US Airways joins oneworld today – you can now book their MAN / EDI / GLA flights on Avios

Today is the day that US Airways joins the oneworld alliance.  This follows its merger (ie takeover) of American Airlines last Winter.

British Airways is also a member of the oneworld alliance, and allows reciprocal ‘earning and burning’ of miles.  This means that you can now book US Airways flights with your Avios points.  You will also be able to earn Avios and British Airways tier points when you fly with US Airways.

The US Airways and American Airlines frequent flyer schemes will also be merged.  No date has been announced yet, but it is almost certain that US Airways miles will transfer at 1:1 into American Airlines.  If you have status with US Airways, you will receive the equivalent level of AA status.

(I wrote about this generous US Airways promotion yesterday, which could be lucrative for you if you regularly fly a number of different oneworld airlines.)

US Airways

US Airways has key hubs in:




Washington National

Anyone travelling to those parts of the US will see the most benefit.  However, in total there will be 60 airports where you can go with Avios for the first time – 56 in the US, along with 3 in Canada and 1 in Mexico.

US Airways flies to a number of regional airports in the UK.  Some interesting new Avios redemptions options are now open to you if you were planning to head to the States.

These are routes currently flown by US Airways from the UK:

London to Charlotte

London to Philadelphia

Manchester to Charlotte (starts May 2014)

Manchester to Philadelphia

Edinburgh to Philadelphia (starts May 2014)

Glasgow to Philadelphia

Dublin (I know its not UK!) to Philadelphia

Dublin (ditto) to Charlotte (seasonal)

Shannon (ditto) to Philadelphia (seasonal)

Now, you may never have wanted to go to Philadelphia.  However, US Airways has a major hub in Philadelphia, and can connect you from there to pretty much anywhere else you want to go.

As the flights are not loaded into at the time of writing (and there is no guarantee that they will be available first-thing today) I do not yet know what sort of taxes will be charged.  As already happens with American Airlines transatlantic redemptions on Avios, I fully expect BA to add the same fuel surcharges that it adds to its own flights, even though US Airways does not charge fuel surcharges itself.  BA just pockets this money …..

Don’t forget that American Airlines also offers regional services to the US from UK airports:

Manchester to New York

Dublin to New York

Dublin to Chicago

None of this makes up for British Airways failing to offer regional long-haul departures, of course, but the US / American merger will definitely lead to an improvement in the Avios offering for those outside the South East.

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  1. CLT-MCO is a short hop so any extra redemption availability to CLT is greatly appreciated!

  2. I wonder if they have posted Avios and TP earning chart on BAEC for US Airways? I have an upcoming trip to SFO in June. I might look at LHR-PHL-SFO-PHL-LHR if I can get 560 TP and if the fair was reasonable.

  3. Would have been nicer if the domestics had mapped into J not F though

  4. Percy Pig says:

    I’m in Brazil about to fly TAM today (domestic flight in Y). I’m very much looking forward to the confusion as I present my BA silver card to gain lounge access. I don’t speak any Portuguese. This should be entertaining.

    • Give us an update from the lounge then! Love your sense of humour!

      • Percy Pig says:

        The lounge is for international passengers only! It must suck to be a domestic TAM frequent flyer. Priority check-in was smooth enough. They understood “Um Monde… Sapphire?”

  5. I wonder if the merger of US Airways into American will encourage BA to restart flights to Charlotte? Would open up some opportunities for anyone who wants to fly on a 2for1 or UUA with a OneWorld connecting short hope either as a cash fare or redemption (which we often do through Miami to the Caribbean).

  6. Currently seeing Avios redemption on offering DUB-LHR-PHI 1-way for signficantly less cash outlay when on the USair LHR-PHI flight, than on the BA flight. Zero fuel/carrier imposed charge. Might not last.

  7. onlysuites says:

    I cant seem to find any availability to check the taxes. Anyone managed any dates in Y or J?

  8. localboy says:

    I see 6/11 – 16/11 DUB-LHR-PHL rt with the the LHR-PHL sectors on US 49000avios and £77 taxes in Y.

  9. TrollBasher says:

    AA also operate MAN-ORD


  10. JER-LGW/LHR-PHL is 40k Avios plus ~£50 in taxes return.

  11. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    As a former US Gold from the 3-tier (Silver/Gold/Chairmans) days, I thought they were a reasonable carrier. They always looked after me very well and I would get an op-up about 50% of the time when I was travelling MAN-PHL-LAX every fortnight.

    It should be noted that PHL is well worth visiting in its own right. A interesting place with a very walkable centre.

    • squills says:

      Call me an old fart – but absolutely nothing in USA beats 1000 towns & cities in old Europe.

      Give me Santiago de la Compostela or Firenze over anything in the New World, any day of the week.

      Yes, I was sort of impressed by (say) Dallas – amazingly compact central district where you certainly can go on a fantastic booze run and take in some great hangouts. New York not so different if you pick the right bit – or Houston, or Ann Arbor – and I’m sure there are loads more.

      But no character or backbone vs our Europe 😉

      • squills says:

        Boston gets a big tick 😉

        • squills says:

          Nothing in California gets a tick 😉

        • I’d probably agree with you on LA certainly, for San Francisco not so much..

          What California does have is some great national parks, if you’re able to spend the time travelling beyond the cities.

        • squills says:

          That’s a fair point, I’d definitely go for the fantastic natural landscapes but skip the cities.

  12. Will BAEC show direct flights from DUB-CLT or DUB-PHL or DUB-JFK on AA or US Airways?
    Only showing via LHR.

  13. I have an existing US booking with my BAEC number on it – reviewing it on the US website it now recognises that it’s a BAEC number (previously it was blank before). Also the MMB bit of the BA website is now at least approximately correct on the predicted Avios earning – although the TP earning is still way off!

  14. The BA booking engine tends to route via LHR rather than offer direct flights out of DUB on their partner airlines.

  15. On a related note – BA are offering double Avios on US flights between now and the end of June.