Airport lounge access and cheap travel insurance via Barclays Premier

A Head for Points comment last week pointed me in the direction of Barclays Premier.  This is the ‘premium’ current account offered by the bank.  It has a £10 monthly fee and you must earn £75,000 or have £100,000 saved or invested with Barclays.  The fee is waived if you earn £150,000 or have £150,000 saved or invested.

Barclays Premier

On top of the usual fee, Barclays Premier customers can add the ‘Premier Travel Plus Pack’ for £11.50 per month.  (Click on ‘Personalise My Account’ on the page I linked to above.)  This includes:

Worldwide family travel insurance (age cap of 70)

RAC cover

Airport lounge access via Airport Angel

Airport Angel covers 560 lounges across the world.  You receive 6 free visits (further visits charged at £15) which can be used either by yourself or for others travelling with you.

I have not come across Airport Angel before.  It is linked to CPP (oh dear!) who I assume are working with Priority Pass, as I doubt CPP would have negotiated 560 airport lounge access agreements on their own.

Whilst I have not been able to confirm this, the person who flagged this said that you can add the Premier Travel Plus Pack on a month-by-month basis.  This means that you can join up when you have booked your holiday – to receive the travel insurance and use the airport lounge – and then cancel it when you get home.

If this sounds interesting, you should definitely look into it more closely before committing.  On the face of it, though, it sounds OK.  Note that, as with all of the airport lounge schemes, it is no use when flying British Airways from Heathrow Terminal 5 as there are no third-party lounges in the terminal.

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  1. squills says:

    Barclays made a bit of a hash of some advertising material around Airport Angels & Barclays Premier about 2 years ago. They included all the details you needed to join up for free (codes etc) in the photo supporting the offer. I still get my free 6 airport passes sent every year 😉

    I think if you google it cutely enough you’d find the same way to get free membership, it was on HUKD at one point as well.

    • I think those deals are still available! There is a PDF on the website about lounge access if you follow the link in the post. THis contains a password and a private website. I saw this yesterday and I actually thought “hang on, this is wrong, it seems anyone can sign up here”!

      • I used the details 3 years ago and I too get sent a new pass every year 🙂 Never been a Barclays customer in my life!

  2. squills says:

    Quick little search for you: you’d have to pm user panddda and ask nicely (if it’s still going, that is 😉 )

    • how do i pm on this site?

      • Can’t be done, but if you want to contact anyone specifically then you can email me and I can forward on your email (assuming the other person put a working email in their comment).

  3. mrtibbs1999 says:

    Cheers for the heads up. The googleing did reveal a certain someone is banned from HUKD. What did they do to earn such an honour 😉

    • squills says:

      Probably decided not being able to post in future would save valuable time 😉

      • mrtibbs1999 says:

        I have requested a PM. If they will respond I will set up a gmail with an out of office to allow ppl to get it automatically.

        Incidentally, I think i’ve been banned about 20 times over there!

        • mrtibbs1999 says:

          [email protected] send an email and get one back with the answer

        • fantastic, thanks.
          Thank god no one is banned from HFP:-)

        • It is technically quite difficult as I couldn’t ban people based on IP address, which is the only effective way. Although I can easily manually delete comments (not that I ever have)!

        • Thanks. Is this safe to do without getting a fraud marker put on my address or something? I probably won’t even use it that much

        • The only concern I would have is that you have to register a credit card to cover additional visits. I wonder if there is a risk of all visits being charged (even retrospectively) if they realise you were never entitled to membership?

          Have signed up anyway… May not use it much though as we don’t tend to get many opportunities where don’t have lounge access anyway, and we have a couple of unused Lounge Pass visits at the moment.

        • Use a 3V card.

        • Yes I thought of that afterwards… Doesn’t seem to be possible to change the card details online.

        • thanks, fingers crossed they don’t go back to work on Monday and cancel the new memberships!

        • I signed up using this trick years ago – I got send my 3rd card a few weeks ago. Never been charged a penny (used the card 2-3 times) and the CC that I used is now expired in any case.

        • Trickster says:

          Thanks. All sorted!

        • MrTibbs when is your auto-reply going to work? I’ve had nothing!

  4. Malcolm says:

    HUKD? What is that

    • mrtibbs1999 says: a rather popular website used by the masses. It is the place that great deals go to die.

  5. Unfortunately I can’t get the PDF to open on my Mac or iPad, it keeps trying to open a “satellite” GIF. I don’t have a Windows device.

    • Aeronaut says:

      Same happens on a Windows machine. Seems likely there’s been a bit of hasty action by Barclay’s weekend webmasters to remove said PDF from their website after it featured here on HFP.

      • Not sure. The PDF did not work last week when I wrote the piece. When I did the final edit on Friday night, it was available so I changed my wording. Then it went again. Seems to be Barclays IT more than anything.

        • Aeronaut says:

          Fair enough.

          For those who are keen to see things that have recently disappeared from a website (or, as in this case, seemingly disappear and reappear intermittently!), there’s always the rather useful Google cache…

  6. olybeast says:

    I think of I was on that much money getting into a lounge would be the last thing on my mind

  7. Has anyone managed to download the PDF? I have managed to find a Windows PC and I still can’t open it. I have exactly the same error; it won’t open the image which is coming through as a GIF.

    • Aeronaut says:

      See my comment above – looks like the PDF has been hastily pulled from the Barclays website.

  8. Mr Chiggles says:

    I actually have this service legitimately (sounds like I might be the only one!) on the much better value premier life account which they no longer sell.

    I’d caution against the assertion that the network is anywhere near as extensive as priority pass. It’s fine in Europe but if you do a quick comparison in the states, for example, you can see that airport angel has very poor coverage compared to priority pass. They have no lounges at all in O’Hare for example whereas priority pass has pretty extensive coverage.

  9. I’ve got a standard Barclays account, and I can add on the travel pack. No need for premium.

    And, it is a montly thing – no need to sign up for the full year. It’s actually pretty decent, I think. European RAC cover is a necessity for me anyway, and the travel insurance policy covers me and my girlfriend. The price of the travel pack is about the same as separate travel insurance and RAC cover. The lounge access is a therefore a freebie, but Raffles has spoiled it for me as I rarely fly economy any more anyway! And the lounges you can access are pretty poor.

    As regards the Airport Angels thing – you can apply for your card at any time whilst you are paying for the monthly travel pack. The membership lasts a year, and is renewed provided that you are still making payments for the travel pack. I think this means you could cancel the payments as soon as you get your airport angels access; and then start up again as it is about to renew. It’s a lot of hassle though – I’m happy to just pay for the package anyway, and I see the airport lounge access as a bit of a freebie.