Quickies: Shangri-La game Week 6, new Avios Suitcase sticker available

Two quick things …..

Shangri-La Golden Circle game

I promised that I would keep readers reminded about the ‘3rd Anniversary’ game running each week for six weeks on the Shangri-La Golden Circle website.

Week 6 is now available to play on the Shangri-La website here.

Golden Circle

My original post on the game is here.  If you play their online game for 5 of the 6 weeks it runs, you will have enough points for a $100 per person food and drink voucher valid at any Shangri-La property – which is exciting, given that they are soon to open at The Shard in London. Unfortunately, if you are not already signed up to play, there is not much point now.

The link to the website to enter the code is http://www.goldencircle-3rd-anniversary.com/mobile/en/Bonus if you don’t want to run the mobile app.

I still only have the points from week 1 in my account, no sign of weeks 2, 3, 4 or 5 yet ….

Avios Suitcase

If you have been playing the Avios Suitcase game on Facebook, another ‘sticker’ is now available to collect. This is promoting a Tesco competition.

It will earn you a grand total of 20 Avios points! At least they post overnight ……

Avios Suitcase

If you haven’t played this before, the good news is that there are 400 Avios points to be earned very quickly. Full details in this post.

Buy a half-price Priority Pass via Amazon Local
A decent Avios bonus promotion on wine from Laithwaites
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  1. squillion says:

    Looking forward to our trip up to the big smoke. Cheeky for us both to use our vouchers on the same visit do you think?

  2. Thanks, woohoo another 20 Avios! 😀

    I still can’t get my points for Following avios UK. I already was following them. If I unfollow on Twitter then hit Follow on the Suitcase app, it re-follows Avios but still no sticker…

    Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

    • MaltapointsTom says:

      I had similar problems, but just kept more or less doing what you’re doing and in the end it capitulated.

      Given that it was for 20 Avios, that probably means I medically have OCD.

  3. A newbie question; but I don’t have an Avios account yet — do I just go to the Avios website and sign up..?

    • That sounds like a good way to sign up.

    • Yes. There is no sign up or referral deal, so just do it straight from avios.com. Make sure your details match your BA account or you won’t be able to use Combine My Avios.

      • Oh well I don’t have a BA account yet.

        • You might as well open both at the same time then!

        • What kind of BA account..?

        • BA executive club found at BA.com

        • What do I gain from having a BA account as well as an Avios account? Only got Avios at the moment.


        • Flexibility.

          Via avios.com you can redeem for BA, Aurigny, Monarch, Flybe, Air Malta

          Via ba.com you can redeeem for BA, Aer Lingus, Iberia, American plus the other 10 oneworld airlines. You can also benefit from sign-up deals on the BA credit cards and, more importantly, earn Avios by getting American Express Gold or Platinum cards and transferring the big sign-up bonuses into BA.

          The Avios Suitcase game only works into avios.com. If you stay in a hotel and try to earn miles from the stay, in 90% of cases they only go into BA. If you fly with, say, Qatar then the miles can only go into BA.

          With 2 accounts you can do promotions targetted at either scheme and move your Avios about for the best redemption option when the time comes.

          (You may also find an Iberia Plus account useful at some point as well!)

      • Details matching? I have both accounts but nowhere mentioned the other account. Or do you just mean basic details like name and DOB?

        • Yes, I meant names, email address and date of birth, as these are the details they match (2 out of 3) when you try to do Combine My Avios.

      • I did the Avios suitcase, do you know when it will appear in my Avios account..?

        • 24-48 hours

        • Cheers Raffles. I got 330, did I miss some..?

          Every 330 helps..!

          I’m thinking of signing up to Tescos Credit Card and some other free Credit cards to get some points too.

        • Take a look at the Credit Cards Update page at the top of the site for ideas. If you qualify on income, Amex Gold is your best starter card – 20,000 points (=20,000 Avios) for signing up and no fee for the first year. You will also need a Visa or MasterCard for places who hate Amex, and the Tesco card is a good choice for that.

        • Cheers I have been looking. But I don’t think I will spend enough to get the 20000 points.

        • OK. Try something simpler, like the Hilton Visa. You get a free night anywhere in the world (even in a Waldorf Astoria or Conrad) once you’ve spend £750, which is a great sign-up deal.

        • Not sure its really worth it for 1 night in a hotel.

        • My free night at the Waldorf Astoria with breakfast certainly seemed worth it to me!

        • What's the Point says:

          The free Hilton night is one of the best value credit card freebies out there! You can easily get £200 worth of value at a top category Hilton, for just going about your normal day to day spend.

        • In what sense? Even if you only use it for a £100 / night hotel, assuming you did need a hotel that night anyway, it is an amazingly good return on the minimal time required to fill in the application form!

        • Matthew Felgate says:

          I don’t need to stay in a hotel.

        • Ever?!

  4. Thanks to you, Raffles, Mrs Roger and I (will) now have $200 of GC vouchers to spend at the Shard restaurants. 🙂

    In times to come, we will need to know:
    – if we can combine them,i.e. use both for the same event;
    – whether we are spared the Shard access fee if we have a restaurant booking.

    Either way, an interesting diversion.

    • In their opening week they will probably have more voucher redemptions than paying guests. Looking forward to seeing you all 😀

  5. Thanks Raffles! I’m in the same position, no points other than the first week!

  6. Like an idiot I realised I had put in the wrong number for the GC club (by 1 digit). But I have had the correct email address. Do you think I will have much luck chasing?

    My partner has played all weeks and has the grand total of nil points!

    • pogonation says:

      Don’t worry, I have played 6 weeks on my account and 5 on my family’s accounts and only have 200 in mine and 0 in the rest. I assume points will all post sometime after the promotion ends.

    • If I were you I would play the game again this week & enter the correct GC number. Afterall, the worst that could happen is that it won’t let you!

      As far as the website is concerned, your correct GC number hasn’t been used this week…

  7. It seems suspicious to me that everyone got the first round of points pretty quickly, and now its all gone quiet. Might be some chasing involved to get these missing points honoured.

    • Ditto, just finished the game for me and the OH. will be worth chasing though. I think we will spend them in Paris when we got to visit my dad who lives there. should be enough for a nice lunch if we put a couple of euros to it aswell!

    • 1st week was run in October, points showed up first week of November. Hoping this month’s will show up when December rolls around.

    • I don’t get the big fuss about the points not posting.

      It clearly states that points will post 3-4 weeks after the promotion ends, so let’s wait until January before even worrying about it.

      Some week 1 points have posted sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve been told when the points will post.

  8. Ok. Thanks. I am fine then. But I thought those will always match if signing up under ur name?nobody has 2 DOB for example…

    • Some people make up random DOBs if they don’t think it matters. I recently used a fake mobile phone number for Etihad, and then got screwed when I tried to do a redemption via PointsPay and they insisted on sending a verifiation code to my phone. There was also no facility to change your mobile number online.

      • I have a fake (but real) phone number that I use for this sort of thing, which redirects to my actual phone.

  9. Another Steve says:

    Bugger – I missed week 5, is there any point in doing Week 6 now?
    I also missed week 1 so only have 4 weeks.

    Also, my account is still showing nil points – is everyone else’s the same?

    • 3 weeks would be 600 points, so $50 voucher …

      • The Other Steve says:

        Ah, ok – I might be able to manage 4 weeks total then, after missing week 1 and week 5, so that could be handy.
        We’ll have 1,600 points between the two of us when they all post.

  10. Maria S says:

    Wonder when the points will actually post from these, hope we even all remember to keep checking in the new year.

  11. How does this one work? When I click on the link I can’t see a game at all – just the standard website telling me how great the game is!

  12. I started in Gameweek 2. But no points showing. Anyone else in the same position? Thanks.

  13. Do you think they will post the points at all? I am loosing hope… Can they do it legally? Or are they bound to give us these points?

  14. Good news – I’ve had more points post! Not great news though, only a further 200, so presumably from the 2nd week. Odd that the 1st lot posted within a week and the rest are so slow – at this rate we’ll only get the last around the 9th Jan. But no big rush if not open for business yet in the Shard anyway, just as long as they all post eventualyl.

  15. What's the Point says:

    200 points added to mine, and 200 to Mrs WTP account today.
    Thanks once again Raffles for prompting us on this one.