500 Clubcard points (1,200 Avios) for joining TopCashBack

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I have mentioned TopCashBack a few times on Head for Points.  If you are an Avios collector, it MUST be your preferred cashback site!  Sorry Quidco ….

TopCashBack, like Quidco, is a site which allows you to earn a small amount of cashback on your day to day shopping by clicking through to participating merchants.

Last year, TopCashBack launched a feature allowing you to pay your cashback directly into your Tesco Clubcard account – and give you a 5% bonus on top!

This dramatically increased the value of TopCashBack cashback versus Quidco:

£10 of cashback earned at Quidco earns you £10

£10 of cashback earned at TopCashBack earns you £10.50 (with the 5% bonus) paid into your Tesco Clubcard account. That gives you 1,050 Clubcard points. These convert into 2,520 Avios points or 2,625 Virgiin Flying Club miles. You are effectively ‘buying’ Avios points for just 0.4p each.

I have had a ‘refer a friend’ link to TopCashBack on the site for a while, and I am grateful to everyone who used it.  I am especially grateful because those who signed up did not receive anything extra for themselves.

Until now!

Until 10th February, if you join TopCashBack via our refer-a-friend link you will receive 500 Clubcard points when you have earned £10 of cashback.


There is no time limit on how long you have to earn your £10 cashback – a month, three months, six months, whatever.  You therefore have little to lose, if you are not already a member, by signing up now.

Note that your 500 points are not deposited directly into your Clubcard account.  Once you have earned £10 cashback, TopCashBack will put a further £5 in your TopCashBack account.  However, you can only withdraw this £5 to your Tesco Clubcard account.

You can transfer up to £50 of cashback per year from TopCashBack to Clubcard (a year runs from the date of your first Tesco transfer, not the calendar year or from the date you joined).  This means that you can earn up to 12,000 Avios per year this way!  Your £5 sign-up bonus does NOT count towards your £50 per year cap.

The only condition is that you join via a refer-a-friend linkIf you sign up directly on the TopCashBack site, you will not receive your 500 Clubcard points.

What next?

You should open a TopCashBack account now and using it for your day-to-day online shopping instead of Quidco.

There are two membership levels at TopCashBack – a free version and a £5 annual fee version.  The £5 level pays slightly higher cashback and has improved customer service if you have any problems.  However, you will receive the 500 Clubcard points whichever level you choose.  To be honest, I would start at the free level anyway and only upgrade when you have decided that you like the site.

Unfortunately, there is no notice on the TCB site that you will be signing up for the Tesco offer.  However, don’t worry, you will be fine!  ALL refer-a-friend transactions until 10th February will be receiving it.

Here is a quick tip – make your first Tesco transfer as soon as you can, even if it is just for £1. The ‘£50 per year limit’ runs from the date of your first Tesco transfer. The sooner you make your first transfer, the sooner your anniversary will come around!

You may want to take a look at some of ‘easy money’ offers on TopCashBack, or even their ‘free money’ offers. If you know what you are doing, some of the gambling and bingo sites offer effectively free money for signing up and betting a small minimum.  You can minimise losses by having your partner sign up and then taking opposite win/lose bets on the same sporting event.

I receive a commission for referring you which helps to support HFP.  Thank you.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. squills says:

    Not to forget the £126 c/b currently available for over-50s life insurance from LV 😉

    A reliable tracker & payer, though minimum premium will be slightly higher than £5/ month depending on age.

  2. Remember if you do a £57.75 policy, you would need to donate £7.75 of that money to charity (via their charity function) to bring it down to the £50 annual cap imposed on Tesco conversions.

    You cannot split a large payment and have it paid partly to you in cash and partly to Tesco. A big transaction can only be split via a charity donation of part of the amount.

  3. Be careful about betting on both the win and loss of an event. As this is not a sure thing. If you want to be sure to get back as much as possible use an exchange where you can then lay your bet. Even events where there is must be winner you will not get paid in certain circumstances. We sure to read the rules. Eg. Football only count up to end of injury time. Etc. So even though team A wins you may not

  4. Russell Evans says:

    If I remember correctly the confused.com & go compare “free money” for quotes which are reliable tracking –> payable status cannot be withdrawn into Tesco Clubcard points. Can only be taken as BACs/Paypal. Try fly.com which is as simple as getting a price for a flight, tracks for 5p which should get your 364 day countdown going quite quickly 🙂

  5. Does the £10 referral you receive when a friend signs up count towards your £50 annual clubcard limit?

  6. Charles Wilson says:

    I have looked at the Post Office life insurance and cannot find any specific details regarding cancellation.

    Within the Key Features document, Your Commitment includes “To pay regular monthly payments over the plan term”.

    The Risks section of the Key Features does say that “If you dont make your payments, your plan and your cover will end 30 days after the payment was due. You’ll get nothing back.”

    The Questions and Answers says “What if I stop paying? Your plan and cover will end after 30 days from the date the last premium was due. You wont get back any payments you’ve made.”

    • Life insurance cancellation is simple, you stop paying and they stop covering you. There is no obligation on you to keep paying, it is not a contract.

  7. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Not worth it for the impact on your credit file imho.

  8. Using corporate codes etc often disqualifies you.

  9. Liking the look of 18m 0% balance transfer with 50% of the balance transfer fee being refunded.

    Does anyone know if I could do a big spend on an amex then transfer that balance?

    • No reason why not, they don’t really care where the balance comes from.

      Make sure you leave enough credit limit on the Post Office card so you can still put your new foreign spend through, though.

      • Don’t be too hasty… there is a reason to beware! Been wanting to report on this, but Tesco credit card closed for comments. I got Tesco credit card in Dec, claimed for referral and got each Clubcard a/c 1,000 points. Then did a balance transfer, for which I’ve just got another 1,000 points – great!

        But… when it came to doing the balance transfer, when I tried to transfer a large Amex balance, it wouldn’t allow it, saying that they don’t allow transfers to that card issuer!

        In the end I did a balance transfer from Lloyds (groan…) where I had a £0 balance, leaving me in credit. Multiple calls to Lloyds prior to transfer confirmed I could get a credit balance refund, so I went ahead. Then called for refund and it’s been a royal pain. I’ve had to go into a Lloyds branch twice to prove my ID and I still await the cheque…

        I also enquired with MBNA, and they refused a credit balance refund.

        Nowhere could I find Tesco stating who they’d do transfers to (and I also didn’t see this as an issue), but if getting a card for a balance transfer, be sure you know who you can transfer from and what your plan B is.

  10. If I refer my wife – do I have to open a CC account for her?

    Or can I transfer another 350 to mine?

  11. RussellR says:

    Will have to read the small print better, but still received £42 cash for 5mins work
    can’t moan…

  12. Carpentr says:

    Equifax works for Tesco points – I cashed mine out yesterday.

  13. Completely off-topic – and for that I apologise (a little, anyway!) – but I figured this is the best place to ask….

    I’m thinking of upgrading a Business Class Avios booking (from London to Beijing) to First, again using Avios – can someone/anyone tell me how much it costs to select your seat in First? I’ve read something that suggests it’s free, but that seems unlikely with Business being £60 a seat. I’d be dead meat if my stinginess led to my girlfriend not being next to me….

    Thanks a lot!

    • I think the BA forum on Flyertalk would be as good a place as any to ask this…

    • Free seat selection in F.

    • Seat selection in First IS free, whether on a cash or award ticket. Don’t ask why.

      Ironically, before we had kids and still flew F, my Mrs and I preferred to sit behind each other (eg 2A and 3A) so we both got a window. If you insist on sitting next to each other then you need to sit in the middle block.

      • squills says:

        Hmm, no Fs for the Squills mob these days but we’ve taken to flying the 5 of us out & back with 4 x windows in a column + 1 middle 😉

        We get a few ‘looks’ as other passengers realise we’ve nabbed a load of window seats and aren’t sitting ‘properly’ together as a family, but it sure stops a few kid arguments before they even get going.

      • We do likewise. On the 747 1A and 1K are good for a couple if you both want window seats if you can get them as they are reserved for golds from about 3 days before. We usually start with 2A and 2K which aren’t bad though a bit further apart, then swap either or both for row 1 if we can.

        On other aircraft its always one in front of the other.

        On a different note is it possible to upgrade redemptions with Avios? I realise you can amend bookings if there is availability in a different class on payment if the change fee.

        • Sometimes you will be offered a cash upgrade via MMB on Avios tickets, or at check in.

          Any other sort of upgrade is effectively a cancellation and rebooking.

        • That of course should say until three days before, not from….

  14. Well I’m sure there are better places, but I don’t like to sign up somewhere just to ask one question. It feels rude.

  15. Nope 🙂

  16. On an unrelated matter I won 500 points today in the Tesco My Kitchen Promo posted on here a couple weeks back. Says can take 6 weeks to show.

  17. Apologies Raffles wasn’t intended as a criticism, I’d just never seen in on here. Came across it by accident

  18. question says:

    If I refer my gf and add my clubcard number to her account can I withdraw her points to my clubcard?

    • Unlikely, they would spot the duplicated number. You could open a new CC in your name, that may work (or may not, if they check surnames).