Win 9,000 – 100,000 Avios with new Facebook game Dropple!

Avios has launched a new Facebook game – Avios Dropple!

Fundamentally, it is a silly arcade game where you have to catch falling objects, suitable for anyone with the mental and motor skills of a 2 year old.


Here is the official description:

Become a Master Avios Collector by catching everyday items in your basket as they fall. Play each week and attempt to reach our Avios target, then enter your score for a chance to win thousands of real Avios in our weekly prize draw. This game’s just for fun – it’s a game of chance not a game of skill so you won’t have more of a chance of winning at the top of leaderboard. And soon you could be flying for real.

So, to summarise, it doesn’t matter what score you get – you go in the prize draw anyway.

The prizes over the nine weeks are:

Week 1 – 9,000 Avios

Week 2 – 15,000 Avios

Week 3 – 20,000 Avios

Week 4 – 25,000 Avios

Week 5 – 40,000 Avios

Week 6 – 50,000 Avios

Week 7 – 60,000 Avios

Week 8 – 70,000 Avios

Week 9 – 100,000 Avios

The game is restricted to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents over 18, except for Northern Ireland residents.  You only get one entry per week however many times you play the game, plus a 2nd bonus entry if you share your score on your Facebook page (you can set it up to only share with yourself).

To be honest, I am not desperately impressed.  The game itself is hardly challenging.  With only one weekly prize (and a chance of winning of probably 1 in a 1000 at best), the prizes – at least in the early weeks – are pretty unexciting.  If there were 100 x 9,000 point prizes available, I’d be more impressed.

However, it will pass a couple of minutes in undemanding fashion!  To play, search for ‘Avios Dropple’ when logged in to Facebook.

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  1. Again with the Northern Ireland exclusion. Sod that then.

    • It is odd. There is another big competition I will be plugging later in the week that also excludes NI.

      • I think it’s due to some NI-specific legislation related to gambling (and therefore by association competitions). It’s pretty infuriating, but on this occasion I don’t think we’re missing out on much.

  2. tangey says:

    NI has different Lottery legislation.

  3. Oh man I spent 20 minutes last night making sure I got 9,000 points…then I read this:

    “it doesn’t matter what score you get – you go in the prize draw anyway.”

    At least I had the brief moment of joy when I finally completed it without losing a life 🙂

  4. Vince says:

    “plus a 2nd bonus entry if you share your score on your Facebook page (you can set it up to only share with yourself”

    I’m sorry but I really don’t know my way around facebook very well, how to I do this so than I am only sharing with myself? Thanks.

    • If you click (is it the little wheel shape?) in the box that asks you confirm you want to share this, it pops up various options ‘Everyone’, ‘Your friends’, ‘Only Me’. Select ‘Only Me’ and you see it on your page but no-one else sees it.

      Or, frankly, let it be shared to everyone and then quickly go back to your FB page and delete it.

      • I think it’s meant to be a cog rather than a wheel, but it is indeed that button.

      • Jason K says:

        ‘Only me’ doesn’t always show on mine. I have to select ‘custom’ first, and then select ‘only me’ on the next dialogue box.

    • Justin says:

      I notice in the terms and conditions it says “Eligible Participants who share their score with friends via Facebook will receive one additional entry into that weeks prize draw.”. I wonder if they can tell if you’ve only shared it with yourself rather than with friends?

  5. Frenske says:

    Note that a new Avios Suitcase stamp is available related to this Dropple game. I have not managed to get the stamp, the link seems wrong.

  6. Not sure who’s going to read this, but there’s a second dropple badge on Avios Suitcase – share on twitter and get another 15