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BA Amex sign-up bonuses (9,000 / 25,000 Avios) extended to 21st May

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British Airways has extended the current sign-up bonus offer on its two credit cards from 12th February to 21st May.  (Ignore any advertising to the contrary, which has yet to be updated.)

These two deals are pretty good:

The free British Airways American Express (see my review) has a bonus of 9,000 Avios

The British Airways Premium Plus American Express  (see my review) has a bonus of 25,000 Avios

If you’re interested, details of how to get a referral from me can be found in the reviews.

The Starwood Amex is now the biggest offer nearing expiry.

With both of these deals now extended into May, you main focus if you plan to sign-up for a new credit card in the short term should be the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card.

SPG Amex

The current offer on this card expires on January 30th.  The Starwood / SPG Amex offers you 20,000 Starwood points in their hotel programme for signing up.  If you transfer the 20,000 points to Avios, you will receive 25,000 miles!

As well as Avios, Starwood partners with another 20+ airline programmes, so this is also a good opportunity to top-off any other airline account you have.

You pay a £75 annual fee, but this is refundable pro-rata when you cancel.

You can get this card even if you already have a BA Amex, Amex Gold, Amex Platinum or indeed any other Amex card.  My full review of the card is here and my initial post on the 20,000 points promotion is here.  The official Amex page for the SPG card is here.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (36)

  • Will says:

    Is there any way to charge the card fee to somewhere other than the card itself? I currently use the free BA card as my work credit card, and the accountant wouldn’t look too fondly upon £150 for ‘nothing’… I would rather upgrade it though because I get a fair amount going through it and it would be worth it for the 1.5 Avios. Can I charge the fee each year to somewhere else?

    • Rob says:

      You can but ask, but I doubt it. If you are self-employed and use the card purely for business, you could charge the card fee as a business expense anyway. My SPG Amex is only use for HFP expenses so I feel fine offsetting the £75 fee against the ad income.

      • Will says:

        Also worth noting – if anyone does a similar thing to me, that when I last called AMEX and tried to set up the direct debit for the card to be paid from the business current account they said that the rules had changed and this was now impossible – direct debits could only be set up from a personal bank account in your own name.
        To be honest though – I don’t know if this is me being stupid and not realising this has been the case for a long time, or whether something has actually changed…

        • Will says:

          Sorry, to clarify – this is obviously just for the ‘personal’ AMEX cards.

          • Rob says:

            If this is a personal card that you happen to put company expenses through, I don’t see why you are worried about your employer seeing that you pay a £150 fee for the card? If your finance guy made a joke about you clearly being overpaid if you can afford to pay £150 for a credit card, simply point him to this website so he can learn why 25,000 Avios and a 241 voucher for £150 is a great deal!

          • Will says:

            Very true – perhaps I shouldn’t be so stressed about it!

          • Will says:

            To clarify – It’s a ‘personal’ AMEX card as opposed to one of the small business versions (because they dont do small business versions of the BA cards), but the only spend that goes on it is company spend and the direct debit is paid in full by the company each month, apologies if that wasnt clear!

          • Rob says:

            They do offer Corporate BA Amex cards, which is what a ‘proper’ business should use.

            The ‘small business’ Gold and Platinum cards are really aimed at sole traders, there is no BA Amex version of that.

  • George says:

    I do wonder what the story is behind these deadline extensions. Missed enrollment targets? I just got my BA prem today..

  • What's the Point says:

    OT – has anyone received their bonus Avios points from ordering currency via this recent promo:

    Still waiting for my bonus points to post, purchased the currency 1 month ago.

    • James says:

      No haven’t received mine either.. Ordered on the 13th of Dec, received the normal avios to my BA account but no bonus… Hope it’s not going to be another one of those spend three months chasing up to finally get the avios posted scenarios

      • Paul says:

        Nor me…

        • What's the Point says:

          I vaguely remember something on the now expired web page saying that the bonus points would be posted within a certain time frame – but not sure exactly what it was now.

  • Max says:

    Which card provides the best travel insurance cover:
    Amex Credit card like BAPP or Amex charge cards (Gold and Platinum)?

    Not sure if Raffles has written an article about this on HFP or if there are any comparison tables online someone could point me too. Thanks.

    • Mark says:

      I typically wouldn’t rely on credit card policies in lieu of a proper travel insurance policy, with the possible exception of the Platinum Charge Card.

      Most are fairly limited in what they offer, and depend on you having paid for transport etc. on the card.

      Specifically the BAPP and Amex Gold cards only offer travel inconvenience and public transport accident insurance, not full travel insurance. Much better to seek out a proper travel insurance policy and treat any card benefits as supplementary – has tips on the best value policies.

  • Max says:

    Thanks Mark

  • Bill says:

    Got my new BAPP card this week just in time to book flights to Thailand through BA, went to pay and card rejected, phoned Amex who looked into the issue and said the 4 digit security code had been printed incorrectly on my card and they would need to send a new one.

    Amex are going to credit me with the equivalent Avios I would have earned if I had booked on the card, but I was going to ask whether they can also adjust my spending limits, the £2k on flights is a considerable chunk towards meeting the initial £3k in 3 months and also £10k in a year to get the 2-4-1 voucher – anyone know if this is something they would do?