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Earn Hilton HHonors points and redspottedhanky £££ with Fantasy Formula 1!

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Both Hilton HHonors and are running Fantasy Formula 1 competitions for the 2nd time this year.  You still have two weeks to sign up before the first race.

The one is especially valuable as all players can earn up to £20 in redspottedhanky train tickets credit.

First up, let’s look at Hilton.

The home page and registration site for the competition is here.

Hilton F1

The prize, for the overall winner, is pretty good.  You get five nights in ANY Hilton Group property worldwide (Maldives sounds good to me ….) which is the equivalent of 380,000 Hilton HHonors points if used at a peak resort at peak time.  They also give you $580 in cash towards your tax liability for the prize – which, as a UK resident, will be nothing!  (The competition is open to various countries, including the UK and US.)

There will also be four quarterly prizes of a 3-night stay at any Hilton Group property, plus $365.

Perhaps more interestingly (ie realistically) there are 30 weekly prizes to be won.  The highest scorer each week gets 50,000 Hilton HHonors points, with a decreasing scale down to 5,000 for 30th place.

I have entered teams for myself and my wife.  I have no intention at all of tweaking my team during the competition – I will just let it sit there and hope I get lucky one week! has also brought back its Fantasy Formula 1 competition (based on identical software to the Hilton one!).  The overall prizes are less exciting, with an iPad being the best on offer.  It’s not quite 5 nights in The Maldives …..

However, ALL PLAYERS will receive loyalty points.  This is effectively FREE MONEY.

redspottedhanky Fantasy Formula 1

They have changed the format this year, for the better.

Instead of only paying you at the end of the year, you will be paid out in June, August, October and January 2015.

Your Fantasy Formula 1 points will be divided by five, and your payout will be capped at £5 per period, so a maximum of £20 over the year.

There are three ways to approach this:

For the super-lazy – sign up and let RSH randomly pick a team for you, then sit back and wait for the points to arrive

For the fairly lazy (me) – sign up, think strategically about your team, but then sit back and wait for the points to arrive and never change it

For the active – sign up, think strategically about your team and then transfer drivers in and out throughout the season in an attempt to maximise your money

Whatever you do, though, do something!  It would be a waste to let a few pounds of RSH credit go astray.

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  1. squills says:

    RSH: how do the points turn into payout/ credit? (My existing RSH ID + password combo don’t work, so I had to set up a new a/c, is this the same for everybody?)

  2. squills says:


    #BeAHappyBunny Twitter Competition
    Tweet to win a £10 e-voucher! We’re saying a big fat NO to booking fees and credit card fees! Help us spread the message on Twitter and you could win a £10 e-voucher
    How to enter
    1. Follow @redspottedhanky on Twitter
    2. Retweet the competition message: RT @redspottedhanky: #BeAHappyBunny and say NO to booking and card fees! RT for a chance to win a £10 e-voucher
    We’ll pick three winners at random every day until Sunday 9th March to receive a £10 e-voucher. Good luck!

  3. squills says:

    😉 I would advise you play canny here:

    Fantasy F1 comp:

    5.2 All users can play the Game for FREE. You may register 1 free team per entrant. Anybody believed to have entered more than 1 team will be disqualified and will not be eligible to win prizes. The Promoter may use their discretion to identify registrants who have entered more than 1 team under different names, email addresses and/or identities. The Promoter’s decision is final and neither the Company nor Promoter will enter into any discussion about teams that are disqualified.

  4. squills says:

    Flushed with all this excitement I’ve just somewhat belatedly entered

    Might get a few quid out of it I suppose 😉

    Anything to add to my recent stash of RSH vouchers would be very welcome 😉

    • The footy is quite hard to make money with. I have had a team (randomly selected, which could me the issue) since the start of the season and I think me and the Mrs are on about £6 each so far!

  5. What's the Point says:

    Having problems logging my account details on the Hilton site for this? Anyone else? Just hangs and says please wait.
    What would have been nice is that you earned more opportunities to win for every stay you made during the race season.

  6. James67 says:

    Talking of prizes…has anybody got their winning from the BA Xmas competition? I am still waiting for my tea set! I quite like HH fantasy F1 but would be better if you could not change teams.

    • Volker says:

      “would be better if you could not change teams”

      In this case, it would be a mere lottery game. Last year, it took me a while to get the knack of it, and I put some time and effort into the game by changing my team and components regularly. I ended up with 12,500 HHonors points at the end of the season – you still need some good luck…

      The rules seem to be less attractive this year: There are obviously no bonus races anymore which would have doubled your race points, and only the 30 best teams of each race week are being awarded HHonors points (last year: 100). In return, you can win a minimum of 5,000 HHonors points (last year: 2,500).

      So I do understand why some people just choose their team initially and hope for the best for the rest of the season. Last year there were about 25,000 teams competing, now guess your chances to be in the top 30…

      • James67 says:

        Mere lottery!? Having followed F1 for years I would like to think I was exercizing some considerable expertise in choosing my team … sadly my results last season would suggest otherwise 😀

  7. Clive says:

    If you search Flyer talk I have set up a mini league and details are all on the page

    • Volker says:

      I found several mini leagues on FT. I am not posting there so not too familiar with aliases etc. Is yours the “Flyertalk 2014” mini league? What about an HFP mini league?

      • I will do a mini-league for Wimbledon, if they do that again. As this drags on until November I don’t want to start a formal mini-league, people would get bored of posts with updates!

      • Clive says:

        Yes mine is the Flyer talk one not sure who the other one belongs to

  8. If you put the $580 which apparently comes as a check (American) into a US bank account, but are a UK resident, will the US attempt to tax you?

    • If you are US citizen then yes, if you are a UK citizen then I assume you’re OK as Hilton would not report your win to the US authorities on the grounds that you are not a US citizen.

  9. pazza2000 says:

    The RSH points awarded in Oct will expire after a few months (if that is still the rule?), keep up the friendly reminders please Raffles 🙂

    • squills says:

      Expiry dates are listed by RSH under ‘Evouchers’

      • pazza2000 says:

        Yes once converted to RSH e-vouchers they should be valid for upto some time (2020?), although as unconverted loyalty points I believe they expire at the end of the year.

        • squills says:

          I’ve got some expiring in 2020 as you say, but all these recent ones will expire much sooner, eg April 2014.

  10. I watch every single f1 race but don’t understand this game. Can anyone explain it to me please coz I would like to participate

    • Go with Sebastian Vettle as your main driver and Red Bull as your main team. Pick any old nonsense for the rest so that you use up almost all of the €100. That’s all you need to know!

      Don’t forget to pick a ‘double points’ circuit as well.

      • I support him…..if he looses it will be double misery for me 🙂 I will change to him as season goes on. I think they will struggle in melbourne. presume changing mid way won’t affect my winnings?

        • whats a “double point circuit” and how do i pick that?

        • squills says:

          It’s the bonus circuit, top right-ish part of the comp screen (free to pick one)

        • Volker says:

          Am I so blind? I can’t see a ‘bonus circuit’ option on the ‘my team’ page, thought they had scrapped it this year? The rules do not seem to mention a bonus circuit either (unlike last year). Neither a page search (CTRL + F) nor google gave me any results. So where is this bonus option hiding? Thanks.

        • I think the bonus circuit is only on the RSH game not the HHonors one

        • Volker says:

          Thank you so much, Tim. Thought I had gone crazy…

      • Zander says:

        Am I right in thinking that you need to fill all the spaces up? Also how do I make sure that my main driver is as I say he is, I can’t tell the order that it’s supposed to be in whereas for the constructors it’s clear, drivers not so much :S

        • All spaces must be filled

          Does it matter which driver is main? Never read the scoring rules!

        • squills says:

          Re every space must be filled: Is that in the rules, Raffles (or anyone)?

          On my footy fantasy entry I left one blank and it works fine, all I get is ‘No-one in this position has played for you!’ but the points get posted fine.

          On one of our F1 entries I did indeed leave an empty space or 2 😉

        • Volker says:

          Are you talking about the Hilton game or the RSH one? Sorry, at times I have been struggling to determine which of the games / providers people are talking about 🙁

        • Hmmm … that would be interesting if you got it to work. Logically, you would score more by picking only a couple of top drivers and not one good one and two middling ones (who will score zero all season).

        • squills says:

          OK I think I got it. In our team with a gap (ie incomplete) it was just ‘saved’ (so it said). I swapped down to free up some cash – these were not counted as transfers, so it was still in the setting up phase and not ‘submitted’. Once I saved my choices with all boxes filled, it looks like I submitted my entry.

        • In that case, it must be ok. But odd!

        • squills says:

          Bet I’m not the only one thinking: you should maybe change your moniker.

          Looks a bit strange & I’m sure you are just a regular guy 😉

        • There is a dull tech reason why that has happened, it will revert to Raffles soon

        • squills says:

          Ah. Thought it might be a nutter 😉

        • @Zander – It doesn’t matter which slot the driver is positioned in on your team sheet. All 4 drivers race each week, their position doesn’t affect the points they earn.

          (Anyone with a F1 background might wrongly assume they are picking reserve drivers or something like that. Despite the new graphics this year, it is a pity they didn’t make this clearer.)

        • squills says:

          RSH. Yep I was thinking exactly the same thing.

  11. squills says:

    Reminder to sign up ahead of this Sunday’s GP in Australia if you want max points opportunity.

  12. squills says:

    Volker – I was talking about the RSH one

  13. squills says:

    You should receive an email today showing your team’s points after the first F1 GP.

    If this does not arrive, more than likely you have not yet ‘submitted’ your team (probably because you left one or more boxes empty).

    Your team would still be sitting there in your a/c, saved but not submitted.

    There is still plenty of time to earn loadsa points in the remaining races, so worth a double check.

    • squills says:

      Free Transfer Window:
      Up until 17:00 on 14th March 2014 GMT there is a transfer amnesty – you can shuffle your team around to your heart’s content without using your transfers. Transfers made after this time will be taken from the transfer allocation for that transfer period (for details see Transfer Section below)

      All teams that are completed by the transfer amnesty deadline of 17:00 on 14th March 2014 GMT will be submitted automatically. Any teams that are incomplete, or entered after the transfer amnesty, will need to be manually submitted to start scoring points. To do this, press the ‘SAVE’ button which will appear on the ‘Team’ page once your team is FULLY built. In this case you may not score at the qualifying. Whether or not you will qualify to score in any subsequent qualifying or race depends on whether you meet the respective deadlines set out in the below Transfer Section. The manual submission of your initial will not be deducted from your transfer allocation.

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