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2,400 Avios / 2,500 Flying Club miles for £5 at Tesco when you order ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ instore!

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When will Tesco ever learn?! Hopefully not for a while.

On Tesco Direct, there is an offer for 1,000 bonus Clubcard points when you pre-order the video game ‘Call of Duty : Ghosts’ for £40 on Xbox 360 or PS3. This is not a bad deal – especially as code TD-G9DW gets you a further £5 off, so you won’t lose much if you sell the game on ebay later (using the Head for Points affiliate link, hopefully!).

However, in store, something even more interesting is back!

Tesco is offering 1,000 bonus Clubcard points when you pre-order ‘Call of Duty : Ghosts’ for £5! This is 2,400 Avios points or 2,500 Flying Club miles for just a fiver.

How it is meant to work is that you get a display box scanned at the check-out, pay £5, and receive a special receipt. Visit the store on the day the game is released (5th November) and you are guaranteed to get a copy and you will get your £5 back as a discount. The 1,000 bonus Clubcard points are credited with the pre-order payment.

There is no obligation to ever buy the game when it is eventually released. This means that you can treat this as a chance to buy some Avios airmiles for 0.2p each!

You need to be very careful not to overdo this promotion. Tesco has removed bonus points in the past. Buying one copy is obviously fine, two is probably OK, especially if you buy one of the Xbox versions and one of the PlayStation versions. I would get very nervous beyond two copies (one of each).

The boxes tend to be on a separate stand to the usual video games. You take an empty box to the checkout, it is scanned, but you do not keep the box – it goes back on the shelf. You will only tend to find these in larger Tesco stores. Note that the yellow label on the edge of the shelf will say 500 bonus points, although it goes through the till as 1,000 bonus points.

There is no stated closing date for this offer, although it is only likely to run for a few days …..

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (157)

  • Ace says:

    If I have already bought these copies online and have the points credited to my account, can i still do these at various tesco shops and get these 1k points credited ??

    • Rob says:

      Good question. On the same Clubcard, it may look like multiple purchases as it is the same item number.

  • Donald says:

    Is the promo still live in shops when using the barcodes for example?

    • Rob says:

      It was meant to end on the 18th, so presumably not

      • Nick. says:

        Has this offer definitely closed now?

        • Rob says:

          No-one has said it is still going, and we are past the stated closing date of the 18th. Not sure if the Tesco Direct version, which involves paying the full £40, is still on.

          • Sir Stamford says:

            Tesco Direct version, which involves paying the full £40, finished on 18 August 2013. No CC bonus is added if you attempt to purchase the game now from Tesco Direct.

            Sir Stamford

          • Nick. says:

            OK, Thanks.

  • Rachel says:

    Does anyone know if this still available in store?



  • Singing Dwarf says:

    I had 1,600 points removed from my Clubcard account yesterday, the Transaction Value shows £0 and the Transaction Description shows a store name where I have not collected that number of points in a single transaction.

    The only possible explanation I can think of, is that I purchased 1x Xbox360 and 1x PS3 version of the CoD Ghosts for the 1,000 bonus points (two separate transactions) – on the same transaction (both times), I also purchased £200 of 3V cards. This gave two transactions of 1,605 Clubcard points (1,000 for the game bonus, 600 for the 3V cards and 5 for the base spend).

    Is it possible that they have removed one of these transactions from my account?

    I would query – but it may cause them to delve a little deeper into where my 20,000 points have come from this quarter….

    NB Another transaction, on my wifes account (on the same day), which contained 2,160 points for 1x Xbox360, 1x PS3 and 2x 3V cards has (thus far) been unaffected.

    • Rob says:

      2 x ‘one of each’ on the same Clubcard does take you beyond the fair use policy, I think. My benchmark is that they took your points away if you ordered (paying full price) more than 1 copy of the Dan Brown book with 500 points earlier this year – and that was one where you could easily have argued they were for gift etc.

      • Singing Dwarf says:

        No, only 1x one of each

      • Rob says:

        Their policies seem a bit arbitrary though. I ordered 5 x Dan Brown on both my and my partners account earlier this year. The transaction was cancelled on my account and the points removed whereas, nothing happened on my partner’s and he received the books and the points.

        Wish their policies on bulk buying were more clear cut .

        • Singing Dwarf says:

          Yes I agree.

          However, in this instance, I wasn’t ‘bulk buying’. I only purchased one Xbox360 and one PS3 version of the game – two separate transactions. Within the terms of the offer I believe?

          I may wait until the next statement/vouchers are issued and then query why the points were withdrawn at that stage.

  • Luke says:

    Bit late to the party, should have read the comments first. Sending my mother back to Tesco for a refund 🙂