New Amex deal: £50 off £250 spend at Hilton Hotels

You may remember last Winter that American Express launched a partnership with TripAdvisor.  They were paying £5 to every Amex cardholder who linked their American Express card to their UK TripAdvisor account and wrote one review.

This partnership seems to be deepening, as American Express and TripAdvisor have launched a number of cashback / ‘statement credit’ deals together.

The best of the first batch is £50 cashback when you spend £250 at a Hilton hotel in the UK.  The beautiful Hilton Leeds is pictured below!

Hilton Leeds

The rules are a bit fiddly but are straightforward:

First, you must link your American Express card to your TripAdvisor account via this page

Secondly, you must visit this page on the TripAdvisor website (log-in required) and click ‘Save To Card’ where it describes the Hilton offer.

That is all you have to do.  Once you make a qualifying booking with Hilton, Amex will credit £50 to your card statement.  The rules on what makes a qualifying booking are stringent:

A charge of £250+ must be made to your Amex card and hit your statement between now and 31 May.

If you have booked a flexible rate (pay on departure) then your check-out must take place before 31 May.

If you book a pre-paid hotel, your stay could be for a date after 31 May.  However, the hotel would need to charge your card before 31 May.  I don’t know how quickly Hilton charges prepaid stays – many IHG properties only charge a week or so before arrival.

Only UK hotels qualify.  There are 70 properties listed which I presume is all of them.

Only Hilton-branded hotels qualify.  Hampton, Doubletree or Waldorf-Astoria properties do not count.

All pre-paid bookings must be made via  It doesn’t matter how you book a ‘pay on departure’ rate.

Only 1 x £50 credit per card – although you can register numerous cards.

It is limited to 15,000 people, although I very much doubt that will be an issue given that they struggled to give away 25,000 £5 ‘money for nothing’ credits last year.

Full details of the offer can be found here – you don’t need to log-in to read the rules.

This offer will stack with any Hilton promotions, including the generous 40% discount rate for anyone who has a public-sector job in the UK.

Don’t forget to sign up for the current Weekend Rewards promotion as well (despite the name, it is valid all week!).

TripAdvisor and Amex also have three other promotions running if you are out in London:

£10 back when you spend £50 at Asia de Cuba

£5 back when you spend £25 at The Light Bar or The Long Bar

£10 back when you spend £50 at Suka

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

6,000 Virgin Flying Club miles for three Hilton stays
Excellent article on redeeming miles for travel with lap infants or babies
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  1. Re the weekend rewards promotion I believe the weekend is classed as Thursday to Sunday ?

    • Phillip says:

      Yes. You get 1000 for each night of the week regardless, and if you clock in two “weekend” days, you get an extra 5000 on top of it. So if staying somewhere for a week, Saturday to Saturday, you get two 5000 weekend bonuses for having two sets of weekend stays. One for Saturday and Sunday and another for Thursday and Friday.

  2. Nathan says:

    Is this for 1 night/stay or will it work if I book the next 15 Sunday nights?

  3. Nuts. This was going so well until you got to the bit about “UK only…”

    As always, thanks for posting, though!

    • Yeah… even with public sector rate I could theoretically spend £200 for a £416 stay, but then how am I going to get rid of my 100000 HH points and 200000 IHG points…

    • I thought the same when I first read it, as my wife has 5 nights at a Hilton in, erm, South Korea next week!

  4. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Looks like third-party Amex cards are eligible too.

  5. Just out of interest how long does it take for points earned at hilton to appear on the account. Their website says 6-8 weeks. Surely not ?

  6. Does this have to be all in one transaction? Or can it be spread over, say, two stays?

  7. After logging into my Tripadvisor account, I receive an error message: “Unfortunately, the system is having trouble connecting your Card at this time. Please try again later.”

    This is before entering any of my Amex details.

    • David

      Just had the same message using my iPad, however I closed the error window, went back to HFP blog, clicked on the second link to access the offer and it took me through to the correct page, entered my Amex details, clicked continue and then save offers. Seemed to work ok, haven’t checked Amex yet though.

      • I can get through to the page to enter my Amex details, but it isn’t actually connecting the two. Tried 3 times so far and nothing. So I’ll wait until tomorrow and try again.

  8. Off Topic: The BAEC Wine Club offer that Raffles posted before Christmas still seems to be active:

    12 bottles of wine with glasses just arrived 🙂

  9. pazza2000 says:

    This could come in handy for a London stay in June, I’m fairly certain Hilton would bill me for an AP rate before May 31st.

    On a side note, are pub sector rates pre-paid?

    • Amy Rideout says:

      Yes, they are. Payment is usually taken within 48 hours of the booking- depending on what time you made the booking.

  10. Does anyone know if these can be used for buying gift cards that can be used later?
    The description of the cards here suggest they are UK issued but can be used anywhere for hotel rooms.

    • Ooh nice spot – it is would be excellent if these counted!!

      • What WOULD make it risk free would be if you could buy the gift cards at a Hilton hotel. Who knows, if you buy online, what text appears on your card statement.

        • pazza2000 says:

          Can you buy these giftcards at a Hilton Hotel?

        • Not sure but just looked more closely at the online site and I see you can only buy a card up to a value of £150 anyway so the online site looks like it’s a non-starter.

        • You can buy multiples, I’ve just put £250 through – will post back if they actually work.
          I think you can only use them to pay at checkout though, which probably means discounted advance purchase rates won’t be possible.

        • Ahh didn’t realise that – do let us know how it goes 🙂

        • @Will – any luck with a credit on those giftcards?

        • OK, as suspected but thanks for trying it out!

  11. Won’t be a problem. All that matters is that you credit card statement says Hilton.

  12. Coupsta says:

    How do you manage to get your trip advisor account to link two cards? Anyone know?

    • pazza2000 says:

      You can’t. Multiple TA accounts I assume? Never did receive my £5 statement credit come to think of it…

      • Coupsta says:

        Cheers Pazza
        might set up a separate trip advisor account to link another card then, worth it for a few minutes work I think

  13. Matthew says:

    I know it states UK only hotels but do you think others abroad will qualify as surely it would just state hilton on the statement? Assuming you prepay of course.

    • Good question. If Amex only looks for £ transactions with Hilton in the description then you won’t get it. On the other hand, what do you have to lose?

      • Matthew says:

        True – I hadn’t considered it would be in a different currency but like you say no harm in trying!

        • Maximum Power says:


          may be a silly question- – if booked 3 nightst at the hilton next week and it cost me £200 and £200 was charged to my card say today……….then I stay next week and spend £20 a night in the hotel bar for 3 nights spending £60 and it was charged seperatley to my card – would that mean the £260 would qualify for the for the £50 back or does it need to be £250 in one hit?

        • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

          T&Cs say it needs to be in one go:

          ‘single purchase of £250+ on your checkout charge’

        • Maximum Power says:

          so book flexiable rate say £200 and spend 50 in the bar and the £250 charged on checkout qualifies?

        • Yes, that works fine – all that matters is that Amex sees a charge of over £250 on your statement

        • One hit

        • Coupsta says:

          put your bar spend on your room to ensure that you spend over £250 in one hit transaction

  14. trumpton says:

    I do question the marketing motives of these companies. Why do I have to find out about this stuff from Head For Points? On a separate note, how are these funded? by Amex, Hilton or TripAdvisor? Or all three?

    • Coupsta says:

      I’ve often thought that about AMEX. I’m signed to receive promo emails etc but never get this type of activity. I haven’t got the time or inclination to go to amex website every day, I’ll someone else do that eh Raffles!

    • I never got this either, someone sent it across. Best guess is Hilton funds it, Amex benefits from the transaction fee and Amex and TripAd charge a set-up fee on top.

      • David Butcher says:

        I absolutely agree.

        As a supposedly valued platinum card holder with Amex why do I have to go searching around the internet to find their best deals?

        Could they not have one all encompassing site showing exactly what is on offer?

        It’s madness that I pay them £450 a year and then have to rely on hearsay and social media etc to tell me about my benefits.

        No disrespect to you, Raffles – your role in this is invaluable but I hope you get my point. I belong to a. club locally where I pay £300 a year for membership and they do tell me everything that’s going on. It’s not drip fed on various sites around the World Wide Web. What on earth is the Amex marketing strategy?

        Without sites like HFP we would be none the wiser on these offers.

        • Agreed. As a Platinum, you are jumping between the Platinum website, Amex Selects / Amex Network, now TripAdvisor plus the special offers which appear on your online statement. And even then you don’t see them all!

          You then get scenarios like the Virgin transfer bonus where it was open to all but only some were emailed about it – I didn’t get it and I have done Virgin transfers in the past.

  15. Just about to book a Hilton but when I check my Amex card, the offer isn’t stored like previous offers.
    However when I go into trip advisor the saved offer is showing.
    Do you need to book through trip advisor to take advantage of the credit?

    • The stored offers are only for those that you signed up for on the Amex website. The Foursquare deals don’t show up online either but do still post OK.

  16. Brilliant! Just switched to the Hilton for this weeks stay, checked in and got an email from AMEX within minutes saying i had £50 credit!

  17. Dave Williams says:

    I’ve had a credit on my statement showing the £50 for a stay completed last week (UK). Dates are:

    Paid bill on 20/03
    Checked out 21/03
    Don’t remember getting an email but its possible it got lost in the chaff
    Statement credit on 23/03

    I will try a European hotel next week and report back whether or not this works….. I don’t think it will but its worth a shot.

    • With a different Amex, presumably, as offer is once per card.

      • Dave Williams says:

        For sure but I only have 3….

        Given my high travel rate ~90% (and my recent change of allegiance from Marriott to Hilton) I am also going to start ‘pimping’ out a split rate offer to friends and family that don’t use hilton but do have amex.

        This could be a nice little earner for me…..