Get a 25% bonus on transfer of hotel points to Avios (* see disclaimer!)

Roughly once every nine months or so, British Airways Executive Club runs a promotion offering a 25% bonus when you convert hotel loyalty points into Avios points.

Yesterday, I received an email from Hyatt Gold Passport which included the following:

Hyatt Gold Passport

Turn your Hyatt Gold Passport points into Avios with British Airways. Now when you convert your Hyatt Gold Passport points into Avios, you’ll earn a 25% bonus through July 15, 2013. Simply select “British Airways” when converting your points and the bonus Avios will be applied to your account.

At the moment, there is nothing about this promotion on the British Airways Executive Club website. I therefore cannot be certain that it applies to ALL hotel loyalty programmes and not just Hyatt Gold Passport. However, based on BA’s record over recent years, I fully suspect that it will apply to all schemes.

This is an especially juicy deal for those people who took out the Starwood Preferred Guest Amex card recently with the 20,000 bonus Starwood points! Those would normally convert into 25,000 Avios, but under this promotion you will receive 31,250 Avios! Not bad for a credit card sign-up bonus.

The main hotel schemes that you can convert into (BA) Avios are Marriott Rewards, Hilton HHonors, Club Carlson, Le Club Accorhotels, Priority Club, Hyatt Gold Passport and Starwood Preferred Guest.

Even with a 25% bonus, of course, you are usually better off using your points for free hotel nights if you think you can earn enough. The Hilton conversion rate to Avios is particularly poor, so I would only transfer those as a last resort. The Starwood conversion rate is particularly generous. Similarly, the Club Carlson transfer rate is not too bad at higher quantities (100,000 Carlson = 18,000 Avios, so 22,500 under this deal.)

Let me stress again – apart from Hyatt, there is no 100% guarantee at the moment that this promotion applies to any other hotel programme. Do not make a transfer until British Airways makes an official announcement.

(Remember to follow our ‘Hotel Promos‘ page for the latest offers for all of the major hotel chains.)

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  1. AviosNewbie says:

    Hi raffles, you mention you’d be better off not converting hotel points to avios if you earn enough points. But what if I have only the 20k SPG points? I have cancelled my points after getting the bonus and now won’t earn anymore SPG. So what do you suggest? 20k SPG or 31.5k avios? What’ll be the best value if I’m not in immediate need of avios for flights? Lastly, is it possible to convert to 31.5k avios and then to another hotel program?

    • It depends what your travel plans are, of course. However, in your case, emptying your account by transferring the 20,000 to Avios, to get 31,000+ Avios, is not a bad deal at all. It also means you can forget about your SPG account, which is one less balance to keep an eye on.

  2. What's the Point says:

    This will be great news if you get the 25% conversion on SPG to Avios. Both Mrs WTP and I have now hit our £1,000 spend targets on our individual SPG cards (thanks 3V cards from Tesco!), so could be in line for a 60k +Avios transfer.
    By the way, anyway who is still looking for the 3V cards in Tesco, there are still some out there. I still find them in the larger Tesco Metro stores in towns. There were 20 in the Metro store in Sale town centre on Thursday (I bought 8 of them).

  3. xcalx says:

    Does SPG ever have transfer bonus’s to other airline partners or vice versa (in addition to the 25%-20000 ).
    Also can I repeat the transfer of 20000 SPG to Avios and receive the 5000 bonus or is it a one off bonus. Eg Mrs xcalx transfers her 20000 SPG to Avios gets the bonus then I transfer my 20000 SPG to her SPG account and she tranfers to Avios again will she get the bonus again.


    • louie-m says:

      I think it tends to be the airlines that have the bonus point promotions when transferring from all their hotel partners, like this BA one and US Airways had one recently which was 50% (though this year for the first time it excluded SPG), rather than SPG itself.

      The 5,000 point bonus relates to all transfers, so yes it would be given in your example.

    • No, SPG never has bonuses that it pays for! You sometimes find airlines running promos like this BA one, but they do this because Starwood has to pay them money when you make a transfer!

      You can (based on historical precedent) get the bonus unlimited times during the promo period. So, yes, you can do what you suggest. (You can also do it in one transaction, because the ‘5000 bonus for transferring 20,000’ is PER 20,000. If you transfer 40,000 at once, you get a 10,000 point bonus.

  4. As ridiculous as it sounds, i am still chasing my bonus SPG points from the promo in November 2012!

    • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

      I only just got my points awarded and I signed up in Nov also. Keep at them!

  5. xcalx says:

    Thanks to Louie-m and Raffles for clearly pointing out the SPG programme.
    I am tempted to hold onto the SPG points as we are Avios rich and *A poor at the moment and hope for a *A partner to offer a bonus.

  6. I’ve only had my SPG six weeks, spent my £1k and already have my 21k SPG points. Was very surprised to see my points allocate so soon after my spend. This could be good timing indeed!

  7. creampuff says:

    Anyone who actually stays at Starwood hotels, I recommend reaching Gold or Platinum status.

    I’ve found my points earning rate has doubled since moving off base status.

  8. Howard says:

    My bonus 21,000 points came within a few days of me hitting my spend. I had actually only cancelled my previous SPG Card 3 months earlier.

  9. Howard says:

    I should add that I called Amex before applying so soon. They said I would get the points but take a screen shot of the promotion as the 6 month rule was missing from the promotion. Helpful guy said he would make a note on computer if I had a problem.

    I asked him about “churning” (well I did not actually use that word). Answer was that if you are a valued customer they have no problem and good on you for playing the system. We put most of our spend through Amex. Have to say as a product I like Amex because my experience is that they do try and assist if you have a problem and they appreciate loyalty.

    • I agree completely. Amex and MBNA seem to let me get away with whatever I want, but in the context of what they got from me over the years they would be crazy not to indulge me!

  10. Ramsey says:

    Has anyone seen if the SPG bonus actually been mentioned anywhere on BA website?

    • No, nothing yet. Still an outside chance this is just a Hyatt promo, but more likely it will kick off July 1st.

      • Ramsey says:

        Thanks, fingers crossed I have 21000 points in my SPG account which I want to move to my BA account.

  11. Let’s hope Carlson is in the game. Have a lot of them to transfer 😉

  12. Simon says:

    What are your thoughts on 31.5k Avios vs 25k American Airlines points?

    I was originally tempted to send my SPG points to AA, I’ve got the MBNA card with the 35k points sign-up bonus the SPG card seemed a good way to top-up the AA account.

    I haven’t got a specific redemption in mind but only tend to use Heathrow for long haul flights mainly to the states, I was looking at AA flights coming back from America and the low number and miles needed and taxes looked a lot more attractive than BA Avios .

  13. Richard says:

    I haven’t spotted any info about this on either BA’s or Hyatt’s websites, so it looks like the email from Hyatt is the only source we have, unless I’m not looking hard enough (easily done). Ah well, I’ll keep my eyes open…