Genuinely free stuff from Achica for Amex Platinum (or possible everyone!)

If you have an American Express Platinum card you should have received the latest emailed edition of Platinum Life yesterday.

Tucked away at the bottom, so you might have missed it, was a mention of a £20 discount for discount homewares site Achica.

The good news is that this is a ‘clean’ £20 discount with no minimum spend.  The voucher even discounts the postage cost – so if you spend £15 or less, you will have nothing to pay.

If you’re in need of socks, bedding, shower gel or other household bits and pieces then you should find a way of spending your £20 easily enough.  Personally, I’ve ordered this half-bottle of Taittinger with an ice bucket, which comes to a grand total of £6.75!


The promotional code you need for the Achica website is ACHICA20AMEX.  If your order is less than £20 including postage, the payment options disappear entirely when you enter the code, as there is nothing to pay.

This offer is targeted at Amex Platinum cardholders although they do not ask for a card number if you spend under £20 and if you spend over £20 you can use any card to pay the balance. - a new travel videos site launches to the world
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  1. Slow off the Mark says:

    Yep. “We are sorry but the voucher code ACHICA20AMEX is invalid.” Which, as an Amex Platinum cardholder, is a bit disappointing.

    • I contacted Amex on this one, they told me they would come back to me before Friday. Will post the results here

  2. AviosNewbie says:

    My status is still in the ‘Order Accepted’ stage, and not yet dispatched. Interestingly, when I track my order, the voucher code is displayed as ‘ACHICA15AMEX’ instead of ‘ACHICA20AMEX’ – seems they got badly burnt by the promo code, and removed it from everywhere!

    I also received 2 X £10 credits for referrals.

    • I think mostly everyone’s status will be Paid/Order Accepted. If you look at the expected delivery date, if it is anything like mine at 9-14 Oct, then there is no way it is going to show any change for 1-2 weeks yet. It seems they operate by advertising the stuff, and then only buying it in bulk with a big discount, hence the delay in even receiving items at their warehouse, nevermind actually shipping.

      Considering no-one has reported that their purchase has been cancelled at this stage, I think we are all fine and purchases will be honoured. Interesting point about the voucher code change on your account, as on mine.

      I have also received £10 credits for referrals, oddly though not to my own wife, though that was a sub-£20 purchase – maybe that makes a difference. Not sure I’ll use the credits since you need a minimum £20 order for them to accept it. Strange how it doesn’t mention any such thing on their web page regarding referrals, just in the small print of the received email.

  3. Had an e-mail from achica today saying that my order has now been dispatched.

    It was a sub £20 order so I paid nothing, looks like they could be honouring this promo.

    • wilfred47 says:

      got an email saying dispatched aswell. this was also under £20 so all free.

      • AviosNewbie says:

        What had you ordered? Maybe they send out whatever they have in their warehouse and takes time if they need to order from the suppliers.

        I had ordered all kitchen stuff/ toileteries and nothing dispatched until now.

  4. A glimmer of hope – code didn’t work for me on the weekend but I have just been told that my order has been successfully placed!

    I used the voucher code and an Amex Gold.

    As an aside note – ACHICA is now offering tons of Lindt chocolates in their Food Hall….. Mmmmmm….. 😉

  5. MARMALISER says:

    Everyone enjoying the daily SPAM sorry Marketing from Achica…. Nice cheap way of getting a lot of email address’ !!!

    • Unsubscribe button is at the bottom …. you don’t even need to log-in to unsubscribe, which is a cheap trick some firms use to make it harder

      • I made very sure that I unsubscribed from all options during account creation and I haven’t received a thing (on 4 accounts!). It’s standard practise – any new account I immediately deregister from spam unless I specifically want it.

  6. Just received the Achica parcel.. Invoice quotes Total = £18.73 then adds Total paid by = Website.
    I do have a Plat card.

  7. squillion says:

    My parcel has been received, I only ordered 1, sub £20 so completely free, no Plat for me 😉

  8. I complained to Amex earlier this week that I wasn’t able to use the voucher code. (I have a Platinum card and received the Platinum Life newsletter with the offer.) They have replied to say that the code is now working again and indeed I was able to successfully place an order for £19.99 five minutes ago using the code and didn’t have to give credit card details. (Delivery is free on orders over £10 until midnight on Sunday 29th Sept.)

  9. Seems to be back and working again! And I also complained to Amex and they gave me a £20 statement credit 🙂

  10. Just got this email…. after my chosen gifts been marked ‘Item Despatched’ 🙁

    Thank you for shopping at ACHICA.
    We are contacting you with regards to a recent order you made with the discount code ‘ACHICA20AMEX’. This voucher code was issued via a third party and was intended for a small group of customers. Unfortunately, this voucher was distributed, and as a result some customers who used the voucher code were unaware that it was designated for one use per person only.
    We will be fulfilling your first order made using this code and your item(s) will be dispatched within the timeframes stated at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, any subsequent orders made using this voucher code will be cancelled and any refunds will be processed in the next 48 hours. Please allow up to 7 working days for the funds to appear in your account.
    We appreciate how frustrating this is and apologise for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.
    If you have any queries, you can contact our Customer Care team.
    Yours sincerely,
    ACHICA Customer Care

  11. Clive J says:

    I liked the £20 discount I got but the incessant e-mails are driving me mad. Often it’s two a day, just standard marketing rubbish. Have had to unsubscribe.

    • I unsubscribed the day after registering and still received £20 in gift cards OK.