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Three 'buy Avios' bonuses – are they any good?

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British Airways and launched their latest ‘buy Avios’ promotions on Monday.  Iberia Plus has been running a similar offer for a few days.  How do they compare?

British Airways and

Both (buy here) and (buy here, scroll down to the Avios logo) are offering the following deal:

15% bonus when buying 5,000 – 26,000 Avios

25% bonus when buying the annual cap of 27,000 Avios

At the cap, you are paying £447 for 33,350 Avios.  That is 1.34p each.  This is not bad if you need to top up an account.

This offer is available until 23rd March.

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Iberia Plus

The Iberia offer is slightly different:

The bonus is a flat 20% on all purchases of 4,000 Avios or more

The Iberia cap is higher than BA’s, at 35,000 Avios per year

At the cap, you are paying €665 for 42,000 Avios.  That is 1.32p each.  However, if your credit card imposes a surcharge for foreign currency payments, you would end up paying 3% more.

The Iberia offer is only available until 23rd February.

Remember that you cannot transfer Avios from Iberia Plus to or until your Iberia Plus account is 90 days old.

If you are interested, the and offers are the easiest to use, and will also be the cheapest unless you have an FX-free credit card.  Whilst there is a cap, don’t forget that you can in fact buy up the annual cap in all three programmes and then merge the Avios points together using ‘Combine My Avios’ online.

Purchases of Avios points go through your credit card as ‘’ and do not therefore count as a BA purchase.  You will not receive bonus Avios on your credit card for BA spending.

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Comments (16)

  • James67 says:

    Good morning Rob. When doing these buy miles posts I think it would be a good idea if you remind people they might be better doing the cash and avios option than the buy avios option if they need extra. It also has the advantage of the extra credit card points for amex travel spend or BA spend using Diamond Club cards from MBNA

    • Rob says:

      Good point, especially as there is a ‘cash and Avios’ post in the Avios Redemption University series to link to

      • squills says:

        Am I right in thinking that if you even pay the smallest cash option for a [avios + cash] flight ticket, you’ll get the normal avios on the flight as if you had paid 100% cash?

        • Rob says:

          No. It is treated as a reward ticket.

          You WILL get Avios if you book a short-haul European ticket for cash and use Avios points to get a few pounds knocked off the fair (that is ‘part pay with Avios’ which is totally different).

        • Alan says:

          I wouldn’t have thought so as they book into redemption fare buckets – would love to be proved wrong though!

  • RogerWilco says:

    If one calculated this to be a good deal, via HHA the cap is 6x in theory.

  • Gerry says:

    Shouldn’t it be 33,750 at the cap (not 33,350) at 1.32p ?

  • Asif says:

    If I was purchase the max at £447 for 33,350 Avios, would I not also get the BA Amex points for spending the £447 on my BA Amex card?

  • EdBee says:

    125% of 27,000 = 33,750, not 33,350. Great blog though.

  • Gregor says:

    Only slightly off-topic, but I thought I’d take advantage of the bonus offer from Iberia by buying 4000 Avios to “activate” my new (month old) Iberia Plus account. I was unable to do this through the website, just getting the message “We are sorry to inform you that this service is not available. If you have any questions, please consult your service centre. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

    After several calls to Iberia the conclusion was that buying Avios was not a valid way to “activate” a new account; it had to be a flight, hotel, car hire, etc. I thought this might be useful for HFP readers to know, in case, like me, it means that the start of the 90 day active period is now somewhat unknown! I guess I’ll have to book my next domestic or European BA flight through, and accept that for that journey my BAEC Silver won’t be recognised (not bothered about the Tier Points as I’ll never make Gold by the rapidly approaching year end). Unless anyone has any other suggestions??

    • Rob says:

      Shame you missed the ‘Avios Gym’ promo at Christmas, which was 15 Avios per day simply for logging in.

      You don’t need to book a BA flight via Iberia, just credit it to Iberia Plus. If you are flying anyway all you lose is the BA Silver elite bonus and the tier points.

      How about transferring a small number of hotel points to Iberia? 10,000 IHG = 2,000 miles, and of course the miles are not wasted as you can transfer them back to BA.

      I am not 100% sure that you were correctly advised, to be honest – I am sure I have read of people activating accounts before by purchasing Avios.

      • Gregor says:

        Thanks for the comments Raffles. The IHG points transfer is probably the way to go for me – I hadn’t thought of that.

        You’re probably right about the incorrect advice given by Iberia. It may actually have been some kind of IT malfunction which prevented me buying Avios online but they weren’t going to concede that!

  • Gregor says:

    Hmmm… it would seem that it is not possible to convert IHG points to Iberia Avios (although you can earn the other way). Iberia are not listed as a transfer partner on the Rewards Club website, and when I called to check they confirmed that such a conversion is not possible.