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30% bonus on buying Avios points is back

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Until 19th September, BA and are both offering a bonus of up to 30% when you buy Avios points from them (the link is here).

My problem with BA and these promotions is that they only offer you the bonus if buy a large amount. Someone who just needs a few Avios to top off their account gets next to nothing, even though small amounts are disproportionately expensive due to the £15 ‘administrative fee’ built into the pricing.

Buy Avios

Anyway, here are the bonus rates in the current promotion:

Purchase 2,000 – 9,000 Avios for a 5% Avios bonus
Purchase 10,000 – 17,000 Avios for a 10% Avios bonus
Purchase 18,000 – 23,000 Avios for a 20% Avios bonus
Purchase 24,000 Avios, your full annual allowance for a 30% Avios bonus

At the top end, you are paying for £399 for 31,200 Avios. That is 1.26p per Avios. Cheaper than usual, but hardly a deal to make you dig out your credit card unless you have an immediate use for the points and can justify the price.

Nice picture of the stones, though, BA!

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Comments (11)

  • Ray says:

    I will need 2k minimum spend, when(if) I get the Gold card. This would help me reach that and I guess I could consider it a down payment on those CW seats 🙂
    Wonder if it’s 2 x MR for purchasing from BA ?

    • Brian says:

      It doesn’t count as a BA purchase as the transaction is handled by

  • Mr Bridge says:

    thanks but no thanks BA

  • Marco says:

    It seems (from an email I recently received from Executive Club) that BA are now offering Executive Club members who have already purchased their full annual allocation of 24,000 Avios the opportunity to purchase another 24,000 within the same year. (I had made use of the Avios purchase to help me get to the minimum card spend required to be eligible for the Starwood AmEx signup bonus.)

  • darrenf says:

    Great timing. I needed 29k miles for a redemption, and some spend on my new Starwood Amex. 31.2k bought and redeemed inside 10 minutes 🙂

  • Marco says:

    Dear Sir Stamford,

    I did indeed receive an email from BA (apparently targeted) stating that I was entitled to purchase 48,000 Avios per year through the BA Executive Club website… I’ve forwarded the email to Raffles for his expert analysis!

  • Londonbus says:

    The rule of thumb to use is that the market value of one avios is 1p. Providing you keep this in mind, its not a hard decision.

    In reality the spend will vary from excellent (UUA WTP to Club on longhaul;short-notice booking in Cattle) to mediocre (booking in Cattle a long way ahead)

  • Al says:

    I was trying to buy the maximum of 31200 avios, and the price was $685. On YahooFinance, 399 pounds would convert into $626. Is BA making money off currency conversion??

    • Rob says:

      Prices for overseas members are fixed, so when the FX rates moves you occasionally get such oddities