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30% off American Airlines miles – and extra 10% off until TOMORROW

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American Airlines is offering yet another promotion for buying miles.

This one (a 30% bonus) is less generous than the one which ran in January (33%).  However, the reason I am bothering to mention it is that you will receive an additional 10% discount if you buy before 5am (note AM!) GMT on February 7th.

You can buy via this page, click on the AA logo.

AA buy miles

If you get in during the next two days, and buy the most ‘efficient’ amount (40,000, to get an extra 12,000 free) you are paying $970 for 52,000 miles.  This is noticeably cheaper than the January deal – 1.87c per mile versus 2.06c.

There was a long discussion in my January post about the best deals you can get using AA miles, including their 60,000 miles (return) business class seats to the Middle East and their amazing 160,000 mile First Class award to Australia from London.

Comments (35)

  • James67 says:

    Got caught out by this again. Did MR to SPG to AA transfer. With hindsight I might have bought the miles and sat on MR for avios bonus. There is also a 40% bonus on buying Alaska miles at the moment. Anybody looking at a CX premium seat might want to do the maths to check if it’s worthwhile

    • thomas says:

      Am I missing something here ? or not seeing the obvious ?
      40,000 MR points would only equal 20,000 SPG points, and 25,000 if then transferred onwards to AA.
      A loss of 15,000 ….

      • James67 says:

        Yes, but I needed the AA miles and my only other option was to but them. Assumming at best 50% trasfer bonus to avios that would have given me 60k, not even enough for a comple multi-sector one way Asia/Europe C class redemption if BA was not available. Using avios eould also incur hight fees for most partner airlines. Thus, I took the 25k AA miles via spg to top up 30k i already have. That gives me 55k and I can get that complex multisector ticket just before Xmas for 52.5k miles plus about £100 cash. No BA flights werd available CW for whole of December. I want a J seat on MH a380 when I can get it. It’ all abouf the right redemption at right time. Obviously though I might have pregerred to buy 20k + 5k bonus had I known anf kept my MR points.

  • Ed E says:

    Morning Raffles, I think you are missing the word “buy” when you are talking about the 5am thing. Ed

  • Adam W says:

    The most ‘efficient’ amount to buy is 60000 + extra 18000 free. It works out to be 1.84c per mile vs the ‘1.86c’ that you quote (which should actually read 1.87c).

  • dannyrado says:

    I bought some yesterday. Are the bonus miles supposed to post immediately? Because they haven’t! I just have the base 40k!

    • James67 says:

      I have not read the t&c this time. In the past they have posted together but last couple of times bonus miles have posted later which is obviously a nuisance. Unless planning to make a reservation soon I would be cautious about buying. Given the merger, it is possible a new award chart could surface any day but hopefully they will provide notice

  • Pat Butcher says:

    Think people are still waiting for the bonus 20% “present” from the sale that ended in December.

    • James67 says:

      Wasn’t that supposed to post by 26th January? I didn’t go for that either because I wanted to see if the 7th January merger announcment included a new award chart but in the end it didn’t.

  • Roger says:

    It may be browser dependent (I’m outside the UK at the moment) but wanted an additional 7.5% federal tax, even with a UK delivery/payment address, thus eating up much of the bonus. I declined

    • Rob says:

      Must be down to your IP address, I have done various miles purchases in the past via them and the tax was never added.

    • Lady London says:

      apparently a VPN can avoid these sorts of problems. I keep reminding myself to sort out a couple in US and UK. also good for tv watching and downloading reliably if there is any question about rights in the area you may be traveling in, apparently.

  • Roger says:

    Make that browser! (cursed predictive text …)

  • Dean says:

    Do you know of a similar thing with United? I want to travel in Central America and seems that only Avianca and Copa Air/ United Airlines fly the route I’m after. What would be the best way to transfer miles into Avianca Lifemiles or Copa Air/ United Airlines? It seems that SPG to United is coming at a poor rate of exchange. Is there any other path that you know of? Many thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Avianca sell miles incredibly cheaply during their (pretty regular) bonus promotions. The best thing to do is register for Lifemiles NOW (because these promotions are only available to members who had already joined before it launched) and wait for their next deal to come along.

      • Dean says:

        Thanks Raffles! I’m registered already. Hope something comes along in time.