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'Activate' your Iberia Plus account with 15 Avios via Facebook

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If you collect Avios, you should have an Iberia Plus account. This is because, should you ever choose to redeem your Avios points for a long-haul flight on Iberia, you will pay substantially lower taxes by booking via the Iberia website rather than the BA site. This post shows how much cheaper taxes can be when booking via Iberia Plus.

You can move Avios to or from BA, Iberia and for free, instantly, using ‘Combine My Avios’. However, there are two hurdles you need to jump over before you can move Avios into Iberia Plus:

Your Iberia Plus account must be 90 days old, and

You must have ‘earned’ 1 Avios in Iberia Plus

The second point can be a bit messy, requiring you to credit a oneworld flight or a hotel stay to Iberia, to transfer some American Express Membership Rewards points over or to buy some over-priced Iberia miles.


There is now an easier way.

Iberia has launched a promotion offering 15,000 bonus Avios if you collect miles from 10 of their partners. Now, frankly, this is not going to be possible if you don’t live in Spain. You might manage 3 or 4 via hotel stays or car rentals, but the bonus is pathetically small (150 Avios for 4 partners) and you really need to hit 10 to get anything worthwhile.

However … posting this promotion on your Facebook page earns you 15 Avios.

Here is the webpage for this promotion. It is in Spanish, so using Google Chrome is an idea if you have it, as it will translate it automatically.

Click of the ’15 Avios’ bit in the bottom right and let it install the Facebook app. (You can delete the post from your wall immediately afterwards.) When it takes you back to the promotion home page, there will be a box where you need to input your Iberia Plus number to get your 15 Avios.

You can actually repeat this once a day to get 15 additional Avios, but for me it is too much of an effort! It is well worth doing this once, though. Even if you don’t plan to book an Iberia flight now, you never know when you might want to do it, and having an ‘activated’ Iberia Plus account would be required.

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Comments (32)

  • thesaver79 says:

    I can’t see to see any field where I can insert my Iberia Plus number when I am taken back to the page. I just appear as recognised through Facebook, as it shows my name! Maybe it associated automatically my Facebook profile to my Iberia Plus account?

    • Ed E says:

      OK, have just done this (as a distraction rather than a real earner).

      Once you have been recognised through Facebook, back on the big browser window you will have a man with your FB profile on it, you then click on the man next to it as you are “Throwing Down The Gauntlet” to your friend(s) for them to collect Avios this way too. Once you have clicked on the second man, you can select one of your FB friends and this posts to THEIR wall, not on your wall.
      I would only do this to one friend who is sympathetic to your Avios habit.

      You can then go onto THEIR wall and delete it, ready to do it all again tomorrow!

      As Raffles says, a fair bit of work for 15 Avios!

  • MichaelP says:

    Done. Now cant see how I delete it off the left bar of my Facebook.. Is under the “More” section and called “Tira el guante de Iberia Plus”

  • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Tried this yesterday – you have to post it onto a friend’s wall and they will get a message in Spanish that links to a page that doesn’t work on mobile.

    • Mark says:

      You can get it to work on a mobile browser by selecting the ‘Request desktop site’ option, or at least you can with Chrome on Android.

      Incredibly fiddly though….

      You can always leave it on a friend’s wall to test their grasp of Spanish… 🙂

  • FromTheRail says:

    I didn’t send it to any friends and it seemed to pick some random person, so it saved my friends getting annoyed with my avios habit 🙂

  • signol says:

    Does anyone know how long an account stays active after this?

    • Rob says:

      12 months

      • Roger says:

        This is worrying. I had assumed 3 years.

        I have about 6,000 Avios in my IB+ account and need to retroclaim some 4-5,000 car hire Avios.

        Sounds like I should transfer these a.s.a.p.!

        • Rob says:

          They don’t expire for 3 years (I think).

          But you need activity every 12 months to keep your account ‘active’ and thus let you transfer Avios.

          • Roger says:

            Thanks. That sounds better, though crediting again within 12 months will require a bit of discipline!

  • Mark B says:

    I’ve done this sending to one friend, hoping the points would be immediately credited, this hasn’t happened so I assume the credit will be made later. If anyone has had a credit made then can they post on here as this may then indicate I’ve not done it right

  • Jason says:

    Raffeles, can you move avios around even if they are in a household account?

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