The reason why you haven’t been able to apply for the Priority Club credit cards

For the last couple of weeks, the application page for the Priority Club (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental) credit cards has been ‘temporarily unavailable’.

We now know why.

On June 23rd, the Priority Club cards are – finally! – being relaunched as IHG Rewards Club credit cards.

IHG Rewards Club

From the minimal amount of detail released to date, nothing will change.  Although, if that was the case, I don’t know why the existing cards were not simply rebranded.

This is what existing cardholders have been told:

On 23 June, your Priority Club Visa (or Priority Club Black Visa) will become an IHG Rewards Club Visa (or IHG Rewards Club Black Visa)

There is no change to the current earnings rate

The cards will still be issued by Barclays and will, for the first time, be part of the ‘My Barclaycard’ platform.  (There was also some wording about how, if you have a Barclaycard in default, this may now lead to your IHG card being placed in default.)

The new cards will be contactless

All of this is for EXISTING cardholders.  There is no mention of what the offer will be for new cardholders or whether new cardholders will be offered a combined Amex / Visa package (existing cardholders do not, but that would require a new card agreement).

None of this answers one very obvious question.  A lot of ‘Big Win’ targets involved taking out an IHG credit card in order to trigger the maximum bonus.  Not only has the card not been available for two weeks, it now looks like it will not be available again until June!  What now happens to all of these ‘Big Win’ participants?!

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. James67 says:

    A mord pertinent question is wbat happens to us whk already applied! Applications, even via big win dashboard like my own, are not tracking. Also, bookings via IHGcom are also not tracking. Looks lime we need to contact CS at the risk of losing memembership and existing award nights for using too many codes

    • No issue contacting them re my stay where I’d used lot of codes. They recognised it was valid for the Big Win challenge and are going to post the bonus points.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Raise it with Barclaycard, in writing if necessary. You have an extraordinary amount of consumer protection available for credit products, and any incentive to apply is covered by this protection. If Barclaycard aren’t any help, I would be surprised if the FOS didn’t side with you and force them to credit the points.

  2. Their website states:

    Earn IHG® Rewards Club points anywhere you spend. Guaranteed Gold Elite status for IHG® Rewards Club Visa® customers and guaranteed Platinum Elite status for IHG® Rewards Club Black Visa® customers

    I hadn’t seen that so explicit on the previous website- apologies if it was!

  3. Maximum Power says:

    I have already had it out with IHG CS – I booked my stay and was charged for it on the 4th of January!! and it’s still not posted – they say it takes 6-8 weeks after the stay not the charge and today is the last day of the 6-8 weeks – they are a joke. What I expect now is when the challange ends next week is to be told I hadnt booked the correct rate etc and dont qualify. That would be the end for me.

    Raffles do you think it will be big win 3 soon or do you think something less hassel for them?

    • Have you had the stay itself? It’s normally quoted as 6-8 weeks after checkout rather than after booking (although normally only take a couple of weeks)

    • Similar issue with the Book with IHG offer, stays posted fine on other Big Win offers but not this one, and it relates to stays made in January. Emailed CS last week, the 3 working days for a response has expired.

      Eventually I expect my points, but it will end up requiring a phonecall I expect.

      Without IHG offering Big Wins or other promos, even with my Plat status, i really would need some convincing to stay with them – some of their hotels are dire.

      PS – I guess this change to the credit card could mean the end of 40k bonus point link for new sign ups.

      • James67 says:

        Does the ‘book with IHG hotel or mobile…’ offer apply to any IHG website or does it mean a specific named hotel homepage? This challenge makes no sense to me because AFAIK you have to book through an IHG website to get qualifying stays in any case. I booked at holidayinn co uk; does this count?

  4. I cancelled my Priority Club Black card last month. They did advise as to the card having the benefit of Platinum status with IHG, but I advised them I found it of little real value. They then offered me a pro rata refund on the card IF I downgraded to the fee free card, stating I was a valued customer. I should state that my ‘valued customer’ status can only be based on the £1 I spent on the card in December last year, which triggered the points bonus.

  5. Trevor says:

    Very cheeky to make applications unavailable during the big win when the card is a requirement for a lot of us, but as I stated in a previous comment, so fact that it took over month from application to delivery for me means that for anyone wanting to apply from early April on, it was most likely too late anyway, and why leave it to the last minute, specially if you want a good rate?! Who else had a slow experience with delivery or was it just me?

    • Very slow delivery here! I applied a month ago and was provisionally accepted. Sent them ID documents, waited a week or two then called to chase and they claimed they never received them. As I only was sent one contract to sign they said they’d send me another – that was a week or two ago again and I still haven’t received anything. I’ve checked and they claim they’ve sent it the day of my last call, but I am now wondering if they are delaying fulfilment until the changeover is complete – it certainly won’t arrive in time to earn the points for the stay we were hoping to take at the end of May (we leave end of April)

      Applied for an Amex the other day and got it two days later. Bit of a difference!

      • Surprise! Got a letter this morning informing me they’d cancelled my application and that I could apply again in the summer. Fortunately (bizarrely) at the IC we plan to stay at it is still cheaper to simply buy points than to pay the standard room rate so we don’t need to change our plans – but I wish they’d told me honestly a few weeks ago rather than claiming they’d sent me the form again.

        • Trevor says:

          What shocking treatment 😮 You should make a formal complaint at the way your application has been handled and unjustly cancelled, and the fact that it affects your big win target – they are soliciting business with the lure of a bonus and then giving you the finger when you try to take them up on it?! See what you can get out of it. I’m still baffled that, considering the FCA, it is even permissible to make the card application a requirement! They are, in effect, forcing people to apply for and pay for a financial product.

  6. aceman says:

    This has been really annoying me, I’d been delaying getting this card, but need a non amex for about £6k worth of bills due 1st may. Had been checking on a daily basis, UGH!

  7. whiskerxx says:

    Existing card members have actually been told:

    We’ve got some exciting news to share with you about your Priority Club® Rewards Black Visa®. From 23 June, your Priority Club® Rewards Black Visa® account will change to an IHG® Rewards Club Black Visa® account with some great new features.

    We just haven’t been told what the exciting news is, or what the great new features are!!!

    • guesswho2000 says:

      I got the same for my Hilton HHonors card today, although despite getting a new card and PIN, from what I can see the only change will be that I will be able to view it alongside my normal Barclaycard online!

      • I think the only difference with the new Hilton is that it is contactless.

        I’m surprised BarclayCard isn’t switching them to Amex cards though really. I doubt the new cash back cards will be their only Amex.

  8. adamp111 says:

    Pretty unhappy with this…my Big Win completion is 47k points and I have no way of achieving this because of lack of card availability. Anybody had any success arguing that lack of availability of card link should mean new offer being made available?

  9. So are Barclaycard classing this as a ‘new’ product? I cancelled my Priority Rewards VISA about 6 months ago and am wondering if I would be eligable for any potential signup bonus in June.

    • Good question. It would have been a lot clearer if they had switched issuer.

      • From previous experience I would say yes, although it was with my non-amex cash back backup.

        I had an egg WE cash back card that became a barclaycard. When I applied for the High 5 card I got the sign up of bonus they had at the time (£30 and no annual fee)

      • If the new one comes out with Visa & Amex combined would existing cardholders be able to get this or would we be stuck with Visa only?

  10. re: Big Win promo – it is bad enough setting a credit card as a qualification item…but then suspending applications. That is beyond belief! I just wrote to IHG..

    • What did they say?

      • Much to my surprise, they paid out the 10k points for the card sign-up and spend, + 38k for completing the big win. They applied both manually.

        • Same here, although it was 20K and 51K

        • I will contact them too. Did you just email ihg rewards Europe?

        • Had to call them. When I emailed, I got a stock response from a US agent telling me to contact the card issuer. Called IHG and they sorted it in 5 mins.

  11. My big win target was to apply for the standard Visa card. i applied (using the link in the email), got accepted but then the next email showed i had to get the black card. in the end i got the bonus points for using the standard card. But when i logged in today, i noticed a bar tracking my spenditure saying that I can get a free night for spending 10,000 GBP. So it looks that also the free card offers a free night for spending 10K. i was not aware. anybody can confirm this?
    In this case the difference between the free card and the paid card is only
    platinum vs gold status and an additional 10,000 IHG points (double vs single earning for spending 10K £)…

    • No, the free card does not offer a voucher for spending £10k! Unless this changes after 23rd June ….

      • But it would be strange to add a bar showing the progress “how close you are…”
        Your current spend xx and £10K “qualify for your free night”…
        And then dont offer the free night.
        The bar was not there when i checked last time so it could be that this is an improvement as part of the rebranding.
        Adding the voucher would make the card much more attractive…

  12. What number did you call (from UK) to get the points re the non availability of the credit card?