Use Hyatt Stay Certificates for potentially large hotel savings

(EDIT 2014:  Hyatt Stay Certificates are no longer available for public purchase)

Hyatt Stay Certificates can be a very interesting tool for the luxury traveller – or, at least, the traveller who like to travel in luxury but wants to pay less than rack rate to get it!  This post is an introduction to using them.

Hyatt Stay Certificates

What are Hyatt Stay Certificates?

Here is the home page.  Put simply, they are vouchers which are valid for room-only accommodation, including all taxes, at Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt and all other brands in the Hyatt portfolio.

All of the participating Hyatt properties (there are a couple of non-participants) are grouped into one of seven categories.  There are five different certificates you can buy, reflecting these seven categories:

Classic ($109 per night)

Choice ($152.22 per night)

Premier ($188.89 per night)

Elite ($260 per night)

Inspire ($325.55 per night)

Exclusive ($394.44 per night)

Ultimate ($461.11 per night)

Certificates can be delivered to the UK if you pay the $25 FedEx fee.

You can buy certificates for up to 5 nights.  However, for maximum flexibility (should you need to shorten your stay) you should just buy lots of one night certificates and book back-to-back nights.  There is no cost saving in buying a multi-night certificate.

Do I have to buy the certificates before I book?

No!  This is one of their greatest benefits.

You can redeem Hyatt Stay Certificates at before you have bought them.

You need to look up which category your chosen hotel falls into – the chart is here.

For each night of your potential stay, you need to check availability at by putting the code below into the ‘Gift Certificate or Special Offer Code’ box:

Classic – HSCLN1

Choice – HSCHN1

Premier – HSPRN1

Elite – HSELN1

Inspire – HSINN1

Exclusive – HSXLN1

Ultimate – HSULN1

To check availability for between two and five nights at once, change the number at the end of the code to 2-5 from 1.

Once you have successfully made your booking, you can order your certificates.  They must be presented at check-in.

How much money could I save?

The ‘game’ with Hyatt Stay Certificates is to stay at the most expensive hotel, at the most expensive time of the year – assuming they have made availability available!

Let’s look at a few examples.  Calculations exclude the $25 delivery charge, and I have converted room rates to US$ for easy comparison.

Hyatt Regency The Churchill, London – 11 Dec – Elite certificate $260, cheapest room $447

Park Hyatt, Tokyo – 23 July – Inspire certificate $325, cheapest room $501

Park Hyatt, Sydney – 23 July – Ultimate certificate $461, cheapest room $773

Hyatt Regency Palais de la Mediterranee, Nice – 28 October – Choice certificate $152, cheapest room $339

As you can see, all of these examples generate genuine savings using Hyatt Stay Certificates.  Unfortunately, they are not accepted at the Park Hyatt resort in The Maldives.

Note that certificate availability is blacked out during peak periods.

Anything else I need to know?

You will NOT earn Hyatt Gold Passport points on these rates, although you should get any elite status benefits you are due.

Rooms do not include breakfast, so if you want breakfast in the hotel then you should compare the cost of the certificate plus breakfast to the cheapest cash rate with breakfast you can find.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

And the winner of the Taste of London tickets is
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  1. This is a great tip. Thanks!

  2. Dannyrado says:

    That is fabulous. I’m guessing that if they don’t earn points they won’t count towards status either??

    Thankyou for another great tip.

  3. momomo says:

    Hyatt’s Best Rate Guarantee is also very good: 20% off the price of the better rate. I found that this gave a better price than using Stay Certificates for a stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo.

    Whilst you should get elite status benefits with Stay Certificates, unfortunately you can’t combine Hyatt’s suite upgrade certificates with them.

  4. Buddy says:

    Does anyone know if one can use points to confirm an upgrade to a suite after you have booked a room using Hyatt stay certificates?

  5. Louie says:

    I did this a few years ago in Sydney when the top band was the Inspire certificate. Fabulous bargain. Fabulous hotel.

    • Moore says:

      New to Hyatt (as of this post)… 🙂

      Is it still possible to do this at the Hyatt Sydney? What category does it fall under?

      Many thanks

      • Louie says:

        The clues are in Raffles’ post above (both the link to the chart and one of the examples he uses)! The answers are yes (subject to availability) and Ultimate.

        • Moore says:

          Thanks. I tried to change the region on the chart to Asia/Pacific but the page is not updating for me.

      • The link to the category chart is in the post!

  6. Waribai says:

    Thanks for this tip. What’s the best way to get the Park Hyatt Maldives? Is buiyng points an option?

    • Issue would be the annual cap on points purchases, although it may be possible to, say, buy some in December then again in January and for your partner to do the same. I have never looked at this so not sure if it works, ie how many points, what is availability like, how far in advance must you book etc etc.

  7. What a crazy offer! The fact the vouchers include the tax makes the savings even better, especially in places like the US!

  8. Stripy says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks!

  9. Stripy says:

    If you know that you’re likely to be using a Hyatt in the near future these may not be a bad way of making minimum spend on a credit card as they don’t expire (shame about the ~3% transaction fees but you can’t have everything!)

  10. Brendan says:

    Can you book using say the 3 night code and then still order 3 single night vouchers and use them? Or would you have to book the 3 nights separately?

    • I assume 3 singles would be OK. But if you can see 3 night availability, it is better to book 3 x one nighters anyway. If you later had to shorten your stay, you may be stuffed if you cancelled the 3 nighter and could not then see availability for the other nights.

  11. MarkCam says:

    Is there anything similar to this for Hilton hotels? I’ve got a Hilton free night voucher (via the credit card) to spend, and would like to make it a two night break.

    • No. There are some decent Hilton promos about, though – click on Hilton in the Categories menu.

      There is also a Hilton 40 per cent off sale coming on the 22nd, it has been leaked to me.

      • dannyrado says:

        Ooh. Dan likes this. They do already have the great getaway on though, which is very good. 40% should be better though.

  12. When you say ‘book back-to-back nights’ do you mean just book one night at a time? Are they ok with this at checkin or do you have to checkout everyday for 3 hours and then check in again???

  13. Michael Christie says:

    Is this as really as good as it seems ?? Ive booked 13 nights in Grand Hyatt Singpore – its $3400 with the elite cert and if you book online the best rate i could see was $8900… that is some savings ?? is there any catch ??

    • No catch, as long as availability is there to use the certificates. And, of course, you can book the room before buying the certificates so there is no risk.