BA Amex sign-up bonuses (9,000 / 25,000 Avios) extended to 21st May

British Airways has extended the current sign-up bonus offer on its two credit cards from 12th February to 21st May.  (Ignore any advertising to the contrary, which has yet to be updated.)

These two deals are pretty good:

The free British Airways American Express (see my review) has a bonus of 9,000 Avios

The British Airways Premium Plus American Express  (see my review) has a bonus of 25,000 Avios

If you’re interested, details of how to get a referral from me can be found in the reviews.

The Starwood Amex is now the biggest offer nearing expiry.

With both of these deals now extended into May, you main focus if you plan to sign-up for a new credit card in the short term should be the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card.

SPG Amex

The current offer on this card expires on January 30th.  The Starwood / SPG Amex offers you 20,000 Starwood points in their hotel programme for signing up.  If you transfer the 20,000 points to Avios, you will receive 25,000 miles!

As well as Avios, Starwood partners with another 20+ airline programmes, so this is also a good opportunity to top-off any other airline account you have.

You pay a £75 annual fee, but this is refundable pro-rata when you cancel.

You can get this card even if you already have a BA Amex, Amex Gold, Amex Platinum or indeed any other Amex card.  My full review of the card is here and my initial post on the 20,000 points promotion is here.  The official Amex page for the SPG card is here.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I completed my SPG Amex min spend in early Dec yet my joining bonus has still not arrived. Very different to the Gold Amex where the points appeared just a few days later.

    Does anyone have experience of receiving the SPG points quicker ?

    • Yes, most people. However, if Amex sets up your card incorrectly, the bonus does not post automatically and you need to wait for the 3 month period to elapse, at which point it is manually reviewed and they spot it. This is my understanding.

      • Yes, mine took ages to appear last year. I completed the minimum spend in March, but was unable to close the account until early August once the points had finally all been credited and posted to my SPG account.

        Unfortunately that means the current offer expires about 8 days before I’d be eligible for a new sign up bonus… 🙁

        My wife’s on the other hand were credited with the transaction that took her over the minimum spend.

  2. My friends SPG posted immediately, but after mine didnt and a bit of email back and forth, I was advised they will psot in the 4th month.

  3. Excellent news, you will be getting referral(s) from some of my relatives in May… probably only one though as I want some for myself!

    Is there still a 5 referral per year limit, how are you getting around that?

  4. On a related note, I just upgraded my free BA Amex standard to Premium Plus as i was approaching the £10k spend I would need to get a 2 4 1 on PP, and i was awarded 6,000 bonus avios for my first spend on the card! Was under the impression there was no bonus for upgrading so was a welcome suprise. If i wanted to i suppose I could cancel/downgrade after i spend another £800 to get/redeem my 241, and receive a pro-rata refund – effectively getting a 241 and 6000 avios for very little.

  5. John Tickner says:

    May I enquire how the pro-rata refunds work ?

    I assume the refund amount is transferred to another card – is that correct, or is it a cash payment sent by Amex ?

    • No, it is credited to your card account. When you log in (it remains active) you will see a positive balance. You then need to email or ring Amex and either move it to another Amex card (the easiest way) or arrange repayment to your bank.

  6. Would my wife be eligible for the BA sign up bonus if she already has a supplimentry BA card on my main card?

  7. The “4th” month seems to be an increasing event. I’m not sure how a card can be set up incorrectly, when it should be an automated process, in my case, the 1000 for being referred posted, which means it is set up as a referred card. And yet I too have received the “4th month” email.
    T&c for the card talk about getting a bonus for £2k of spend within 3 months, and bonus posting in 2 months. It is vague as to whether it means within 2 months of the spend, or 2 months after the 3 months, but is more consistent with this “4th month” email that is being received when queried

    • I had this issue too and got very peeved with them on the phone – there were wildly contradictory notes on my account and “back office” had apparently made their minds up I was on some other offer. I repeatedly pointed out that the written terms in the “Important Information” link on the page I applied from said:

      “1. Offer only available to new Cardmembers. The 21,000 Starpoints will be awarded onto your account once you have been approved and have spent a minimum of £1,000 on goods and services purchased and charged to your account within your first three months of Cardmembership. You must apply via the button on this page to ensure you both receive your bonus. Applicants must be UK residents aged 18 years old or over. If you have already applied for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card without using this referral, you will not be eligible for the bonus Starpoints. All introductory offers are subject to change, can be withdrawn at any time and are not available if you currently hold or have held a Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card in the past 6 months. Please note, bonus points will appear in two instalments of 1,000 and 20,000 and can take up to 4 weeks to be awarded to your account.”

      With an emphasis on the final sentence. Call centre operators denied this and I requested they escalate. Spoke to a duty manager in Brighton who said off her own back “but that doesn’t make sense, everyone knows it’s 20,000 starpoints… they should have posted by now” and added them herself. My reading of the terms here is that as soon as you are 4 weeks + 1 day beyond the day you passed £2k, you should whine at them.

      Now, what I’m wondering is when do the starpoints rake across to my SPG account? There’s been zero activity in that respect on my 2 month old account…

      • They should go across monthly, I think sometime around your statement date but I can’t remember exactly when (for the BA card it is about 6 days before).

        Have you had any points transfer, and does your statement show your SPG account number?

        If not, they may not have been linked properly. That’s a particularly common issue if you ask them to set up an SPG account for you when you apply for the card – the points then just sit on your Amex account until you can get it resolved.

        • Spot on – hadn’t even looked that corner of the statement, but no SPG # visible. Apparently, despite providing the # during application, they rejected it because the addresses didn’t match (apparently neither company can deal with an address in a Scottish tenement…).

        • AndyGWP says:

          Following a phone call to them last night, my wife had a similar issue(s) where:
          1) they claim the bonus points don’t arrive till the 4th statement (obviously not true as they arrived immediately on hitting the spend on my card)
          2) the points didn’t transfer across to Starwood because addresses don’t match (not confident, as although where they “sent” the points, matches my wifes starwood loyalty number, they were never received and neither of her accounts now have any points in them!)

      • It looks like you are referencing an old set of terms there, as it refers to £1000 spend, when the spend has been £2000 for a while now. Can you point me to those terms ? the ones i see are on the amex site when you select a card you want to apply for and click “important information” at the bottom.

  8. John Tickner says:

    In relation to the 2-4-1 voucher with a BA Amex I understand the taxes have to be paid with Amex – but it can be any Amex. Is it possible therefore to gain the 2-4-1 on my card, but pay the taxes on the supplementary card to my wife’s account thereby also going some way towards the spend required for the bonus on that second card ?

    • Any Amex is fine. When you come to pay the taxes, it will hard code YOUR name in the payee box and it can’t be deleted. Don’t worry – Amex does not do name verification so the payment will still go through with your wifes number.

  9. Is there any way to charge the card fee to somewhere other than the card itself? I currently use the free BA card as my work credit card, and the accountant wouldn’t look too fondly upon £150 for ‘nothing’… I would rather upgrade it though because I get a fair amount going through it and it would be worth it for the 1.5 Avios. Can I charge the fee each year to somewhere else?

    • You can but ask, but I doubt it. If you are self-employed and use the card purely for business, you could charge the card fee as a business expense anyway. My SPG Amex is only use for HFP expenses so I feel fine offsetting the £75 fee against the ad income.

      • Also worth noting – if anyone does a similar thing to me, that when I last called AMEX and tried to set up the direct debit for the card to be paid from the business current account they said that the rules had changed and this was now impossible – direct debits could only be set up from a personal bank account in your own name.
        To be honest though – I don’t know if this is me being stupid and not realising this has been the case for a long time, or whether something has actually changed…

        • Sorry, to clarify – this is obviously just for the ‘personal’ AMEX cards.

        • If this is a personal card that you happen to put company expenses through, I don’t see why you are worried about your employer seeing that you pay a £150 fee for the card? If your finance guy made a joke about you clearly being overpaid if you can afford to pay £150 for a credit card, simply point him to this website so he can learn why 25,000 Avios and a 241 voucher for £150 is a great deal!

        • Very true – perhaps I shouldn’t be so stressed about it!

        • To clarify – It’s a ‘personal’ AMEX card as opposed to one of the small business versions (because they dont do small business versions of the BA cards), but the only spend that goes on it is company spend and the direct debit is paid in full by the company each month, apologies if that wasnt clear!

        • They do offer Corporate BA Amex cards, which is what a ‘proper’ business should use.

          The ‘small business’ Gold and Platinum cards are really aimed at sole traders, there is no BA Amex version of that.

  10. I do wonder what the story is behind these deadline extensions. Missed enrollment targets? I just got my BA prem today..

  11. What's the Point says:

    OT – has anyone received their bonus Avios points from ordering currency via this recent promo:

    Still waiting for my bonus points to post, purchased the currency 1 month ago.

    • No haven’t received mine either.. Ordered on the 13th of Dec, received the normal avios to my BA account but no bonus… Hope it’s not going to be another one of those spend three months chasing up to finally get the avios posted scenarios

      • Nor me…

        • What's the Point says:

          I vaguely remember something on the now expired web page saying that the bonus points would be posted within a certain time frame – but not sure exactly what it was now.

  12. Which card provides the best travel insurance cover:
    Amex Credit card like BAPP or Amex charge cards (Gold and Platinum)?

    Not sure if Raffles has written an article about this on HFP or if there are any comparison tables online someone could point me too. Thanks.

    • I typically wouldn’t rely on credit card policies in lieu of a proper travel insurance policy, with the possible exception of the Platinum Charge Card.

      Most are fairly limited in what they offer, and depend on you having paid for transport etc. on the card.

      Specifically the BAPP and Amex Gold cards only offer travel inconvenience and public transport accident insurance, not full travel insurance. Much better to seek out a proper travel insurance policy and treat any card benefits as supplementary – has tips on the best value policies.

  13. Thanks Mark

  14. Got my new BAPP card this week just in time to book flights to Thailand through BA, went to pay and card rejected, phoned Amex who looked into the issue and said the 4 digit security code had been printed incorrectly on my card and they would need to send a new one.

    Amex are going to credit me with the equivalent Avios I would have earned if I had booked on the card, but I was going to ask whether they can also adjust my spending limits, the £2k on flights is a considerable chunk towards meeting the initial £3k in 3 months and also £10k in a year to get the 2-4-1 voucher – anyone know if this is something they would do?