A genuinely impressive ‘how to pack’ video, courtesy of Holiday Inn Express

If I had £1 for every ‘learn how to pack a suitcase’ or ‘top tips for packing’ article that I’ve read over the years, then I’d have … well, probably around £12. But you know what I mean.

Even Louis Vuitton tried to get in on the act this year with its ‘Art of Packing’ workshops in the Bond Street store.

These articles are all written by amateurs, though. ‘Put your socks in your shoes’, ‘select items which co-ordinate with multiple other items’ etc etc. Pah!

Meet Dave Hax. Dave really knows how to pack quickly and efficiently. Holiday Inn Express has now appointed him as their first ever ‘Efficiency Engineer’ to consult on services and facilities to ‘revolutionise the way people pack their suitcase’.

Here is Dave in action. It’s ‘extreme packing’! I promise you that you’ll learn something new if you watch this – the way this man fold a shirt in 5 seconds is astonishing! Whether you could replicate it is a different question ….

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  1. Phillip says:

    The shirt folding is indeed brilliant!!!

  2. squillion says:

    ‘Empty mug first’ – lol

  3. Love it. Best post ever on HFP lol

  4. The other tips on his youtube page are less helpful – anyone for a banana gun and a carrot recorder?

  5. Quite ingenious. Though I tend to take more shirts than belts with me, so not sure I can save every collar… Some shirts will have to be sacrificed and have crushed collars, I’m afraid.

  6. I use a holdall.

  7. vindaloo says:

    Love the shirt folding and will have to give that a try, and the cling film on bottles of toiletries is a great idea.

    Not so impressed with the idea of packing chargers and cables in a sunglasses case. My laptop charger alone is the size of a brick, and then you’ve got travel adaptors and phone charging cables, plus cables and chargers for whatever other random accessories you take away with you (camera and external DVD drive in my case). Try fitting that lot in one of those free bags you get when you buy a pair of sunglasses in Boots.

    Oh, and what do you do with your sunglasses?

  8. kimmie a says:

    I use a soft, padded nylon “bag” made by Derek Alexander, the 3-Zip bag model (check eBags for the complete line, all sizes, great multi-purpose uses). About a gazillion compartments and holds all my chargers, adapters, plugs and such…even holds the external DVD drive. Hubby liked mine so much he asked for one of his own–the EW Top Zip organizer. Lightweight and durable, these bags easily adjust to packing in odd corners.

  9. Love the shirt holding but I don’t think it would work so well with a long-sleeved garment…

    • vindaloo says:

      You’re right. I’ve just tried it and the sleeves end up all over the place.

  10. The shirt folding is actually really easy my 13 year old taught me in 2 minutes. The rest though was very good. Sometimes its the blindingly obvious we forget like cling filming before putting on the caps. DOH!

  11. flyforfun says:

    Not so keen on the bulldog clips. Rubber bands and velcro take less space than the clip for cables.

    I currently use disposable Gillette Mach 3 razors which I think is the same as in the clip and they all come with a protective case anyway.