Another 24,000 points-worth of IHG Rewards Club bonus codes!

I have written before about the regular bonus codes published by IHG Rewards Club. To avoid linking back to too many older posts, I will repeat the background here and then share some new codes below.

The question ‘Which is the best hotel loyalty programme?’ is a long and complex one. The answer is usually different for each person. However, it is generally fair to say that no-one will go wrong by trying to squeeze in one IHG Rewards Club stay per year.

IHG Rewards Club is the loyalty scheme for Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental and some other small brands. At the moment, IHG Rewards Club has a lot of very generous promotional codes which they are sending out to members.

These are usually targetted at lapsed members, offering 3000 points on your next stay, or 1000 points for every stay in the next 60 days, or 5000 points for a weekend stay. The key, though, is that these codes can be used by anyone, whether or not that person was originally targetted.

IHG Rewards Club

Each promotion has its own promo code. All you need to do is write down all of the currently active codes from this post and the Flyertalk link below, and then visit this website to activate them on your account. Note that some of these codes only work for 30, 60 or 90 days from registration, so don’t sign up if you have no stays planned.

New codes appear every few months, so if you push one stay a year towards IHG Rewards Club then you will hoover up a lot of points. If you travel with your partner, do a stay in your name and your next stay on an account in their name – this way you will get all of the ‘one off’ codes on each account.

The following new codes appeared on Flyertalk a couple of weeks ago. The LoyaltyLobby blog has been testing them out, a stay at a time, and we now have a good idea of what each of these codes should do.

1027 – 3,000 points PER STAY (!) for the next 90 days

4041 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days

1037 – 5,000 points on your next stay within 90 days (in theory, Gold and Platinum members only)

1023 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days

1027 – 3,000 points PER STAY (!) for the next 90 days

1012 – 5,000 points on your next stay within 90 days (in theory, Gold and Platinum members only)

1041 – 2,000 points PER STAY (!) for the next 60 days

On top of all this, these older codes should still work if you haven’t used them before:

2656 – 1,500 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration

2785 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration (may only work for Platinum and potentially Gold members)

3825 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration (may only work for Platinum and potentially Gold members)

4648 – 1,500 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration

4709 – 1,000 points on EVERY stay within 90 days of registration

There is a thread on Flyertalk which lists other current (and indeed non-current, it is never clear which ones still work!) promotional codes. For completeness, you should plug in all the codes on the Flyertalk list as well!

Remember that you can convert IHG Rewards Club points to Avios at the rate of 10,000 to 2,000, in chunks of 10,000 although you will get a better deal from a hotel redemption. A one night stay using all of the codes should get you 4,000 Avios-worth.

I am currently in a Holiday Inn Express in Madrid. (Well, I’m not …. I checked in for 3 nights on Tuesday and then promptly left for my Melia free night.) I am using these mattress run nights as part of the Big Win promotion.) Let’s see what posts for me early next week.

Needless to say, the existence of these codes changes the dynamics of the Big Win promotion a little. As you can get 9,000 bonus points PER STAY (worth £45 at my valuation of IHG Rewards Club points) if you register for the ‘per stay’ codes above, it may make more sense to do random mattress run nights to get the stays you need for the Big Win.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Staying at Holiday Inn Stratford this weekend for 2 nights. Will be interesting to see what points post.

    Also, wish I had booked one night in Holiday Inn, checked out, then gone upstairs to the Staybridge Suites for the second night and additional stay bonuses. Then next day, after a late checkout, gone over to the HI Express and checked in, before heading home!

  2. I have a two night stop in stevenage next weekend

    Using the 35% off code holiday inn is £33.50 per night, and says that I will earn 530 points for the stay

    Should I be confident that all the bonus points will be added to my account as well?

  3. Do you happen to know if stays booked online directly with IHG, but using a corporate discounted rate, can collect points and count for the promotions?

  4. scroogemcduck says:

    I need to stay somewhere in a few weeks, and Holiday Inn is the cheapest at £100 (Saturday night). I am better off booking somewhere cheaper before (say £50), cashing the points then take the free night? This would also give me 2 nights and 2 brands for the Big Win.

    • How many points does the Holiday Inn need? It varies by city. And is there reward availability? (IHG does NOT have a guarantee that there are reward nights when cash nights are available, unlike SPG etc).

      Points will take 5 days to post after check-out. The obvious question is whether you would use the points on another hotel stay in the future (IHG points never expire). If you would, then it makes more sense to pay the £100, earn 30,000 or so points and use them for a free room you really need another time.

      • scroogemcduck says:

        Thanks Raffles – it is a Saturday night in York over bonfire weekend, so now I think about it unlikely to be availability. The £100 will bring in good points for a later stay. Many thanks.

        • You can check award availability on the IHG website, you don’t need to have enough points to check. Would agree with your decision though.

  5. Just found out that my OH stayed at the intercontinental park Lane London on Thursday night can I join IHG club and get the points retrospectively?

    • Seems not – “You may earn Points for Stays beginning with the date of your enrollment in the Program. Points will not be earned for Stays made prior to the date of your enrollment as shown in IHG® Rewards Club records.”

      An expensive mistake by your other half, make sure he tips you off about future Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express / Crowne Plaza / InterContinental stays!

  6. Does the 241 rate count as a weekend stay in the big win?

    Been looking at Runcorn and it’s coming up at 19.50 per night with this rate for a fri and sat night.

    I note however that it says “you will earn 0 points with this stay” on the booking page. That’s not right is it ?

    • Technically it isn’t right, because you are paying full price for 1 night and £0 for the other. It SHOULD post with 1 qualifying night (not 2) and so only the first night should count towards Big Win.

      In reality, it will either post as 2 nights (keep quiet) or 0 nights and you’ll have to re-educate the call centre about their own rules about how the 241 promo works.

  7. Hi
    Just signed up to IHG and plugged all the codes above, looking for booking one hotel and 2 separate rooms in November for 4 people , just wondering is it best to maximise points by opening 2 accounts with IHG ie one in my name / one in partners? or just use my account and book to rooms. New to all this, Thanks for any advice

    • Two accounts, two names – no benefit at all in having 2 rooms in same name. Even if your partner has no BA account, 30k gets you £50 of shopping vouchers or a free night at some point.

  8. is there anything to stop you opening multiple accounts in similar names and loading up codes each time?

    • Yes and no. No, in theory it works. However, they have excellent dupe spotting software. You must use a different email and, more importantly, pay for each stay with a different credit card ( past evidence is that they match credit card numbers).

      I have had accounts closed before for running more than one.

  9. Oliver Bennett says:

    Holiday Inn Runcorn (only going to do big win promo)
    £49 for last saturday night, got me 24000 points! Also had a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and great restaurant! Would recommend for the north westers. Next stop is the HIX in burnley in a couple of weeks time.

    Thanks Raffles for all the codes!

  10. My 2 night stay at an HI in London just posted – 35,800 points!

    Also, the Big Win Take a Survey is now working. Click on the survey button on the Big Win site and allowed me to take a bizarre survey about hotel stays, the points posted immediately.

  11. mrtibbs1999 says:

    I got 34800 points for a night at the HEX Preston South. Hopefully enough for 2 nights in Dubai in the Flash Sale on the 21st!

    • Is there another flash sale coming up?

      I’m stockpiling points at the moment with the aim of redeeming for a 4 night stay at the IC Hong Kong. I was planning on it being cash and points, but at this rate it could end being a redemption purely on points.