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How to track hotel prices over various dates (for The Big Win etc)

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Two people have asked me recently if I know a way of tracking prices at the same hotel over long periods of time.

Both were trying to do ‘mattress run’ nights for “The Big Win” promotion, currently being run by IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza etc group.

Basically, “The Big Win” offers a big bonus for completing a set number of nights, often in selected cities or on certain days of the week. The end bonus is often big enough to make it worthwhile booking hotels you don’t intend to sleep in.

(I did this in Madrid last week. I was there for a day and popped into a Holiday Inn Express to check in for a three night, €50 per night, stay! I did not return …. hopefully the points post on Friday.)

Anyway, back to the point.  Is there a way of checking the price of a hotel for 60 days in one go?

The answer is “Yes”, luckily. You need to use Note I said .com and not the version.

Let’s imagine I want to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Croydon as part of my “Big Win’ promotion (worryingly, I do!). I search for the hotel on without selecting a check-in date.

When it comes up, I click on the name of the hotel and then click “Check Rates” from the next page. I am presented with this grid (it includes early October because I did this search a couple of weeks ago):

Travelocity 2

The 6th and 13th October looked pretty good. However, those were bad days for me to head to Croydon, so I think I will aim for one of the Thursday nights in November, at $89 (£55 in reality – these prices may have moved by now as this was two weeks ago). 

The $89 will not exactly match what you see on the hotels own site – in a good way, as Travelocity adds in its own fees to the prices shown – but it is a pretty accurate guide as to what days have the lowest prices.

You learn something new every day ….

IHG Rewards Club update – January 2021:

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Comments (18)

  • Leon says:

    Now that`s good to know!! thanks

  • mitpat474 says:

    Try pick somewhere else then croydon H Express.. not a nice place… I vowed to never ever ever stay there again!

  • Clive J says:

    I did the HIX Croydon as my first Big Win night, through the HFP link, on the way to the South Coast. Not one to recommend but the location is reasonably central. Offered 500 pts or free drink & snack as Plat recognition. Breakfast was an absolute scrum so I went to a little cafe across the road.

    • Rob says:

      Very convenient if you do NOT plan to stay there but just jump off the East Croydon train, wander down, check in, ruffle bed, leave and walk back to station though!

  • mitpat474 says:

    Crowne plaza gatwick is decent and can be gotten v cheap, if your wondering south – even some of the holiday inns

    • Rob says:

      Yes, ‘best’ mattress run option depends on days you can do it and whether you have a car or not. I am tied to Mon-Thu nights accessible by rail which makes HIX Croydon a decent option.

      • James67 says:

        Don’t forget you probably needed 2 Saturday nights. I’ve given up on my big win as dont want to do a mattress run to Birmingham. Currently trying to sweet talk hilton into a code for the gold/25000 aadvantage offer.

        • pazza2000 says:

          Pray tell… I would love to be able to do the same. Already HH Gold, although it has never been linked to my AAdvantage account.

  • xcalx says:

    34,287 points have just posted to Mrs xcalx’s account for a 1 night £39 booking in Bradford, This was her first paid stay in over a year. She was also given a coupon for 300 points. Thats one down 3 to go for her 103,500 Big Win Target.

    Qualifying Nights1
    Earning Details525 pts.
    Bonus Points Earned262 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS3,000 pts.
    NEXT STAY BONUS3,000 pts.
    2,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS2,000 pts.
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS1,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS1,500 pts.
    NEXT STAY BONUS1,500 pts.
    Check-in DateOct 12, 2013
    Check-Out DateOct 13, 2013

    • Anon says:

      Nice! We’re still waiting for a stay on the 10th October to post. Do you think we need to chase?

      • Rob says:

        Look online – it may have posted as ‘zero points’ because they are treating it as non-qualifying.

        If it hasn’t shown at all, give it another day or so.

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  • Felixstowe Flyer says:

    For the big win, do you get 2 nights posted if you book 2 rooms and one posts as an overlapping stay? I need 10 nights for one of my targets and booked 2 rooms for a Saturday night at the HI Farnborough. 1 netted me 24000 points but the other was zero as overlapping but I haven’t found a way to check the number of nights I have towards my target on the Big Win site

    • Rob says:

      I don’t think it will count, no. When they did ‘crack the case’ a couple of years ago then anything counted, but this time they seem to be sticking to the line that only ‘qualifying stays’ count.

      PS. The questionnaire is now completable on the Big Win website

      • Felixstowe Flyer says:

        Thanks Raffles. Will have to re-think my strategy to get the win!

  • Jens Moller says:

    I can’t beat 35k point- but I got 25k points for a ‘2for1’ deal at Marlow, Crown Plaza. Total cost £80

    The kids loved the pool, but it took a bit longer to get to london than expected.

    Just 5 more nights to go….

    • Jens Moller says:

      sorry…..4 nights ….the 2for1 counted as 2 nights! Thank you IGH

    • Rob says:

      Quickest route is to forget Marlow railway station and get a taxi to Maidenhead, jumping on a train there.