Have 3,000 Avios dropped into your avios.com account?

Yesterday, a voucher for 3,000 Avios points dropped into my avios.com account.  You can check if you have one by logging in and going to Your Statement and then Vouchers.  It is called ‘Happy Birthday 3000 Avios Hotel Voucher’.

My wife didn’t get one, however, so I’m not sure how they have chosen people.

The voucher gives you 3,000 Avios off a hotel booking which is paid for entirely in Avios.


It is surprisingly free of conditions:

You must book a hotel room by 1 December

You must stay by 1 April

Room must be paid wholly in Avios, not cash or part cash, part Avios

And that’s it.

Let’s do the maths.

When used for hotels, Avios points are worth 0.58p each.  Your voucher is therefore effectively worth £17.40 off a hotel booking.

Obviously this is a great deal on a £40 one-night stay and a lot less interesting on a 10 day, £100 per night stay.

Remember that when you book a hotel via Avios, any status benefits you have with that chain are unlikely to be given and you will not receive any points for your stay (except possibly for incidental spend).

If you’re off to Thailand, you could even get a totally free 1-star room somewhere!

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  1. Nothing here but it’s not my birthday, I’m still waiting for my Avios from the Shell / Mighty Deals offer to drop into my account!

    • thesaver79 says:

      Mine did last week!

    • Simon, I called Shell Drivers Club yesterday (as I too hadn’t had the points from the Mighty Deals offer). They said they didn’t have an Avios account on record for me, despite the fact they had created a duplicate Avios account and credited 50 welcome Avios into it (and I had previously called Avios and ‘merged’ the accounts together). They said they would look into it and call me back within 2 days. I would recommend calling them.

      • Same thing happened(2 accounts merged) I’ve been told same thing. 10days later, no points and no update on the case,

      • Thanks Justin, I’ve got in touch and they are investigating my Avios transfer issue.

        Had some good Avios news today though, checked my account to see if the Shell points were there and to my amazement my 15,000 bonus points from the Lloyds TSB card had dropped into my account!

    • I got my £20 Waitrose voucher two weeks ago

  2. Nothing into my account.

  3. No voucher dropped in my Avios account but then I am new to Avios 🙁

  4. Nothing in mine either unfortunately 🙁

  5. I got it last month as well, they must be sending it to people who have birthdays coming up.

    • Mine isn’t for ages, although it is before the final booking date of the promo.

      When it said Happy Birthday Bonus, I was assuming it related to the birthday of Avios, which is in November.

      • Well they gave it to me just over a month before my birthday, and was given exactly 2 months to book (though travel can be done until Mar 14). Avios also sent an email about giving the voucher. Do check your spam folder…

  6. Nothing in either of mine or my wife’s accounts

  7. No voucher for me, though I had a credit (no conditional spend) for 500 Avios last month for my birthday, six weeks ahead of my birthday.

    I’m still waiting for the LTSB 4,500 bonus, having spent 3x £200 in the summer.

    • thesaver79 says:

      Have you contacted them about this?

      • They said in an e-mail some weeks ago that the LTSB (L?) 4,500 bonus will appear in mid-October. No idea why it takes so long.

        • It works on a quarterly basis.
          So if you were due for a transfer to Avios at the end of June, the points appear in your account on 1 October

        • Agreed, the T&Cs said the bonus would post 15 Oct, so let’s wait 2 weeks and then contact them if need be (hopefully not, it’ll no doubt be a nightmare!), but considering the emails I received about it during the promotion updating my status, they know I have qualified.

          Not sure what quarterly basis you are refering to, Max. Whenever I am due points from LTSB from credit card spend, they transfer within 2 days. And with other promotions such as this for bonus points, they have always specified a date, and they have always posted on the date for me.

        • I was referring to the Shell Drivers Club re: quarterly transfers.

          For those who have a query, please call the Shell Drivers Club free phone number on
          0800 7318888

  8. Just checked my Avios Ac and I can see a credit for nearly 12,500 avios :)))

    • Result. Mine added about 2 weeks ago.

    • That’s a serious number of Avios from Shell – 6 promotional cards, or a lot of petrol bought!

      • not sure how many cards, but spent £60 during the promotion 🙂

        • I also spent £60 but only two of them have posted – one to BA and one to Avios balances. Still waiting for four more.

  9. I had my Avios hotel voucher last month, on my actual birthday. I couldn’t spend it though.

  10. MaltapointsTom says:

    This was a good one. I managed to book a night at a 4 star hotel in Mellieha (Malta) in November for 2,950 points, so totally free.

  11. No points for any of 3 accounts between my wife and I, and my birthday has just passed! Can’t just be a birthday as a criteria, as it seems different people have different bonuses, or like me, none at all.

  12. I wonder if they target this at people who have used Avios for hotel bookigs before? I have nothing, but then I’ve never used Avios to book a hotel.

  13. Chris Storrie says:

    Just got 1,000 points no stipulations like hotels for how they can be spent. Just been added into my account balance. Birthday not for 6 weeks

  14. cmcbugg says:

    I just got 1000 Avios (added to my available balance), and an email indicating they are for MY birthday (which is also in Nov).


  15. Stephen says:

    It was my birthday yesterday and I didn’t get any Avios!

  16. What's the Point says:

    Not related, but I got 1,000 points added into my AA account this weekend. Something to do with an INT opt in bonus?

    • yep. got that too. it was a one off AAdvantage eSummary sign up bonus – as outlined on the news and offers page on their site. you needed to sign up though.. not sure if its still active or not though..might be.

      • I recall seeing the offer and trying to sign up for that too, but I never could – it never saved my setting ggrrrr…. I tried a few different browsers, but no luck. Nothing happens when I select “Subscribe” and then click “Submit”.

        Googling it turns up the offer on this page – look under “AAdvantage offers”:

        Though the page is for Belgium, and I can’t get a similar page to load for the UK. When looking at offers while logged in, nothing remotely similar turns up.

        Another hit from Google says you can get up to 2000 bonus miles, but that’s from 31/1/13 and mentions subscribing to other options that are either differently named now or don’t exist.

        I’ve just tried again now – I still cannot subscribe to anything as clicking Submit doesn’t do anything (and I updated my browser recently!). Clicking away and back to the page shows that the settings weren’t saved – for any option!

        • Hi Trevor,

          I just tried it now and had the same problem with the .co.uk site you are having, I got this link to work using IE for me, my country at the top of the AA site had defaulted to USA at the time as well, not sure if that made a difference though.


        • Thanks, Simon, glad it’s not just me!

          I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get this to work now, but have just tried again following your experience. May as well chase the AA points if Avios don’t want me to have a happy birthday lol

          I’d also unsuccessfully swapped between UK and US sites previously to see if that made a difference, but not in IE. Strangely, the link you posted gives a different looking subscription page with no tabbed account options along the top. Even more strangely, it says “Your changes have been saved. You will also receive an email confirming your changes.” after I click submit, yet… the options remain unsubscribed! Gggrrr….

          But…, when I log back in to the normal site using Chrome, the settings have updated – result! Super-weird, but at least it’s there now, though probably missed the bonus anyway. Thanks for the tips though.

          PS: Updated my wife’s account in Chrome using your link – the thing in reverse: says setting saved yet showed as unsubscribed, and was only when logging into her account in another browser (IE) that is showed subscribed!

  17. It is my birthday today and zero for me.

  18. I’ve had no Birthday gift and my B’day was two weeks ago. I used the Live Chat on Avios site to find out if it was targetted or just randomly sent to accounts. It seems it’s at random if you have your DOB set in your account. You should receive a Happy Birthday email and then your voucher or Avios. Live chat girl couldn’t manually send a birthday gift unfortunately. Oh well. I’ve changed my DOB now to see what happens.