Buying Royal Mint coins at face value on your credit card!

In the USA a couple of years ago, there was a cult hobby amongst mileage enthusiasts – buying $1 coins in bulk from the US Mint and depositing them into your bank account!  Due to free shipping deals, it was a great way to earn miles on your credit card.  As long, of course, as you didn’t mind taking literally thousands of $1 coins down to your local bank.

(The deal finally died, but not before making the press.)

You can now play this game on a small scale in the UK!


The Royal Mint appears to be stuck with a pile of commemorative 50p coins from the Olympic Games!  Over on its website, it is offering 50p commemorative coins for, erm, 50p The miles or points you earn on your credit spend are therefore free.

Using code OLAFPP gets you free postage as well when you spend £10!  (EDIT: code now dead)

There is a limit of 4 per coin per address, so you can’t spend much more than £50 this way on your credit card (there are 28 different coins I think).  But, let’s be honest, aren’t you secretly grateful that you don’t have the temptation to buy £5,000-worth and deposit them in your bank?!

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  1. Polo says:

    Have I got up too early?

    Purchase limit of 4 per coin and there’s 25 coins = 100 coins

    100 x £0.50 = £50 (not £25)

  2. Is anyone else able to get the free delivery code to take off the postage charges?
    There are 28 coins, so one set = £14, and therefore 4 sets would be £56.

    • Looks like the free delivery code doesn’t work on the 50p coins reduced to 50p
      See this twitter exchange with Royal Mint
      Search for “OLAFPP royal mint twitter”

      If the free delivery code doesn’t work the delivery charge works out at a little over 5% on a £56 spend

      • Squillion says:

        Worked fine for me. Saw the twitter convo but OP probably screwed up. The free delivery code was indeed a bit of a bguger but if you put it in right at then end it should be fine. I had to re-enter it a couple of times as the site was clunky but it worked x2. There are probably other free delivery codes out there if you google it.

  3. Roger says:

    Interesting offer.

    No Avios for me, though. In Olympic style, only Visa cards are accepted for payment. I guess I could earn some Hilton points, though.

    • Roger says:

      Sorry, wrong! Visa AND MasterCards accepted, so I can use my bmi MC.

  4. And AMEX too but I have some 3V cards to use LOL
    But where do we enter the free delivery code??

  5. Squillion says:

    I think there are 28 different coins (sorry Raffles, wrong info from me!) as I got one lot of 60 and one lot of 48 – and there’s a coin that costs £1.50 so I didn’t buy that. So £54 in total. You could be canny and get exactly £25 on 3V I guess 😉

    ISTR that I bought 2 lots as the postage goes up (and isn’t free) after a certain weight.

    Oh – and I paid for something else (a big order that I cancelled) on Amex, I think I managed it by putting in USA as my country (they’re allowed the Amex option) then switching address later. Give it a try maybe.

    Coins arrived after about 3 days.

  6. dlwcmotd says:

    looks like we broke the royal mint website?

    • Squillion says:

      It’s dead clunky. I just had 4 windows going at a time to speed things up.

  7. dlwcmotd says:

    you don’t get it on coins sold at their legal tender value (i.e. 50p face value coin sold at 50p)… worth clicking through anyway though just in case 🙂

    • Ah well. Was worth a try!

      Still not managed to get the free delivery code to work though, tried about 15 times on Step 4 of the checkout process. Postage always shows at £3

  8. Roger says:

    Here’s a curiosity. I couldn’t get OLAFPP to work for free p&p so I went on to register, thinking I might be able to insert the code later.

    Anyway, I checked my order and it somehow defaulted to an Afghanistan destination! What’s more, each 50p price became 42p. Postage was £12.50 on a bulk order, so the total was less than was being asked for UK destinations @ 50p per coin + £5.

    Oh yes, each line was marked ‘not available for Afghanistan’. Clunky, or what?

    I don’t know if there is any mileage in gifting coins to family or friends outside the UK.

    OLAFPP still not working for me.

  9. dlwcmotd says:

    anyone else find that one coin from the set is missing from those available on the Royal mint website?

  10. Without the free postage I can’t see how this makes financial sense..paying £3 for 56 points reward points doesn’t sound like good value to me?

  11. Squillion says:

    Regarding the free postage code: that twitter convo was on 26th April. I got it to work x2 on 27th April.

    It may indeed have been pulled since then but worth a go or 3: it is for orders over £10.

    Try W13CD or NOPOST – don’t cut and paste type it in.

    • Thanks, but none of the three free postage codes work, so there’s no deal here any more. Oh well, thanks for the heads up – next time! 😉

    • Sir Stamford says:

      I am afraid the free postage offer doesn’t work. The free postage code may well have worked on 26 April 2013 but it certainly doesn’t on 4 May 2013. Thank you for bringing to our attention nonetheless.

      Sir Stamford

  12. jonny says:

    fwiw, this guy has managed to sell over 10,000 50p’s for 2.95 on ebay

  13. Hmm, free delivery codes don’t seem to be working anymore.

    • 21h21j says:

      OLDNPP works for free delivery and they do take American Express – it shows on the drop down list of payment options even with a UK delivery address.

      • Thanks for finding this, I feel less silly about running the post now!

      • Just as a data point, the code “OLDNPP” worked for me today (9th May) and gave me the expected free delivery (saving me £5). They had only 27 coins remains, so 4 of each came to a grand total of £54.

        Normally, I’d go again with my wifes card (or similar), but I just don’t think I have the patience (or another 30 minutes) to sit there and waiting 20 seconds for my basket to constantly update, times by 27! Uugghhhh!!

        • Sir Stamford says:

          Super, thank you – OLDNPP does work for free delivery.

          Sir Stamford

      • jonny says:

        I can’t see amex on the drop down?

      • Sir Stamford says:

        I don’t believe your information is correct. There are lots of readers including myself who can’t see an AMEX payment option.

        If you look at their FAQ, they don’t mention that they take AMEX either.
        “We accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards online.”

        Sir Stamford

        • Again, just as a data point – in my above referenced transaction, when reaching the final payment page, the AmEx option was listed there in the drop down. I was sceptical at first, because it doesn’t appear anywhere else on the site, but again, when I painstakingly got to the payment page, there was an option for AmEx (which I successfully used).

          Good luck!

        • Sir Stamford says:

          I apologise in advance if I am having a bad day or going blind which is a possibility at my age.

          I have gone all the way to the payment page but the AMEX option just isn’t there. Here’s a screen-shot of what I see … Only Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are listed.

          Screen-shot link:

          Sir Stamford

        • Sir, I really wish I could help in some way. That really is bizarre. It was there for me, and a few others here. I have no idea why it wouldn’t be for you?! If it helps, I was using Google Chrome as my browser. I can’t see what that would make a difference, but who knows?!

        • Tom H says:

          Ive just made it work

          I set delivery address as US, set payment as amex, then went back to delivery address, changed it to uk, and amex was still there.

        • Tom H says:

          I saw the amex option in the drop down there yesterday, at one stage, but when I came to pay, it wasn’t there. I had been playing with different countries and quantities.

        • Sir Stamford says:

          Tom H

          You are a star! Your suggestion of changing the delivery country initially to USA worked. I was subsequently able to select AMEX. Thank you very much.

          Sir Stamford

  14. PTM101 says:

    I found that by signing in to Royal Mint as an existing customer the American Express option was not available. However by filling the basket and checking-out as a new customer, with new email address, the American Express option was available.

  15. jonny says:

    email received to day, declining payment via my amex order. so the you may be able to get the option up, but they have, for me at least, declined it.

  16. Oh my god, how long is it going to take! Clunky does not begin to describe trying to put this through….!
    There seems to be some stock back in (maybe from cancelled Amex orders?)
    Have got 2 x £25 orders through using the OLDNPP for free delivery on Sunday morning 12th May and paid for using the 3V vouchers which are already showing as used on the 3V site so hopefully all good.