Redeem Avios on US Airways from 31st March 2014

The ‘on / off’ merger of US Airways with American Airlines is now, finally, ‘on’.  The deal will complete in the next few days.

Integrating the two carriers under the American Airlines brand will be a long process, albeit one that has been seen numerous times in the US in recent years.  Over a period of years, planes will be repainted, schedules co-ordinated and service levels equalised.

From a frequent flyer point of view, the key point is that US Airways will leave Star Alliance on 30th March 2014.  On 31st March, it will join its new parent, American Airlines, in the oneworld alliance.

US Airways

British Airways is also a member of the oneworld alliance, and allows reciprocal ‘earning and burning’ of miles.  This means that, from 31st March, you will be able to book US Airways flights with your Avios points.  You will also be able to earn Avios and British Airways tier points when you fly with US Airways.

(If you have any US Airways miles and were planning to use them for Star Alliance travel, you need to start planning that redemption now.  Note that, after 31st March, you will not be able to change an existing Star Alliance redemption – the only option available will be to rebook using oneworld airlines.)

The US Airways and American Airlines frequent flyer schemes will also be merged.  No date has been announced yet, but it is almost certain that US Airways miles will transfer at 1:1 into American Airlines.  If you have status with US Airways, you will receive the equivalent level of AA status.

US Airways has key hubs in:

  • Charlotte
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Washington National

Anyone travelling to those parts of the US will see the most benefit.  However, in total there will be 60 airports where you can go with Avios for the first time – 56 in the US, along with 3 in Canada and 1 in Mexico.

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  1. Do you need to wait to 31st March or will it be possible to book before for departures after that date

  2. This will also allow another option for those based in Scotland since US Airways fly directly from EDI and GLA to Philadelphia. Avios has become a much more attractive scheme for Scotland based collectors in the last few months!

  3. I apologise for such a simple question. But how do you redeem Avios with Star Alliance partners? Do you just go through their booking system? I have just found out about Avios and this site!

  4. Sounds great to me, another option for flights out of Manchester to the States 🙂

  5. On a slightly unrelated note. Does anyone know how long it takes for the Lloyds Bank Duo Avios to hit your Avios account? I got my first statement from them a week ago but still they haven’t credited the Avios to my account, or do you think they’ve created a separate Avios account, if so will they send me the details?

    • The Lloyds Avios hit my Avios account the day after Lloyds statement date. They also managed to get the Avios quantaties correct for their start up promotion (2.5 Avios / £ for Amex spend).
      My Lloyds and old Avios account names are exactly the same, so maybe that is your problem?
      Lloyds and Avios link via your name as Lloyds don’t ask you for your Avios account number.
      Hope this helps

      • Hi, thanks for your help. I used the live chat and it turns out Lloyds found an old air miles account from the 90s lol They’ve now merged them.

  6. RIP US Airways Dividend Miles; quite possibly, the best airline loyalty program ever.

    In Feb I have 4 F flights and 1 J flight booked on *A carriers, taking in LHR, BKK, HKG, ICN and NRT. Total cost $386 in fees and 100,000 miles (which I bought for around £700).

    London to Barcelona via Buenos Aires, as an Intra-Europe award? No problem, just need to speak to a phone agent who thinks that Argentina and Spain are the same place. The joys of the US Airways manual booking system…

  7. I have a pot of US miles and am looking forward to being able to use them on BA soon! Got them all from churning their US based credit card, which is an unbeatable deal – 35,000 miles after first purchase, no minimum spend required, and first year annual fee waived. I’ve received 4 separate 35k bonuses for spending $1 and closing the card 4 times!

  8. Do you expect a difference between IB avios and BA avois regarding taxes on US airways?

    • Unlikely, based on how Iberia treats other oneworld partners.

      And remember that bookings on oneworld partners via Iberia Plus are NOT cancellable and NOT changeable!