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Very cheap Avios when you buy HP ink cartridges from Tesco

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Tesco Direct has brought back its occasional offer on HP printer ink cartridges – but this time it is 50% more generous!

You usually get 500 bonus Clubcard points when you buy two cartridges.  This time, though, they are offering 750 Clubcard points when you buy two.

To add to the deal, you also get a 20% discount when you buy three or more cartridges!

(Note that this offer is also available in-store, if your store is big enough to sell ink cartridges.  I don’t know if the ‘20% discount for buying 3 or more’ discount applies in-store.  However, you would save £3 on postage and you would also be able to use any money-off coupons you may have.)

To see these deals, search for ‘HP ink’ on Tesco Direct and – in the left hand margin at the bottom – filter the sellers down to just Tesco.  You can then reorder the list of products by price.

You should, if it is still in stock, see various cartridges with the read ‘Special Offer’ text under them.  The cheapest seems to be this one, a Black HP364 at £9.

So, lets run some maths.

You buy 6 of the HP364 cartridges for £54.  The 20% discount takes you down to £43.20.  Postage is £3 (you cannot collect these instore) so your total cost is £46.20.

Total Clubcard points earned = 43 base points + 2250 bonus points = 2293 points

Total Avios earned from converting at 1:2.4 = 5503 Avios

That works out at just 0.82p per Avios!

And, of course, you still have the cartridges!

Let’s assume that you manage to sell the HP364’s on ebay for £4 each, net of fees and postage (please use our affiliate link if you do!).  Your total cost will have been £21 for 5503 Avios!  Note that these cartridges are quite fat and so postage costs are higher than usual, although if you do ‘buy it now’ and say you have six for sale, many customers will buy two or three at once.

Alternatively, you could send them to Tesco Recycling!  This is a lower return but is less hassle.  I believe that they accept new cartridges, and you will receive 50 Clubcard points on the HP364 cartridges as you can see from the list on their site.  That takes your total haul from the 6 cartridges to 2,593 points, or 6,223 Avios points for £45.12.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (132)

  • Eastland says:

    I got my clubcard points into my CC account about 24hrs after I paid. All sold & posted now.
    Total cost 0.36p/avios. Woop!

  • chris says:

    since worth posting the 364s are back in stock (as hurry while stock lasts) tho only at £7 each no 20% off, same points

    works out as £196 + pnp for 10696 points,

  • Neil says:

    Gone out of stock again – they really need to start limiting the quantity people can buy of these things

  • Col A-B says:

    Well they’re still in stock in store & given there’s no longer 20% multibuy discount online it seems that’s the next best route.

    Is it still a good value way to buy Avios though?

  • RW says:

    Does this not pertain in store?

    I looked locally and they still have the 500 points for 2 offer on…. is this wrong?


  • Tim says:

    There are loads of the Black 364’s in my local store. Also giving 750. £7 each.

  • Jack says:

    For anyone based in Ireland it’s possible to return these to a store for a full refund without losing the club card points. Not only that but as the cartridges are significantly more expensive you actually end up with a profit. 12 inks cost me roughy €70 to buy and I returned then for €167.88

    • Col A-B says:

      Did you buy them from Tesco Ireland in the first place?

      Sounds just slightly verging on fraudulent & not within the spirit I like to maximise points on purchases.

      • Jack says:

        No I got them from Tesco direct. Tesco Ireland will accept returns of unwanted goods from tesco direct on the condition the store stocks the item in the first place, as they have no access to tesco directs systems there is no removal of points and they didn’t seem to mind me returning that many at all.

        • Col A-B says:

          I see!

          Maybe need to book a quick FR to DUB then. Need to find out where the nearest Tesco to the airport is now 😉

  • Tim says:

    My points finally posted. 🙂 Thanks to Raffles and look forward to more great offers.