Aer Lingus launches Dublin to San Francisco, available for Avios redemption

Aer Lingus launched its new route to San Francisco last week.  This will be followed by the new Dublin to Toronto route on April 21st.

The San Francisco service is operating five times a week, departing Dublin at 12.20pm and arriving in San Francisco at 3.20pm.

Aer Lingus route map

What is attractive about Aer Lingus is:

they are a British Airways partner, so you can book them using Avios (as long as those Avios sit at and not

they charge very low taxes and charges.  It is difficult to calculate these in advance, but a long-haul Business Class generally comes in at around £75 per person.

My ‘Avios Redemption University’ article on Aer Lingus, which lists all of their long-haul routes, is here.

The most annoying thing about Aer Lingus is that you cannot book their redemptions online.  You need to call British Airways Executive Club to do it.  Flights will cost the same in Avios points as a British Airways service, ie 100,000 in Club World / 50,000 in Economy to San Francisco and 80,000 / 40,000 to Toronto, return.

It is also not possible to accurately check availability online.  The Qantas frequent flyer scheme website appears to be relatively close to showing the seats BA can book.  However, the Qantas site has a habit of showing 9 business class seats available, when in reality there tends to be just twoThere is NO online service which can exactly match what the British Airways call centre will offer you.

You need to remember that there are only 24 business class seats per plane, so expect availability to be hard to find.  In any event, Aer Lingus does not release more than two business class seats on a flight.

Interestingly, these two new routes represent a genuine addition to the Aer Lingus network.  They are not cutting other routes in order to offer these services.  The company has leased three Boeing 757’s, previously used by Finnair, for the shorter routes.  This is unlikely to offer state-of-the-art comfort or space, but you can’t have it all!  San Francisco is operated by an A330 which was freed up from New York and Boston runs.

As far as seating goes, business class currently features the sloping Aer Lingus seat:

Aer Lingus business class

It has announced plans to install fully flat seats.  Some US press coverage I saw quotes the Aer Lingus CEO as saying that the San Francisco route will be the first to get the new seat at the end of 2014.

These new Aer Lingus flights start from Dublin.  You would need to book a separate ticket to Ireland if you don’t want to pay long-haul Air Passenger Duty to the UK Government.  If you do this, though, remember that Aer Lingus is not liable to you if you miss your connection.

Don’t forget that Aer Lingus flights clear US customs and immigration in Dublin!  When you land, you are treated like a domestic passenger and can walk straight out of the airport without any delay.  That may be worth the inconvenience of the ‘angled lie-flat seat’ ….

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  1. I didn’t think the late flights from Dub had perclearance available ?

  2. Flight times are wrong ? Unless EI has a supersonic bird

  3. Whirlwind2000 says:

    What?! You mean the Celtic Tiger supersonic jet isn’t a reality?! Where has all that EU bail out money gone then?!

  4. Kipto says:

    My family are booked on economy going to SFO this summer with Aer Lingus from Dublin. Booked using Avios via BA. Taxes/charges were £58 per person one way against £253 per person economy BA charges from LHR offset against the cost of getting to Dublin. It is also worth noting that if you book aer lingus flights or any other airline to get to Dublin on separate tickets you have to pay the baggage fees as well.

    • Kipto says:

      My flight leaves Dublin at 12.15pm ??

    • How many seats did you get on one flight please?

      • Kipto says:

        When I phoned BA they said that there were 9 available for avios redemption. There is no premium economy on the plane and 2 avios redeemable business class seats.

  5. Steve R says:

    Something I have never understood with Aer Lingus bookings & perhaps some can explain.

    If you do a dummy booking on Aer Lingus’s website (Dub – SFO) the charges show as being much higher, in the region of 270 euros for a return flight, with a heftly amount being a fuel surcharge.

  6. Is one-way redemption allowed using avios with EI?

  7. Kipto says:

    Best way is to fly one way from Dublin saving on the BA charges and return from USA to mainland UK as the taxes etc are less coming back and you won’t have the grief/expense of waiting for a connecting flight after a transatlantic flight.

    • Agreed, that sounds good. Also makes EI the daytime flight, so angled seats not a concern… 😉

  8. Kris Schimmel says:

    Can’t the 2/1 voucher on Aer Lingus right?

  9. Andrew S says:

    Raffles – i understood that oneworld rules were that passengers on seperate tickets connecting within oneworld are protected as if they had a single PNR. I can no longer find the general condition, but here is AA version:

    “If a customer is holding separate tickets on AA or another oneworld carrier, customers holding separate tickets where travel is on oneworld airlines should be treated as through ticketed passengers. In the event of a disruption on the originating ticket, the carrier responsible for the disruption will be required to reroute the customer to their final destination.”

    • It would be good if we could find a generic OW equivalent. Although, of course, Aer Lingus is not in oneworld.

    • There is no such published oneworld rule, AA is the only oneworld airline that currently has that rule published.

      Also as Raffles says, EI is not oneworld anyway.

      • Indeed, AA are much more generous in this regard (although I wouldn’t be surprised if this also went given their recent behaviour!). I must say I don’t even trust BA with tickets on separate PNRs and try and leave an overnight stay between them (or at least quite a few hours).

        • Andrew S says:

          It does appear I was mistaken in my belief (and of course EI are not in the alliance anyway).

          Im going to be much more careful in the future!