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Double Avios when you fill up at Shell until 31st December

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Shell has launched a double Avios promotion across its full range of fuels.  It starts today and will run until December 31st.

During this period, you will earn 20 Avios for every 20 litres of Shell fuel you buy.

Shell Drivers Club

You need to be a member of Shell Drivers Club in order to collect Avios.  You swipe your Shell card each time you buy petrol, and set up your Shell account to automatically convert your points to British Airways Executive Club every quarter.

This is my lengthy post from earlier in the year on the best way to earn Avios when buying fuel.  Even with double Avios, you will earn more miles by using Tesco instead – but if you are nearer to a Shell, this offer is a decent bonus.

Please note, though, that taking Avios from Shell Drivers Club is not necessarily the best use of your points.  4,000 points, for example, gets you 2,000 Avios or a £20 Shell or Waitrose voucher.  Unless you value Avios at more than 1p, you are better off taking a voucher, which is effectively as good as cash.

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Comments (11)

  • Bob says:

    You say automatically convert to BA Avios I presume that goes for normal Avios as well. I fill up with shell out of preference and almost every week I’m getting an offer of an extra 100 points for putting between 20 & 25 litres in, my wife’s card gets an offer less frequently and we automatically convert to avois I wonder if I didn’t would I still get the offer of the extra points most weeks. It makes it a bit more worthwhile.

    • James says:

      I’d agree with that – I used to drive to work in a thirsty 1975 MGB GT and would be at the Shell pumps once a fortnight; bonus coupons were plentiful, both paper ones in the post and on the app. Now I’ve changed jobs and cycle to work, the coupons are much rarer.

    • Phillip says:

      Yes, you can do both – BAEC Avios or

      Me experience of bonus points is the same as yours. The more you fill up, the more you get. If you can be bothered to keep each visit to 25 litres, you can get them non stop at the moment. That’s a bonus 400 each month if you get them on a weekly basis. Not a huge amount of Avios but added to the various promotions (and 4x MR for first year GOLD Amex Card holders), I know where I like to fill up my car. I do agree with Raffles though, depending on how much you value your Avios, you might be better off converting Shell points to vouchers.

  • Mandy says:

    Typical, filled up last night!

  • Phillip says:

    2,000 Shell points only gets £10 in Waitrose or other gift vouchers.

    However, Shell make things a bit confusing when they talk about double Avios:

    In essence, bonuses aside, every 1 litre filled, you get 1 point on regular fuel, 2 points on premium fuel. At the end of the quarter, these would convert at a rate of 10 Avios for every 20 Shell Drivers’ Club points. The double promotion just bumps up the Shell points collected in the period (which would mean double Avios eventually). So 2,000 points would still only get you 1,000 Avios, it’s just a case of having collected the points at a double rate in December – those double points can just as easily be converted to Waitrose vouchers at the above rates.

  • Jon Connell says:

    20 litres of diesel is around £28, so when bought in a Tesco filling station and paid for with the Tesco credit card, that’s 28 Clubcard points. And 28 CC points is 67 Avios. OK, when you factor in that you’ll get £28 x 1.5 = 42 Avios paying on a BA Amex, the difference is marginal. Or am I missing something else here? I’ve avoided having another piece of plastic in wallet up to now.

    • Polly says:

      Much better to pay using amex, but using your tesco MasterCard as club card only, plus buy momentum fuel, bit pricier, but definitely goes further…doubles the club card points, plus whatever amex you are using.. I am currently getting getting 6.3 avios per £1 that way, using my BAPP. it would be way more using amex gold if I had one!

      In your case, using diesal, use your amex to pay, and your tesco MasterCard as a clubcard, this maximising your avios. So you should get your 42 plus your 67 each visit, it does add up.

      • Keith says:

        Just applied for a Tesco Mastercard to get the sign up bonus. Im slightly confused though with using it as a club card? Does this mean you get the 5 CCP for evey £4 spend but without needing to py with the card when you get fuel?

        • Rob says:

          You get 4 per £4 from using the credit card as a clubcard to buy fuel. If you also pay with the Tesco credit card then you would get 5 per £4 in total, ie 4 per £4 + 1 per £4.

          Best option is to use the credit card as a Clubcard and pay with a BA Amex, Amex Gold etc.

        • Polly says:

          Just read raffles post on petrol, but yes, pay with amex, then use your tesco MasterCard as your club card, it contains your club card no at the bottom of the card, much more avios that way, double cc pts if you use momentum, or normal points per £1 spent, plus your amex earn…