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£5 off American Express gift cards – good for hitting your minimum spend

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(EDIT:  A reader report in March 2015 suggests that gift card purchases are no longer earning points.  This was only one incident but be aware!)

I first wrote about Amex’s new range of gift cards last year.

Basically, you can now (in theory) walk into a WH Smith, Sainsbury or Superdrug and a buy a £20, £30, £50 or £100 Amex gift card. The fee payable on top is £2.45, £2.95, £3.45 and £4.45 respectively.

Amex Gift Card

Via the Amex Selects website, Amex is offering a £5 discount when you purchase an Amex gift card.

Now, this hardly makes the deal an unmissable one. However, buying these gift cards DOES count as a ‘purchase’ and therefore qualifying spend towards triggering any sign-up bonus. You may therefore be willing to pay the fee if you may otherwise struggle to hit a spend target.

You also need to add a postage fee of up to £4.95 to the fees above. However, this is capped at £4.95.

Including the £5 discount, you therefore pay, in fees and postage:

  • £100 gift card – £4.40
  • £200 gift card – £8.95
  • £300 gift card – £13.30
  • plus £4.45 for each additional £100

Is it worth it? Well, if you are £500 short of qualifying spend for a sign-up bonus then paying £23 in fees to buy a £500 gift card may be worth it. It is cheaper than buying the £50 Visa gift cards with £3.95 fees found in Boots, Tesco etc. (Of course, if you can find 3V cards with no fee then they are clearly a better deal!)

The offer runs until August 15th.

Comments (19)

  • xcalx says:

    I was late to the 3V card merrygoround due to my usual tescos not stocking them. However in the last 10 days I have found 102 3V cards across 6 Tesco superstores. All are now deposited in a NS&I account.
    I was shocked to receive 3 lots of conditional spend coupons this last week £12 0ff £80 £7 off £50 and £5 off £30 all used to purchase 3V cards, plus I also received £8 £5 and £3 off coupons for the next 2 weeks. I have never received these type of coupons so late into a quarter.
    I now have 19 £5 off £40 Helping Hand coupons that I am hoping to use next week. Will the £50 Visa gift cards with the £3.95 fee transfer over to a NS&I account the same way the 3V cards do.


    • Mr Bridge says:

      not tested, but if 3v works then in theory they should to

      • xcalx says:

        I will test it on Monday and post here

        • takke says:

          Yes, the tesco ordinary prepaid visas do work perfectly with NS&I. The only one that I’ve tried and hasn’t worked for me has been a Vanilla MasterCard that I got in Sainsburys with a coupon and their triple nectar points deal.

    • 21h21j says:

      Yes the other £50 Visa gift cards can be paid into NS&I without any problem – Mrs 21h21j bought some thinking they were the same as 3V cards!

    • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

      Any idea how long it took to transfer your funds from your NS&I account to your bank account?


  • Mr Bridge says:

    3V GIFT CARDS:- still available in Tescos here, incidentally, i did read on HFP that a reader bought 3v in homebase.
    tesco sell homebase gift cards, so i wonder if you can use the homebase cards from tesco to buy the 3v in homebase, if it works you would get not only the CC but nectar too,.
    Our homebase closed down 6 months ago, so cant test it.

    • xcalx says:

      I have seen the 3V Gift Cards in Homebase ( T&C state not for gift card purchases). Would not want to be stuck with Homebase GCs

      • Mr Bridge says:

        T+CS also say cant exchange for cash, but you can via ns+i

        • Yozza1977 says:

          I have read someone had managed to buy 3V at homebase with giftcards, however when I tried it after much deliberation the cashier refused to take them. Ended up paying with Amex as have large tax bill to settle!

          • YL says:

            I have managed to use Hombse gift cards and Argos gift cards that I bought from Tesco to buy other gift cards from their shops.

            It really depends on the cashier, I stick with small amount each time and so far it has worked for me.

  • Rich Spencer says:

    I bought £300 of 3v from Boots last saturday.

  • thesaver79 says:

    I still can’t find any 3V card. I haven’t even managed to buy one 🙁 Any suggestions on where to find one near SE1?

  • David says:

    Alternatively, to reach an Amex target – you could just buy Tesco gift cards which come at no added expense.

    Then just use your Tesco gift card for petrol/groceries/perhaps even sell a few gift cards on to family members.