Last chance to get the free American Airlines credit card with 35,000 AA miles

Just a quick head up that May 31st is the last day to apply for the American Airlines credit cards with the whopping 35,000 AAdvantage miles sign-up bonus.

This is the best sign-up deal I have ever seen for a free airline credit card.  The only issue is the £5,000 spend required to trigger the bonus, albeit you have 6 months to achieve it.

American Airlines

Full details on the card can be found in my original post here.  And, to whet your appetite, here is an example of what you could with your bonus miles.

More prosaicly, American Airlines miles can also be used to book British Airways flights – as both are in the oneworld alliance – although you cannot add your AA miles directly to your Avios.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Jlev1986 says:

    The 5k isnt an issue if you buy the refundable flight tho. I will however act on your advice to clear the5k slow time before cancelling.

  2. Craig Sutherland says:

    Raffles – could the points from the card be combined with AA issued Transportation Vouchers(i got some due to delayed baggage and poor handling of this issue) for a flight my example would be DUB-JFK-DFW and then return to make use of the promotion on additional Avios on this route.

    • You would only get the bonus miles for a cash ticket on a cash booking on this route, not a reward booking. If you were planning to book with cash then, yes, the miles from the AA version of this promo – – will combine with your card miles.

      I don’t know if AA would allow you to use the voucher towards taxes on a reward bookings. You’d need to try the call centre and see.

  3. Thanks Raffles another very useful report. I applied this afternoon and got accepted.

    Would like to try Ethiad F to Abu Dhabi – would it be best (experience & costs) to use the AA miles for Lon to Abu Dhabi or use it for the return leg? Will do the other flight using BA points unless I can find a cheap one way.


    • Do a bit of research on the lounges. I imagine the First Class lounge in Abu Dhabi is a lot better than the Heathrow one, if there is even a separate F lounge.

      However, I would prioritise a daytime flight, in either direction. No point flying F and sleeping through it!

      And, of course, availability may dictate what you do anyway.

    • mrtibbs1999 says:

      The taxes and Fees from AUH to LHR are less than £30 so, if you can get a well timed flight, the return leg avoids the APD at the UK end 🙂

      • Craig says:

        Besides… the BA flight going out is a daytime flight, so much more appealing if you’re doing one of the legs at the back of the bus…

  4. I was mulling over this, but there’s not much to lose really.
    Approved within seconds & a ridiculous credit limit as per usual with MBNA.
    I shall prepay the year’s council tax and part of my contribution to the Treasury’s coffers via HMRC & then find an excuse to head to Abu Dhabi!
    Thanks Raffles.

  5. BA-Flyer says:

    If you do the 0% interest trick to buy a flight, and then cancel, will MBNA let you close the account if you have a negative points balance?

    • Yes. The points, legally, have no monetary value so they can’t claim anything off you.

      • Agree the bonus is safe, but I do wonder if they might send a negative balance across for the refunded transaction as I reported earlier happened with my MBNA United card?

  6. Gordon says:

    Do you need to join the AA exec club directly in order or the miles to credit. How do they match membership and card up?

    • Presumably combo of name, address, email.

      AA will open an account for you if they can’t find one, but this is a BIG mistake. You will spend many hours on the phone to MBNA and AA trying to find out the account number and then get a password for it. Open an account first!

  7. Howard says:

    Thanks for the advice on this. I have taken the plunge with dear wife yesterday and was accepted immdediatly. Not sure we an do the spend as we have other targets but I may try and pay some advance bills. Will open AA account now.

    Great website and thanks for your hard work on this.

    • Michael says:

      Any views about if its worth applying if I only could get 15000 bonus points? What could i really do with 15000 points? I have plenty of Avios though.

      • Small amounts have some value if you fly Economy on AA planes, because there are no fuel surcharges. 25,000 is the minimum useful amount, though, which is a 1-way in Economy to the US. 15k alone is not much use, no point using for a European BA flight as you pay full surcharges, not the Reward Flight Saver amount.

        You could use 15k to book a hotel room via the AA hotel booking portal, you wouldn’t get a huge amount of value though.

        • Michael says:

          might be worth trying to get it to 25k points then. Might be difficult tough if there arent ways to get bonus points as with Avios.

  8. Polly says:

    Great guidance, got mine yesterday, thanks also for all your hard work and research.. Very very much appreciated. Really good to have another option apart from avios, if availability is limited on BA. To Mid East etc.

  9. Jonny says:

    Apllied for the card before the deadline, got accepted this morning, no mention of the bonus points in the email, hope it has not gone through too late.

    Also didn’t read the bit about opening an aa acount first, too late to do it now?

    • No in theory as long as you tell them your AAdvantage a/c number prior to your statement being generated it should be OK – although in my case they totally ignored me telling them the correct number and made a new account! Now trying to get AA to merge them, which theoretically was done a week ago but still hasn’t happened.

  10. Jonny says:

    Perfect timing, check etihad website for gold match status offer, be quick, supposedly limited to the first 500 applicants.

  11. jonny says:

    I think I have a plan for this card when it arrives, £5000 spent of the £50 visa cards (the ones with the £3.95 fee.) already hammering 3v cards on my ba and bmi amex.

    when I previously looked at the fee’d cards it didn’t make a lot of sense to me, not enough points to cover the £3.95 fees, but with this sign up bonus it (by my calculations) brings in:

    42,500 AA miles (£5k spnd on amex, plus 35k bonus)
    36,000 Avios.

    for the sake of argument, a total of 78,500 “miles” for a cost of £395. roughly 0.05p per “mile”

    • The numbers make sense. However, you do have 6 months to hit the spend target, so in reality you’d probably be able to put quite a bit of normal spend through as well. No need to spend even £395 unnecessarily!

      • jonny says:

        cheers raffles, I hear you but… for me…

        I have a BA Amex that still needs just over 4k on it to generate the next 241 and BMI MBNA cards for regular spend which now generate more miles than this card (2 per £1). I have a route to recoup the cash on these cards so it is not really “spend” as such 😉 just cheap additional miles. 0.5p per mile is well within my target.

  12. I’ve go my cards. On my welcome pack it say that i’ll automatically be registered into the AAdvantage programme. Does anyone know how long this takes or should i go onto the AA site and set myself up??

    • Do NOT let them do this, you will spend ages trying to get the number and password from them. Open an account now, hopefully still in time.

  13. thanks Raffles. I set one up on the AA website and then rang MBNA and told them the number -so it’s now hopefully linked up. I asked if i could track the points real time(ish) like Amex – but she said they would be generated by the first statement date and I’d seem them first then. Is that everyone’s experience?

  14. Mark B says:

    I applied for the card on deadline day 31st May got email confirmation of acceptance straight away and the cards arrived today. Should I have received confirmation of being included in the promotion or does this automatically happen?

  15. Howard says:

    Applied pre deadlne and accepted. We did these as we calculated we coulod do £10k spend on non amex…Hopefully will get 35000 each.

    What can we do for these points. Is AUH to LHR Ethiad in First possible.