Earn 25 Clubcard points (60 Avios) every month with Tesco Views

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I have written in the past about Tesco Comments, a scheme where you could earn 25 Clubcard points (60 Avios, 62 Virgin Flying Club miles) by reviewing your most recent in-store transaction.

This has obviously proved a success, because it has been formalised as Tesco ViewsYou can now earn 25 points every month by completing a quick survey on your last shop.

Tesco store

It is easy to take part.  You will, though, need a recent receipt in order to extract the four-digit store code.  Alternatively, some credit card companies print the four-digit store card next to the word ‘Tesco’ on their credit card statements.

The Tesco Views home page where you can submit your details is here.

25 points isn’t a huge amount, of course, but if you remember to do it every month then they will add up.

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Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. You can get the codes from Google.

    Just choose a store location. Then search for “Tesco location code” The code for your chosen store location is easy to spot in the search results

    • MaltapointsTom says:

      You can also put “tesco receipt” into Google images and nab the code from that – it’s the first 4 digit code at the bottom of the receipt (next to time and date). You may have to scroll through a few images, but there’s definitely some there with the codes.

      Or if you’re lazy, here’s a list of a few (seemingly random) Tesco stores plus codes: http://freepdfhosting.com/3d9f1e26d2.pdf

  2. Yes, takes all of 2 minutes to complete.
    Aside, the bonus 1000 points on the Tesco MasterCard, when referred after receiving the card, have also posted. Thanks.

  3. Assuming you answer the questions honestly (which is the point from Tesco’s perspective) then, having completed 2 of these so far, I think it is better to give feedback on a v.small shop undertaken at a Tesco Express rather than a massive one at a superstore, in terms of getting a smaller number of questions.

  4. Whats to easiest way to set up a monthly reminder for these surveys ?

  5. So much longer than the old surveys! Agreed with above – only do for a Tesco Express. 62.5 Avios = 750 Avios per year.

  6. Never mind google image searches just enter 4 numbers at random….

    Happy Christmas All

  7. Extract from rules:

    4. Only one survey entry is allowed per household, per week. This means that no matter how many surveys are completed, only one of the responses will be put forward for that month’s draw in any one week, running from Monday to Sunday.

    Potentially 1300 points per year!
    I’ve created a reoccurring google calendar event to remind me of this.

  8. Sarunas, unfortunately that para of the rules is referring to entry I to the monthly competition, it then goes on to say on to say a max of 25 CC points can be earned per month.

  9. Excellent shopping experience during the festive month from good customer services and value for money on household goodies

  10. J.A.Holter says:

    Very handy store ,very friendly staff

  11. Emma sugden says:

    Hello I would to say thank you to a lovely lady called Helen povey who works at the Lunsford park tesco’s. I was having contraction in ur store on the 10th of December 2013 and she was very helpful I said I would let her know the weight and name of my baby. My baby was born on the 11/12/13 weighing 8lb 3oz we named Zara. I hope this message get relayed back to Helen as she was so much help thank you once again

    Kind regards

    Miss Emma Sugden

  12. Always excellent customer service from everyone in Tesco express in Taunton high street store whatever time of day store 5987

  13. Patricia says:


  14. steve cobbler says:

    I really like Tesco express because of the fast service and really helpful staff who showed me exactly what i was looking for.