1,000 bonus Avios for a Clubcard conversion IF you've not converted for a year!

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British Airways has launched a tiny bribe to encourage people to convert their Tesco Clubcard vouchers to Avios points this quarter.

If you convert £5 or more of Tesco Clubcard vouchers to Avios (via British Airways Executive Club) before 30th June, you will receive a bonus of 1,000 Avios points.

Clubcard vouchers

The terms and conditions are slightly contradictory.  They start off by saying:

“1000 Avios bonus offer is open to customers who have not previously exchanged Clubcard vouchers for Avios”

but carry on to say:

“Customers who have exchanged Clubcard vouchers since 29 April 2012 are not eligible for the bonus but will earn standard Avios.”

The latter is presumably correct.

It is unlikely that many Head for Points readers will qualify for this promotion, but if you usually convert your vouchers to avios.com then it would make sense to convert them via British Airways Executive Club this quarter.  You can combine Avios points across the two schemes by using ‘Combine My Avios’ under ‘My Account’ on the BA website.

Full details of this promotion can be found at ba.com but you must be logged in.  Look under ‘Executive Club Offers’ under the ‘Executive Club’ tab.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. In here it says I need to convert to BAEC – Avios on the Clubcard website, but in the Ts&Cs on BAEC website it says “To convert your Clubcard vouchers into Avios simply go to Tesco.com/Rewards and select Avios and click ‘Exchange now.'” Which is correct?

  2. Londonbus says:

    I received this email today.

    BA are sloppy. I have convered during the last 12 months and so am ineligble. However, this is criteria is buried at the bottom of the email.

    BA are encouraging me to apply for something I can’t have. Receipt for customer uinhappiness..

    • Agreed. I have always hated the way BA does this. They KNOW who does and does not qualify, so why send blanket emails to everyone?

  3. Simon says:

    I got an email from avios.com with the same offer as the BA one today.

    • Yes I got this. This is more interesting as fewer people convert to Avios. Will do a post on Thursday.

      • Trevor says:

        Interesting… I’ve received emails to each of 3 Avios accounts – 2 the same just reminding me to transfer now that the latest Clubcard statement is out, and the other saying in a draw for 100k Avios for already converting. No mention of a conversion bonus to any, though if time-limited like the BAEC offer, then no accounts qualify anyway.

  4. Gabbai says:

    Can I convert £5 to BAEC and get the 1000 point bonus and then convert another £5 to Avios and get the bonus again? Is the “once only rule” from Tesco or from BA and Avios?

  5. So I did this yesterday. Converted £5 CC vouchers to BAEC Avios via the Tesco Clubcard site (didn’t click on the link from BAEC, does that matter?).

    Today, I checked my BAEC account and I’ve only got 1,200 Avios sat there. Hoping that the bonus will be added soon! This is a new BAEC account and this is the first CC redemption I’ve made to it.

  6. Gabbai says:

    I cannot find this offer showing up anywhere on the BAEC site. I would prefer to take a screenshot before I do the transfer in case I need to argue later. Anyone have any advice how to pull it up? I tried filtering to UK and Ireland but there is no ‘Holiday sooner with 1000 bonus’.

  7. R0Ck5TaR says:

    Its under Executive club offers, un tick all other destinations, ticking on UK and Ireland,

    Its 9th on the list which comes up, titled ‘Holiday sooner with 1000 bonus avios’