"The Avios Big Reward" is unveiled – and it's rubbish

On Saturday, I ran a post asking if anyone knew what the ‘bigreward.avios.com’ website was meant to be about.  All the site had was a holding message saying that something ‘exciting’ was coming on Wednesday 28th.

Well, Wednesday 28th arrived yesterday.

The result (see here) is exceptionally underwhelming.

Big Reward 2

You need to understand that Avios is ‘bigging up’ this competition at great expense.  As I got off the tube yesterday, all of the video ads on the walls of the escalator were promoting it.  And yet, the top prize isn’t worth much more than the £800 of free Melia hotel stay that I gave away on Head for Points a couple of weeks ago!

What is it all about?

This is how the “The Avios Big Reward” works:

You go to theaviosbigreward.com

You nominate someone who you think deserves a holiday, by means of either a 60 second video or a 250-word story

The person you nominate cannot be a pet or other non-human (this in the rules!)

Your video, if you go that route, will be published on the website although the winners will be chosen by independent judges rather than the public

You must upload your entry by June 18th

The winner is the person you nominate and NOT you, the person who nominates them.  The rules specifically state that the nominee can take whoever they want and is not obliged to take you.

All of this obviously requires a bit of effort on behalf of the entrant, so the prize must be pretty good, yes?  Er, no.

Here are prizes:

2 x a pair of World Traveller (yes, economy) tickets to New York

5 x a pair of Eurotraveller (yes, economy) tickets to a ‘9,000 or 15,000 Avios’ destination

43 x a pair of Eurotraveller (yes, economy) tickets to a ‘9,000 Avios’ destination

You are not even given the Avios to spend as you wish, although the trade-off is that BA will pay your taxes for you.  You need to submit a destination and three pairs of dates that you want to fly and then you will be told which of the three you are getting.

As part of entering, you also agree to your video or story being published online – which seems a lot of privacy to lose (especially if the person you nominate is ill) in return for two flights to a 9,000 Avios destination.  In fact, by entering you are giving Avios the right – for two years – to use your entry in any way it wants, in any media it wants, without asking your permission, crediting it with your name or paying you a penny.  Fantastic.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with the idea of this competition and some of you may want to enter.  I just always get a bad feeling when a company spends far more advertising a competition than it is willing to put up as prizes ….

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  1. Well I’ve just got myself 12 Avios from Avios Suitcase for tweeting about this! Whoo hoo!!

  2. Sorry I am not good at typing on a tablet. My point was it is aimed at brand awareness via social media. They want people to know what avios is about. What exactly is wrong with BA economy? And the prizes are not targeting this audience. Any fool can see that. They just want people to know what avios is about. You spend money you get points you go on hol usually in world traveller g/x class distressed inventory. I know what I am talking about I actually don’t think its rubbish I just think the advertising is not amazing. But I have a feeling it will get better and serve its purpose. Its basically not aimed at you U/z class bods so carry on as you were 🙂

    • I have done tidying up in this thread and the earlier one in the spirit of friendly discussion and, frankly, the fact that these two threads now rank ABOVE the official site if you google ‘Avios Big Reward’!

      The point I was making it that BA is being cheap. They are spending probably £50,000 advertising this competition yet can’t even be bothered to help the winner get a decent hotel and a few $ for some nice meals.

      The nature of the competition is that the person who wins might be ill, have a disability etc (I doubt sending in a video saying ‘I’m a student, gimme a free holiday’ will get too far) – which makes BA’s decision not to provide business class flights even worse.

      It just feels a bit like Big Brother where contestants are going to be exploited by the competition organiser in return for, frankly, very little.

  3. So you don’t think Ill people or disabled people can go in economy. However I do agree about the hotel. New York is expensive so the average Joe wouldn’t be able to afford one if they just won flights. Come on BA chuck a hotel in.

    • That’s not what he said at all and you know it!

      Ill/disabled people may not want their condition publicised or exploited by BA for the sake of a free flight, especially not a cheap economy flight and not even a full holiday.

      • squills says:

        Exactly, Tim S. My son #1 has a serious disability, blue badge etc. But there’s no way I will be somehow sending an entry to the comp saying somebody in our family does brilliantly in coping with his condition. Why would we claim that silly over-claim or want the unwanted publicity for nothing much in terms of prizes? We just get on with it. Stalwarts.

        It’s a very ill-conceived promotion.

  4. I just got 50 Avios via Avios Suitcase for sharing a link to this promo, as Mike says you can also get 12 points for tweeting about it.