Tesco’s ‘500 Clubcard points for buying 2 HP ink cartridges’ promo is back

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Back in June 2012 I wrote about this Tesco promo for buying HP ink cartridges. It seems to come around every few months.

HP 364

Well, the deal is back. Buy 2 cartridges and get 500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points. The cheapest is £8.50 (if it doesn’t show on the list, it is sold out) so £17 for 512 Clubcard points, which is 1,228 Avios. This is roughly 1.5p per Avios point earned, so it only works as a deal if you actually want the cartridges or are happy to sell them on ebay.

You must order the cartridges from Tesco Direct directly, so be careful not to select cartridges being sold by third-party sellers using the Tesco website.

This offer is also available in Tesco stores which sell HP inks.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Jens Moller says:

    The till spill ’20 pounds of a 100 pounds electronic stuff’ (only good in stores) appears very common this week. It is accepted for HP ink.

    Have a nice day everyone!

  2. Eric OMara says:

    I know it sounds wasteful, but could you just send these to Tesco Recycling for an extra 200 Club Card points?

    • Brian Taylor says:

      Sure, but use them first!

      • Eric OMara says:

        I meant without using them.
        It brings the cost down to about 1.1p per Avios

        • takke says:

          Not sure if they would accept full cartridges, but even if they did I wouldn’t bother. I’d sell the cartridges and buy empty ones (80p each for 100 points ones) on eBay. Also note that the 364 HP carts only get 50 points each (not sure about others) from recycling and given that you can only send in 100 cartridges a year, you’re wasting a potential 5,000 point opportunity by sending in 50 points ones.

  3. If you buy something else first (using your clubcard) the till should produce you a £20 off £100 of electricials (for store use, works on inks). This clearly brings the price down a little.

  4. chris says:

    tho little importance the cheapest is £7.99 (you can arrange by HP and hewlett packard if you click more choices, why tesco split hp ink in to 2 cats i dont know)

    also tho the instore discount voucher is better if you have one, you can get £10 of £100 with TDX-WL3M

  5. If you feel you have to buy a printer in order to justify buying these cartridges there is a 1000 bonus point offer on the HP 5220 all in one printer/scanner/copier


    My new company might be the proud owner of one of these as well as a small stock of ink to keep it going for a year or two! Add a few till spits to these and it does seem very good value and I just have to hope that Tesco and HP keep this partnership up for a long time to come.


  6. jonny says:

    the hp 951’s I am after are “trove” on the website, so no good, might these be available instore or is the stock the same as the web, anyone know?

  7. chris says:

    also from today until when ever tescos end it,

    if you buy the 3 color 364 together you get £3 off each set as below, might / should also work with £20 off £100 or more codes (tho might have to add 4 sets for that since not sure if the £20 off comes off first or not if not you would already be under £100 with only 4 sets, or just add 4 blacks to make resale easyest being a set of 4 *color + blacks*)

    Promotional savings
    Save £3 (£22.5 only) when you buy HP 364 Cyan, Magenta & Yellow inks together. Add all 3 units to basket
    Total savings-£12.00
    Basket total £90.00

    Clubcard points 90
    Extra Clubcard points 3,000
    Total Clubcard points 3,090

  8. chris says:

    heres the above with 4 blacks to make sets of all 4 364 inks x 4

    Subtotal £134.00
    Promotion -£12.00
    eCoupon -£10.00 (the in store £20 off £100 should work to)
    Total to pay £112.00

    Clubcard points110
    Extra Clubcard points 4,000

    theres sell really fast at £22.95 on ebay so you would be taking about £30 lose after fees and postage to gain 4110 cc points, tho ofc if you use 364 at home or the office you could recycle the empty / sale them to your office and brake even without issues

  9. Simon says:

    Reports are Tesco are enforcing the 30,000 points a quarter limit rule on some accounts, at the end of the last quarter some people have reported any points earned above the 30,000 limit were removed.

    • JimmyG says:

      I have had £129 worth of Tesco Club Card points removed at the end of the last quarter, which took me right down to the £300 limit,(I had £360 last quarter)however I believed it was due to the fact I purchased more than 1 copy of Diablo 3 in the recent extra points saga.
      I am in the process of cancelling the orders, but am doing one at time just case they take the points off twice.
      Would be interested to hear if this has happened to anyone else?


  10. SimonM says:

    So taking the Tesco quarterly limit into account and starting from having earned 1200 points so far this quarter:

    I could then buy 7 orders as suggested by ‘chris’ to earn circa 28700 points, for a ‘cost’ of about £210 once I’d sold each set of 4 cartriges on ebay for £22.95 (not including fees/postage etc). So presuming the whole process works as planned I would earn about 72,000avios from £210? 0.3p/mile is surely worth the effort right?

    Am I missing something?