have a small balance that you could not round up to the 250 in time for the previous bonus period, check the age of the oldest world points are that are still contributing to your current balance.

    If you have any that are going to expire reasonably shortly, it could still be worth doing a redemption now.