New – higher – British Airways American Express bonuses now available

My top post today outlines the special 20,000 Starwood points sign-up bonus that is now available again on the SPG Amex card.

At the same time, Amex will also today temporarily increase the sign-up bonus on the two British Airways cards:

The Premium Plus version, with the £150 annual fee, now offers 25,000 Avios instead of 18,000 Avios.  You must spend £3,000 within three months to receive the bonus.

The basic, free, card now offers 9,000 Avios instead of 3,000 Avios.  You must spend £1,000 within three months to receive the bonus.

BA Premium Plus Amex

Note that, if you are reading this first thing on Thursday morning, the higher rates may not yet be showing.  Give it a little time.

My full review of the benefits of the Premium Plus card is hereAmex’s own home page is here.

My full review of the free card is here.  This is actually the most improved deal jumping from 3,000 to 9,000 Avios.  Amex’s own home page is here.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

20,000 SPG points (=25,000 Avios points) sign-up bonus back on the Starwood Amex!
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  1. The Other Steve says:

    I’m going to have to wait unti January before I can apply for any card after getting an Amex in July – hope they still have a good offer.

    • Why, what card did you get in July?

      There is NO block on getting the SPG bonus, whatever other Amex cards you have. The only cards that block the Gold and Platinum bonuses are other Gold and Platinums. The BA bonus is only blocked if you’ve recently cancelled a BA Amex.

  2. Another Steve says:

    I got the Platinum Charge Card
    I thought I read somewhere that you can only get one promotional bonus per 6 months.

    • No, that’s not how it works.

      The cards break down into 4 groups. You can only have 1 bonus PER GROUP every 6 months. The relevant groups for us are:

      Plat / Gold / Green / Centurion charge
      BA / BA Premium Plus

      If you’ve got a Platinum charge, you can sign up for anything from the other 3 groups at any point and get another bonus.

  3. Yet another Steve says:

    Slightly random question for you Raffles. Say you cancel a credit card, and settle the account. Then a few weeks/month later, a retailer refunds a certain amount to that credit card (which you then transfer to a different Amex credit card). Does the refund “reset” the 6-month clock? Or is the effective date the date you called to cancel?

    I have this situation with a few pre-orders I made with Tesco Entertainment, where they refunded a few pounds under their price promise after I cancelled the card, so I’m trying to work out when I can re-apply.

    • Absolutely no idea. In theory, credit card accounts never really die – MBNA still shows online accounts I cancelled many years ago, and the card numbers don’t get reissued ….

  4. Scottish Lassie says:

    Sorry slightly off topic but my query relates to the BA Amex premium card and I just wondered if you guys could help…I have a BA Amex card which I’ve currently spent just over £10k, I’m nowhere near able to earn £10k by the end of Dec to earn a companion voucher but I think I read somewhere that if I called and asked to be upgraded to the BA Premium card they would be able to transfer my spend from my original card thus gaining me a companion voucher? Sounds too easy and I’m wondering if I’m missing something……I suppose I wouldn’t be eligible for the reward points that id get if I just opened a new card but I’d rather have a companion voucher to be honest!
    Thanks for your help!