‘The Big Win’ from IHG Rewards Club returns in January!

IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn / Crowne Plaza etc hotel group, has announced that its current promotion, ‘The Big Win’, will return in January.

You may have read some of my recent posts (eg this one) about ‘mattress run’ nights I did in cheap locations to hit the low target on my wifes account.  I spent just under £200 to earn over 100,000 IHG Rewards Club points, which should get me around £600 of free stays if used properly.

IHG Rewards Club

Registration for the January edition of ‘The Big Win’ should open on Monday.

It will run from January 1st to April 30th.

There is little more to say at the moment, until we see what sort of targets people are getting.  If IHG has set the bar a lot higher than it did for the Winter promotion, it won’t be much fun – but let’s see.

The registration page is now open and is here.

My own account needs 10 nights which is very unlikely.  My wife needs 3 nights / 3 brands / 3 Saturdays, so effectively 3 Saturday nights would do it.  Saturday is a terrible day for us to do mattress run nights, though, and her bonus is only 31,000 points anyway.

My Mum has the most useful.  5 nights required (any days) across 3 brands, must include 2 HIX properties (same OK or different?).  Bonus of 98,000 plus the usual points.  This looks worth a punt.  I think I will see what comes up naturally between now and Easter, and then try to pick up some cheap nights over the Easter break right at the last gasp.

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  1. Lee Thornton says:


    So it seems that the broken 20,000 points link that a few of us have received is a bonus for getting the priority club rewards visa card from Barclays. Not sure if I’ll bother to be honest.


    • Yup just seen that “Get the Priority Club Rewards Visa, brought to you by IHG® Rewards Club, use it to book and pay for 1 stay and earn 20,000 points. 18.9% APR Representative (variable)”

      Used to have the card (over a yr ago). Was thinking of getting the fee based card next yr but assume this is the standard freebie one?!

      • Yep – my description text under “views.dashboard.offer.dd.header” has now changed to
        Get the Priority Club Rewards Visa. Damn. Didnt want that as I’ve just applied for the Hilton one, and getting approved for that was a real pain. While AMEX & MBNA seem happy to throw multiple credit cards at me, Barclays wouldn’t even give me one.

        • Big spanner in the works for me, then! Not sure they will give my Mum one.

          This is also a blow for people who opened loads on IHG accounts under false names and were doing lots of cheap nights at hotels in the North which always treated the 241 rates as ‘qualifying’!

        • Not sure it has to be a total spanner. Sure you’d miss out on the 20000 for the VIsa application – but to complete my big win I only need 6 out of the 7 challenges – so at least for me I can skip one. Not sure about everyone else of course.

        • I have to complete all 7 for the bonus, including the Visa card. The husband and I decided to go for it anyway, use the card the once, pay it off and cut it up. With the 65k in bonus points and us planning a trip to NYC, wanting to pay for the hotel with points only, it’s too tempting.

        • Doh! Silly me.

          I never actually read the terms of the final bonus, I simply assumed I had to trigger all 7! That puts Mum on 80,000 points plus whatever the stays generate. I think I’ll see how many stays we do anyway between now and Easter (if any) and then decide in April whether to go for the full bonus or not.

        • both wife and I got the 20k visa card challenge and have to do all 7. means only one of us is going to do this one

        • You’ll see (if you check the ‘Win Big’ one) that you only need 6/7 to get the final bonus, if one of your targets is the credit card.

        • Thanks, I didn’t read the terms of my final bonus either! I only need to complete 5 to trigger my big win bonus,

        • @Raffles nope, sadly not true – I’ve got the credit card as part of mine (although it’s still called “views.dashboard.offer.dd.title”! although the detail says 20k for the IHG card), but my ‘Win Big’ says “Complete 7 of your offers and earn 48,000 points” 🙁

          I’ll probably give it a go and if rejected will raise it with IHG that they’ve made it unobtainable. The question is – will the Black PCR Visa be valid for the offer too? If so I’d be keen to try the 40k/£99 one and make use of that!!

        • Good question. Black is probably OK but who knows what IHG’s IT will recognise?

        • Yup we are both 7/7 and have the 20k credit card requirement 🙁

          So many more qns with this one than the last!

        • Yep Barclaycard-run IHG and Hilton cards can be very difficult to get approved for – I’ve managed 2x Hilton and 1x IHG but took quite a few goes. They don’t seem that keen on folk with good credit scores who are going to pay off in full every month 😉

  2. Does anyone know if you still get the 10,000 points which come usually with the Visa card? And I assume that the Big Win points won’t count towards Elite status?

    • The base offer is now 15,000 points, not 10,000, if you follow any of the links from the IHG website including the Big Win site.

      You will get these on top of the Big Win bonus for getting the credit card. What makes this clear is that you need to book and pay for a stay with the Visa to get the Big Win bonus, whilst the credit card sign-up bonus is automatic.

      And, yes, the Big Win points do NOT count towards status. The 15,000 from getting the credit card do, though.

  3. Does any one know what happens if you don’t physically check out on Flexible rates with HIX, but just leave.
    Past stays I’ve had at HIX have been pre-paid, so I’ve just left as soon as I checked in and everything has been fine.
    Now I have a couple of stays which are not prepay (in China) – so I was wondering what would happen if I didn’t check out. I’d try to get them to charge my credit card during check in just to be safe – but just wondered what other people’s experiences may have been on non pre-paid rates.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      I expect you’d be charged as normal and checked out? However, a word of warning – I recently stayed at HIX in Beijing, despite crossing the box to be charged in CNY, I was billed in GBP using their DCC rates. This did not please me as I was using a forex fee free card. But never mind, I got a ton of points from that stay, so they can have their few pounds, this time!

  4. new bigwin site seems down. guess its being updated

  5. I signed up for the 15,000 credit card bonus at the weekend (via this link). I had the paperwork through today to sign and return the contract. Should I cancel my application and apply via the big win site, or will it count automatically towards the promotion. Thanks in advance…

    • when I said I ‘signed up via this link’ I meant through the headforpoints.com credit card offers, not the big win link.

      • I doubt it matters. The trigger appears to be paying for the stay with a PC credit card.

        Actually, thinking about it, perhaps paying for a stay on my Mum’s account using MY PC credit card may do the trick?

        • It has to be the £99 black visa as well according to the Big Win email I just received.

          So will that be 20k points for taking the card and another 20k for the big win? Time will tell

        • My email also states Black, but the website still says Visa. Well, I’m not paying £99 for it so I’ll be going with Raffles suggestion that we’ll be fine.

        • My Mum’s does not say this. Interesting.

        • Very interested if that works for you. I read the challenge as standard card so who knows about the £99 one

    • You’re fine. The trigger is paying for a stay with a PC credit card. My guess is that paying for a stay with a credit card starting with the right prefix is all they want.

  6. Raffles,
    I have also received the PCR Visa link. However I have recently (1 month ago) cancelled a PCR Black Visa as I rarely used it, didn’t need it for Platinum status and got tired of chasing points after 3 months waiting.
    Does anyone have a view on Barclay’s approach to re-applications and rewarding points? Would it be best to ignore the offer this time around, especially as I may need the PCR Visa to retain Platinum in 2015.
    Thank you for any advice.

    • Look under the bonus. Does it require all your targets or just 6/7? That will let you know if its worth trying the credit card app again.

      It’s then up to you. Nothing wrong with trying an application, it won’t hugely hurt your credit if rejected.

  7. OK when I try and click through to the CC offer I instead seem to receive the survey (which is very similar to the previous one) and it then tells me I’ve completed the survey component and it’s added 100 pts to my a/c! (which it hasn’t yet). All a bit badly coded…

  8. After getting a 121500 points big win in 2013 I was rewarded with a poxy 34000 big win for 2014. Nice to see IHG rewarding loyalty. (Been a member since Lets hope for some more bonus point codes outside of the 2014 big win otherwise its not worth doing this one!

    • And I got the opposite. 88k for the current big win but a much easier 121k for the next.

      Only 8 nights, 2 Sat, 2 brands, 2 Holiday Inns, 2 citys (inc manchester where I can do a 34 quid HI on an Sat night, 15 mins from home) + the CC which I was going to apply for anyway.

      I’m currently plat and stayed around 40 nights this year.

      It’s very random.

  9. Excited about big win 2014. Mainly due to what ifs

  10. One night: 1,000
    Four nights in total: 3,000
    Three brands: 7,000
    Two online bookings; 2,000
    Three Saturdays: 8,000
    Complete 4 out of 5: 10,000

    Total 31,000. Don’t think I’ll be bothering……

  11. And hubby:

    Five nights: 8,400
    Best flexible rate with breakfast: 2,000
    Priority Club visa: 20,000
    Two stays in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, UK: 16,000
    Two Holiday Inns: 4,800
    Two Saturdays: 4,800
    Complete 5 out of 6: 24,000

    Total 80,000. Don’t think he’ll be bothering either given we’ve no plans to stay at any IHG hotels for now……