Hyatt launches its new Autumn promotion – how does it compare?

Hyatt Gold Passport has become the latest of the big hotel programmes to launch its Autumn promotion.  Called ‘Discover The Possibilities’ it is at least very simple!

The web page for full details and registration is here.

Hyatt Discover Possibilities

The bonuses run like this:

Stay 5 nights, get 5,000 bonus points (1,000 per stay)

Stay 10 nights, get an additional 10,000 bonus points (so 2,000 per stay for stays 6-10)

Stay 15 nights, get an additional 15,000 bonus points (so 3,000 per stay for stays 11-15)

Stay 20 nights, get an additional 20,000 bonus points (so 4,000 per stay for stays 16-20)

Given that I tend to value Hyatt points at £11 / 1,000, this could be a very lucrative promotion at the top end.  (The most luxurious Hyatt properties are 22,000 points, so assuming a price of £250 per night, that gets you to £11.)  For stays 16-20 you would effectively be getting £44 of free night per night.

The real value here is that the rewards kick in per night, not per stay.  Most hotel promotions are based on stays, which counts against you if you tend to stay 3-4 nights or more at a time.  This can be achieved with just one 3-week stay in theory!

Here are the key dates:

9 September – registration opens and promotion starts

31 October – last date to register

30 November – last date to stay

As usual with Hyatt, though, the real snag is the relatively small number of Hyatt properties in Europe.  You will have better luck triggering one of the higher bonuses if your travels take you to the US.

How does this compare?

Marriott’s MegaBonus is easier to achieve during the Autumn.  Whilst targeted, most people will be asked to complete just two stays, in return for which they get a free night – valid for a year – in any Category 1-5 hotel.  You can earn up to two free nights.  The only snag here is that Category 1-5 properties are not desperately luxurious.

IHG Rewards Club is offering The Big Win.  This offers some big rewards (totally personalised) but some of the targets are a bit silly and unachievable for many people who have received them.  More here.

Finally, there is Starwood‘s Take Two promotion.  This is the easiest, with members get double points on every stay after registering.  The downside is that double points is not hugely generous.  More here.

(Remember to follow our ‘Hotel Promos‘ page for the latest offers for all of the major hotel chains.)

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  1. On a completely alternative line, have you seen this yet:

    It’s meant to be only for US residents, but I’ve managed to change my account address and have been able to play. Albeit without winning anything yet!

  2. On a different subject, has anyone else noticed that American Express have seemingly stopped with the incorrect posting of membership rewards points, when they were suddenly crediting 3 or 4 times the amount for non travel or supermarket expenses ? Any one know more on why this was done in the first place ?

    • I actually asked Amex this, and was met with a non-committal answer. I think it was some sort of test to see if people actually noticed and if it drove incidental spending or not, but I can’t be sure.

      • I brought forward some travel spending because of it. It was a nice bonus!

      • I figured it was a test. Given that people got various different levels of incentive it looked like a classic experiment to optimise customer lifetime value..

  3. Hi raffles,

    Hope you can help me have just started collecting Avios, so am a complete novice. We have just taken out the SPG card and the BA prem plus to get some points. We have reached the spending threshold to qualify for the bonus points and they are waiting to be transferred into the respective accounts. How do you know when they have done this and where do they get your SPG AND Ba accounts numbers from. Is it something that should be shown on their sites as if so I cannot find it. Also how do you transfer to the AVIOS accounts.

    Sorry to sound so stupid but as have never done this before it is quite confusing for me anyway, its not like the Virgin amex where your points just drop each month into your Fc account.

    • About 6 days before your statement month ends, Amex zeros your points due (which you can see on the Amex website) and sends them over to SPG / BA.

      They should already have your number. If not, they may mistakenly open another account for you which may be messy. You should ring Amex (number on back of card) and give them your SPG / BA numbers if you did not do so on your application form. This will ensure the points go to the right place.

      To move SPG points to BA, go to this page and select ‘Transfer To Miles’.

      Hope this helps. Let us know if you have other questions.

      • Do the Amex people automatically set up an SPG account for you as we do not have one, is that why they are still waiting to be transferred the statement date was over a week ago and nothing has happened yet. We do have a Baec account, so I can notify them of that one.

        • If the transfer date has passed (and your Amex statement online shows only a handful of points due) then, yes, they will have set one up. It could take weeks for SPG to send you out a membership card, so you should ring Amex and ask them what account number the points went to. You will then have to set up a PIN via to get access to the site to do the transfer to BA.

        • Think we are going to have to get in touch with them as all the points are still waiting to be transferred 21,550 of them and we haven’t got an account, thought they would set one up automatically. We have had the SPG amex card for just over a month. Thanks for your help but it still isn’t very clear what we have to do.

        • 1. Go online to and see how many points are waiting to be transferred. If it is a very low number then they have already gone across for last month.

          2. Ring Amex on the number on back of your card and ask which SPG account they went to

          3. Go to and, using the SPG account number Amex gave you, create a password so you can access your SPG account

          4. Once logged into SPG you should see your points total

          5. To transfer to BA Avios, go to the link on I posted last night


  4. pazza2000 says:

    At time of application for the SPG Amex, there was a fault whereby you could only provide 7 digits of the 11 digit account number within the field. I had until recently forgotten about this and contacted Amex to update them with my correct full SPG#. They had tried to send the first months points across to the wrong#, however they ‘bounced’ back. Amex do not seem to be proactively contacting us to amend this.

    • I had this problem too. However, I rang them and gave the full number before the end of my first month, and the points went across OK.