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'Activate' your Iberia Plus account with 15 Avios via Facebook

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If you collect Avios, you should have an Iberia Plus account. This is because, should you ever choose to redeem your Avios points for a long-haul flight on Iberia, you will pay substantially lower taxes by booking via the Iberia website rather than the BA site. This post shows how much cheaper taxes can be when booking via Iberia Plus.

You can move Avios to or from BA, Iberia and for free, instantly, using ‘Combine My Avios’. However, there are two hurdles you need to jump over before you can move Avios into Iberia Plus:

Your Iberia Plus account must be 90 days old, and

You must have ‘earned’ 1 Avios in Iberia Plus

The second point can be a bit messy, requiring you to credit a oneworld flight or a hotel stay to Iberia, to transfer some American Express Membership Rewards points over or to buy some over-priced Iberia miles.


There is now an easier way.

Iberia has launched a promotion offering 15,000 bonus Avios if you collect miles from 10 of their partners. Now, frankly, this is not going to be possible if you don’t live in Spain. You might manage 3 or 4 via hotel stays or car rentals, but the bonus is pathetically small (150 Avios for 4 partners) and you really need to hit 10 to get anything worthwhile.

However … posting this promotion on your Facebook page earns you 15 Avios.

Here is the webpage for this promotion. It is in Spanish, so using Google Chrome is an idea if you have it, as it will translate it automatically.

Click of the ’15 Avios’ bit in the bottom right and let it install the Facebook app. (You can delete the post from your wall immediately afterwards.) When it takes you back to the promotion home page, there will be a box where you need to input your Iberia Plus number to get your 15 Avios.

You can actually repeat this once a day to get 15 additional Avios, but for me it is too much of an effort! It is well worth doing this once, though. Even if you don’t plan to book an Iberia flight now, you never know when you might want to do it, and having an ‘activated’ Iberia Plus account would be required.

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Comments (32)

  • Steve @ Canadian Travel Hacking says:

    Thanks for this tip – I am looking to use my Avios the next few months. How long does it take to transfer Avios to Iberia?

  • rob says:

    yeah, i cant get it to work. i get the first little guy with my head, then get to select a friend on the second and just get “An error occurred. Please try again later.” 🙁

    • rob says:

      ok – figured it out, there was some cookie thing that i needed to relax.

  • Neil says:

    Anyone know how long it takes for the points to post? I did this yesterday but no sign in my Iberia account yet – don’t want to have to go to the hassle of doing it again if it’s not necessary!

    • Stephen says:

      Just did it for the third day in a row – still no sign of the Avios in my Iberia account.

  • Whamer says:

    My points from Wednesday haven’t shown up yet either. Does the “friend” have to click the link on their wall I wonder?

  • lorcancoyle says:

    may be useful – earn with one of the non-standard partners by requesting a brochure

    • lorcancoyle says:

      Just noticed that Hilton stays get more Avios with Iberia than BA (750 base vs. 500) – d’oh, missed out on some in last few months. But anyway, that’s two partners, transfer some Amex MR and it’ll be 3 (I think). Chic Outlet Shopping has Bicester Village (4 partners), if you’ve got an Accor stay coming up as well up to 5, fancy an economist subscription (6) and then you could possibly justify spending €50 on a Microsoft cloud subscription to get the 5,250 for 7 partners…
      (or buy a cheap cinema ticket online for €9)

      Look what you’ve done to me Raffles!!!!

      • Craig says:

        Not sure where on the cinema purchase you can input your IB+ number… but check smaller towns and midweek during the day to get the cinema ticket for way less than 9 euros…

        • Rob says:

          I have a post on this promotion – now that they have launched the details in English – in a day or so, so please chip in again then.

  • kevino says:

    I have done the facebook 15 everyday, since this post, and not 1 avios has been added to my account yet!

    • Rob says:

      This is one of those things where the Avios will turn up a long way down the line, I am pretty sure of that!

  • Craig says:

    For those looking for partners, I’ve just bought the minimum 1000 Melia points (with 25% bonus) for 8 euros and transferred them over to Iberia. The conversion rate is awful (100 Melia = 15 Avios), but if you’re looking to get from to 10 partners somehow it’s a reasonably cheap option…

  • J Dook says:

    Maybe there has been a change in T & Cs.

    I just went through a booking in and it offered the extremely generous low taxes iberia plus was offering. I don’t think we need to be chasing iberia plus to keep/activate our accounts to redeem the iberia flights.