£15 of Hailo credit for London taxis from Amex – be quick, only 500 available!

(EDIT, 9am:  We have exhausted the entire Amex supply of codes already!)

You will need to move fast if you want to claim this one.  There are only 500 available and Head for Points readers could easily wipe them out this morning!

If you read my review of iPhone travel apps on Monday, you will remember that I praised the taxi app Hailo which has made a real change to my taxi-ordering behaviour.

Amex is now offering £15 of Hailo credit to everyone, whether they are new or existing customers of Hailo.


This is what you have to do (this is a cut and paste from here):

“American Express Cardmembers are eligible to receive a £15 credit on their next Hailo ride, between 17 February and 7 March 2014.  Follow these steps to redeem the offer:

1. Download the app by clicking here for Android and clicking here for iOS 

2. Load your American Express Card into the Hailo App and set it as ‘default’

3. In the ‘Account’ page of the App, enter voucher code ‘HAILOAMEX’ under ‘Hailo Credits’

4. The next time you travel with Hailo between 17 February and 7 March 2014, the £15 credit will automatically be deducted from the total cost of your trip.

This offer is available for the first 500 Cardmembers to redeem the code. The voucher code can only be used for one trip, regardless of whether the trip costs more or less than £15. Only one voucher code can be used per Hailo account.”

I can confirm that the offer was working fine at 23.30 last night – my Hailo app now shows £15 of credit.

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  1. Rachel Baron says:

    Just got mine – thank you both very much!

  2. 8.40, working still! Thanks Matthew!

  3. Thanks. Still working at 9am!

  4. All gone at 8:57am

  5. All gone here 🙁

  6. Sideysid says:

    All gone! 5 mins too late!

  7. Would be interested to know if this I works using a non-amex card

  8. FlyingChris says:

    …and they are gone. Only 500 codes? Rediculous. Might have been a converted Hailo user but stunts like this infuriate when companies offer such a highly limited promo yet still will benifit from the blog posts and a rush of new users waiving their Amex’s at them! Oh well, Hailo deleted and back to Uber.

    • i do not agree. Hailo is working with normal black cabs which are almost everywhere. UBER can not compete with that in terms of numbers. And I find the fact that the way it works (prices surge at nights or when demand is high in terms of 1x-2x-2.5x times the normal fare) exagerate.
      i like the service though, but while black cab drivers have “the knowledge” and an ethic, UBER drivers might not (my last driver was going very slow probably to increase the fare).
      With a black cab, i know that coming back home from a usual hang out might be around £25-30, with uberX the basic, it might be 50-60£! i think it is fine indeed when normal prices are in place so worth checking first.

      by the way, the true ripoff are black cabs that show the “Credit Card accepted” sign or are even sponsored by them(VIsa, O2 etc), and do not accept cards saying that the reader doesn’t work (CASH ONLY)!!!

      • FlyingChris says:

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that Uber is the better service*. I couldn’t comment. My gripe was simply the frustration of companies releasing extremely limited promotions that they know will be oversubscribed within minutes – yet only tell the customer this once they’ve downloaded the app, signed up and given them their credit card details.

        As a floating voter who’s never tried Hailo I would have been keen to give it a whirl with this promotion. Instead, will go back to Uber – a service who’s free referral credit promo over January was generous and the service impressed enough for future use.

        * Though I have always found Uber’s pricing to be extremely competitive and my rides to date have been faultless. Surge pricing is frustrating, however I generally find that waiting a few minutes will usually find a window when the price drops down to normal rates.

        • I’ll be using uber for the time being – I somehow managed to rack up £150 worth of credit with the recent referal bonus, I’m sure mainly due to this site!

        • The article and promotion couldn’t make it any clearer that there’s a limited amount available.

          You’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face.

        • Sam wardill says:

          I will be deleting the app too as I missed the bonus and feel cheated

    • So you are infuriated that they ran an effective promotion with limited cost and very clearly stated rules? Righto

      • Sam wardill says:

        I am not infuriated but I do feel cheated and therefore I deleted the app. For this reason I think it was a bad promotion.

  9. yup all gone 🙁

  10. I’m new to Hailo – is there a way of getting an estimated fare quote like you can on Uber?

    • Normal black cab rate, albeit with a minimum fare, usually £10

      • with Hailo there is a fixed rate for airports, though

        you can check these links, to give you an idea



        • That’s helpful to know. So quite a bit more expensive than Uber. I was very impressed by Uber’s pricing – I took a 20 minute taxi journey after midnight on Saturday and it was only £14.

        • pazza2000 says:

          Agreed, vs the the cost of a taxi, I find Uber’s pricing very fair. Though thanks to various promos, I’ve yet to actually spend much with them anyway.

        • The main advantage for Hailo over Uber for me is car availability – I live in N1 just off a major artery which always has cabs on it, and using Hailo I can normally get a cab at my door within 2-3 minutes, whereas Uber is often 10-15 minutes. That can make the difference between making one Heathrow Express and the next one… or even the one after that… But it’s all down to usage patterns, Uber is much cheaper to airports, whereas most of my cabs tend to be into the City or West End in rush hour when I’m running late to get to the office or to an evening event, so I need to be able to get a car fast…

  11. Just used my £15 of credit for a journey I would have had to use a taxi for anyway, so a good result!

  12. Just redeemed it, was completely impressed as I normally never use a Mobile app: cab in less than 3 minutes, clean and at my destination quickly…

  13. Just a note – if you don’t use the whole £15 you lose the remaining value, so basically I should have given the driver a bigger tip….