Triple Avios from Amex Currency Exchange and Moneycorp

British Airways is running a special promotion in conjunction with its two foreign exchange partners, American Express Currency Exchange and Moneycorp (Terminal 5 only).

From today until 6th January, you will receive 3 Avios per £1 exchanged.  You must exchange a minimum of £400 to qualify.

Amex at Heathrow T5

P-l-e-a-s-e, though, do not take up this offer with Moneycorp.  Due to the terms of BA’s agreement with Amex Currency Exchange, Moneycorp will only award Avios points for ‘walk-up’ purchases.  The ‘walk-up’ rate at Moneycorp – and indeed Travelex – at Heathrow is absolutely shocking.

If you pre-order for collection at Moneycorp in Terminal 5, you will not receive any Avios points.  You will, though, save a fortune, so I recommend you take that route.

American Express Currency Exchange (website here) will deliver to your home, and delivery is free if you spend over £500.  You can also order for collection at Edinburgh and Birmingham airports.  They are closing all of their Heathrow outlets – Terminal 5 has already gone and T1, 3 and 4 are following soon if they are not already closed.

Remember that pre-order and home delivery purchases at American Express Currency Exchange on an Amex-issued American Express card are treated as a purchase.   This means that you will also earn SPG points / Avios / Membership Rewards points on the transaction, and spending counts towards any sign-up bonus.

(Whenever I write this, someone rings Amex to check that I am right.  The Amex call centre tells the caller that I am wrong.  I am not.  Trust me.)

For clarity – ONLY Amex-issued Amex cards are treated as a ‘purchase’.  If you use an MBNA Amex card (eg BMI, AA, United) or Lloyds Amex card, you will be charged the 3% cash advance fee and you will not earn any miles from your credit card.  Be warned!

American Express Currency Exchange will also sell you Sterling Travellers Cheques for a 1.5% fee.  Most banks will allow you to pay these into your account directly.  It is not clear if these count for ‘triple Avios’ or not – in theory, £ travellers cheque purchases do not give Avios.  The transaction does count as a purchase on your Amex-issued Amex credit or charge card, though.

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  1. Mr Bridge says:

    just to confirm raffles is right!!
    i have never been charged for currency on amex plat or bapp.
    Note though the exchange rate is slightly better if you go through the normal amex site, rather than ba, but with x3 avios its negligible, just a shame i cant use my 3v cards there!!!

  2. it pretty clearly says “excluding sterling traveller’s cheques” on the website.

    • I know. But is this enforced? If you order £1000 of TC’s and £10 of currency, would you get Avios on the lot?!

      • You will only get avios on £10 of currency in such case.

      • Ah! I hadn’t thought about that.

        Thinking of taking advantage of this – I have 2 weeks in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia (combined) in February and I already had my eyes on an iPad air in Oz. Which end registers it as a purchase – retailer or card? i.e. can I get 5.5 Avios per £ using by BMI card?

        • Only works with an Amex-issued Amex. Any other Amex, eg the MBNA BMI ones, will be treated as a cash advance and you’ll be hit with a 3% fee from MBNA plus pay interest from the date of withdrawal.

        • Best option for an iPad Air is Dixons Travel at Heathrow, getting the rewards points there?

          Cheaper than the Apple store.

  3. Does anyone know if Amex will deliver to an address different to the billing address on the card. Need to order some Euro soon but am not at home during the day and I assume they need to be signed for. Thanks.

    • Last time I did this was just over a year ago for a largish amount of USD, they arrived via RoyalMail Signed For, and as I wasn’t at home I collected from the delivery depot (walking distance from my house, luckily) the next day. I was very nervous though, that I’d get there and be handed an empty envelope!

  4. Seems you need the cash advance feature activated on charge cards to purchase currency! Not something that only takes a phone call either.

    • Depends which card you have and how long you have had it (and whether you were an existing Amex customer or not).

      • Both personal and business chargecards of mine wont work and ned to have it activated. First time amex cards and both have just had first renewals.

    • hi raffels,if I buy £1000s worth of American dollars does it mean I would get 7 avios per £1 as we have bmi avios which offer 4 avios per £1 spend this you happen to know how much moneycorp charges for this.would this be a good deal?

      • No. I will re-write the post because you are the 2nd person to misread this. Only Amex-issued Amex cards go through as a purchase, NOT MBNA Amex cards (like the BMI one) or the Lloyds ones. If you’ve got an Amex Gold, Platinum, SPG, BA Amex etc its fine.

  5. Oooh – this looks quite good.

    The Amex rate isn’t the best but on £500 worth of NOK you pay £8.50 more than using Thomas Exchange

    However that comes with 2250 BA miles AND interest free credit.

  6. Hi Raffle,
    If I am using BA Amex or Amex Platinum, it will not be treated as cash, and thus no additional fees?
    On the website I read the following, which is a bit confusing.


    Note to American Express Card Members: To pay with your American Express card, Express Cash or Cash Advance functionality must be activated – to activate, simply call the number on the back of your card. Please note that cash and daily cash limits apply; the daily cash limit on some cards can be as low as £400 per day. If your order amount exceeds your daily cash limit you may need to decrease the order amount or consider an alternative form of payment.

    • Correct.

      Express Cash – sometimes it is automatically activated, sometimes you need to call and ask. Look on your BAPP statement, it should say ‘cash limit’ under your ‘credit limit’ line.

    • I have bought currency through BA twice (USD and AED) using my BA PP card. I have never been charged a cash advance fee.

    • I tried to pay with my Gold CREDIT card and it wouldn’t go through. I got an email telling me my limit was too low. I put it through with BA PP and it worked fine.

  7. pazza2000 says:

    Be interesting to hear if Sterling TC’s are eligible to earn Avios.

    • I needed to top up an order to get free delivery so added £100 of GBP TC’s and only got avios awarded on the foreign cash (EUR). I did get Amex points on the full amount, including TC’s.

  8. Yes, should do

  9. Postiepaula says:

    Tried this, I have a British airways Amex, with a large limit, but it won’t let me do it, .. After a phone call it appears that I have a £400 cash limit.
    Is there a way around this with out having to pay the postage?

  10. The last time I ordered £500, I paid an unnoticed delivery charge. Over £500, really means OVER £500 (unless they changed it)

  11. Smiley miley says:

    This offer can possibly be used to manufacture spending. Buy Dollars/Euros and earn the Avios/Amex MR. Then sell them back to a different FX bureau. Whether this scheme works for you depends on the rate that you sell the currency back, but I think that there are bureaus in Central London that make this scheme profitable. The obvious risk with this is that the currency moves adversely in the time between you buying and selling. For those of you who can stomach this risk then it might be an option.

  12. On first year of Gold Amex Preferred hoping to get triple avios on my BAEC as well as double MR points, if this is considered “travel”. However there is a clause in Amex website that states:

    “Membership Rewards points are not earned on Cash Withdrawals, American Express Travellers Cheque purchases, Foreign Exchange, Fees and Interest Charges for Returned Payments, Finance Charges, Late Payment and Referral Charges, Fees/charges including joining, annual and Membership Rewards fees. ”

    Does this mean that I will not get any MR points for buying the currency from Amex Currency Exchange? Does anyone have any experience using their Gold Amex for this type of transaction?

    Thanks in advance for everyone’s response


  13. Seems a good deal to me but alas I can’t get the website to accept my order.

    Anyone else experienced this error message on ordering? “Unfortunately we have been unable to process your order as we cannot verify your personal details at the address provided. If you would like to collect your order at one of our airport locations, please restart your order or consider purchasing from one of our airport locations.”

    I’ve ordered several times before, but always for collection at the (now closed) Heathrow counter. Needless to say, I am using my registered AMEX card. Will call the helpline on Monday and see if they’re able to put it through for me.

  14. Hi,

    Just tried this on a BA AMEX card (Amex issued) and unfortunately the transaction gets declined.
    I called up and they said it exceeded the daily £400 cash limit.

    Seems like a bit of a hit and miss though an excellent deal mile-wise if you can get it through as a purchase (not cash): spend x 3 + spend x 1.5 …

    • To clarify they said it would be treated as cash, though clearly i am not challenging the numerous reported successes. Just seems like it’s an AMEX mess…

      • It definitely seems to authorise as a cash withdrawal, and is hence subject to any limit amount / lack of express cash facility on your card account. Once the purchase is authorised however, it is processed as a purchase (not cash withdrawal).

  15. BAPP Amex Card failing with the same personal details could not be verified error as Paul reports above. Called the helpline and there’s apparently nothing they can do about it.

  16. Had £500 worth delivered from AMEX currency exchange, ordered on a new preferred rewards gold card
    The transaction shows on account but no MR rewards points and the sign up bonus has not deducted the £500 from required spend.
    There does not appear to be a cash advance fee still.
    Just sharing my experiance but they may have sharpened up.

    • MR points always appear 1-2 days later than the statement item.

      It is impossible for it to be treated as a purchase and not earn MR.

    • What's the Point says:

      I purchased £505 worth of $US.
      Amex Gold MR posted fine, just waiting for the Avios to come through now.
      Any ideas how long the Avios normally take to post?

  17. Thunderbirds says:

    I purchased Euro 1000 on my AMEX Gold and this came through as a purchase.
    Tried my BAPP before this but would not go through. I’ve now found out what my limits are for each card which can only be done by phoning as it is not reported anywhere online.
    Posted on my AMEX account as 869 MR points plus a 2500 MR point bonus giving a total of 3369 MR points for a £869 spend.

  18. Anyone know if pre orders at MoneyCorp also count as an Amex purchase or just at American Express currency exchanges?