Reminder: 3,600 Avios for £60 Tesco grocery spend still working

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I have run this as a ‘4th post’ today because there is nothing new in it!  I do however want to remind anyone who missed this offer when I first posted about it two weeks ago that it is still working.

Using code XXPJPY, you will receive 1,500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points when you do a £60 grocery spend.

The code is meant to work until 30th June.  In the past, Tesco codes have stopped working early when they reach some pre-determined ‘maximum number of uses’.  This code has not yet reached that level.

That said, this code does not work for everyone.

It will definitely work if you open a new Tesco Clubcard account.  It is also working for people who have not done a Tesco grocery order for ‘a while’ – although it is not clear how long ‘a while’ is.  It worked fine for me but I have not done a Tesco grocery order for at least a year.

The quickest way to see if it works is to go to the Tesco grocery site and do a dummy order for £60 (search for ‘veuve’ and put two bottles in your basket!). Click checkout, select a random delivery slot, go to the payment page (do not put in a credit card number) and enter the code. The box is halfway down the payment page.

If it has worked, you will see this on your screen:


The voucher is then stored on your account. You do NOT need to complete the dummy order – the code will still be there if you do another grocery order later on.

If you don’t want to order your groceries from Tesco, consider spending £60 on some wine, nappies, dishwasher tablets or other expensive branded items which you buy anyway. It is a very easy 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin Flying Club miles if you only buy items you need anyway.

Remember that Tesco has recently dropped the price of off-peak delivery slots to just £1 so the delivery charge may be nominal if you pick the right time.

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  1. David says:

    I’ve discovered a potentially more lucrative repeat of the “cabbages” offer from some months back. Look for okra and baby aubergines – both available in the “World Vegetables” category.

    I received an additional 2000 Clubcard points for buying ~£5 of these items on my latest order – could have got even more but didn’t want to be too greedy.

    • squills says:

      Nice one! No bonus 1500 for us but the okra’s worth a look 😉

      Don’t forget that parallel 1500 point code the other guy mentioned.

    • Oh no! Will take a look …..

      • Martin says:

        It’s still working – I’ve just placed an order for the first time in about six months and the code was accepted.

    • The only world vegetable available here is ginger. This must be a local thing.

      • David says:

        Quite possibly local. I am in west London and was pleasantly surprised at the range of ‘ethnic’ products offered by Tesco. The last time I ordered from them (some years ago) I was living outside London and the selection on offer was nowhere near as good.

  2. AndrewM says:

    Maybe you’ve jinxed it – just tried it and it says:
    “Sorry, there seems to be a problem
    Sorry, this eCoupon cannot be accepted as it has already been used the maximum number of times.”

  3. Erico1875 says:

    Can it be used with different names all at the same address? We have 4 club card accounts in our family

  4. Peter Cashen says:

    Added Okras but no bonus!?

  5. Thanks David. Easy CC points

    99 Tesco Rocket Chillies Loose
    Total Clubcard points
    Total price


  6. Michalis says:

    Just did a regular shopping but bought a few hot chillies to heat up my avios.
    Considering doing another 2-3 chilly only deliveries. Do you think I will run into issues with Tesco?

  7. Michalis says:

    Well even if you don’t need anything you can always do an order with delivery for under £6 (£0.89 for chilies + £4 charge + £1 delivery) for 2,500 clubcard points. I have definitely seen worse offers and like that you don’t need to buy stuff you don’t really need.

    I do not know which stores have them but you can do delivery (central london was fine). Already did two orders (one regular grocery and one for just the chilies – can’t wait to see the look on the driver’s face on that) from central london and works perfectly.
    If there are still more by tonight when I get home I will do another 1 or 2 proper orders for stuff that I need. The main issue I see now is actually being at home to accept all these deliveries. 😀

    • Why buy just chillies when you can order okra (and other veggies) too for more CC points:
      99 Tesco Okra Loose
      99 Tesco Rocket Chillies Loose
      Total Clubcard points

      (make chilli paste and freeze the okra after chopping it up for future use)

      • Michalis says:

        That’s a good idea but i can’t see the okra loose which is a good value.
        The other veggies are more expensive than occurring the £4 charge each time to make it worth it (of course limited by the time). The eddoes for example (19p each) will cost me an extra £18 to get the same points while the chilies will cost only £5 more (so marginally worse than an okra order).
        Of course genuine shopping is a better value but only if you need all the extra stuff/willing to spend 5X what you would pay do just get the points.

      • ankomonkey says:


        99 Rocket Chillies Loose £0.99
        99 Baby Aubergines Loose £13.02
        99 Okra Loose £5.41

        Total Clubcard points = 7444

        While you cost per Clubcard point is lower I’m happy to pay some more to get more Clubcard points. I just hope I get all the points…

        • Jason says:

          Have placed an order, but not sure how confident i am will go through (could only do delivery as no stores to collect)

          99 Tesco Rocket Chillies Loose £0.01 £0.89 works out to more than 25 clubcard ponits per 1p. Even if don’t convert them to avios, plenty you can do with 2,475 CC points for 0.89p!

        • I just bought 3 x Okra Loose in store and got zero points ( and was sign stating 25 points each loose one)

        • I had the same happen to me in store this evening, even though the shelf label mentioned 25 bonus cc points.

          Maybe the promotion has been suspended/pulled centrally but local stores not informed?

        • Same here as well, bought 2 Okra, 1 sweet potato and 1 eddoe, there was a sign advertising 25 points but I got nothing (apart from 1 bag reuse point!).

          The items are sold by weight so I would have had to weigh each Okra individually for the till to know I bought 2.

        • Michalis says:

          Well I am waiting the 1st delivery tomorrow. Then I got another one on Thursday. Will see how that goes. If that works I will do at least 2 more.

          Will let you guys know how it goes.

        • I’ve got a collection as well for tomorrow, I’ll let you know what happens.

    • Lady London says:

      Is this where we say “far out..!”
      ***** law I’m on a plane off somewhere tomorrow.

    • Singing Dwarf says:

      25 points also available on Tesco Plantain Loose @ £0.71 each in Thetford store:

  8. Elena says:

    Can you buy these in store? I can’t find them online but I know they have them up North.

  9. oyster says:

    I can’t see Tesco honouring these to be honest.

    The items just won’t be in stock.

  10. James says:

    Sorry, no products found for this offer.

    that’s all I get when trying to find the grocery clubcard bonus, is this a southern thing?

  11. Justin says:

    doesnt work on any of my accounts. bah!!!

  12. Caroline says:

    Hi, do Tesco list the extra points offers anywhere? When clicking special offers on the grocery page I can’t see a bcubcard filter.

    Also, the cheapest extra 25 points veg in my area is 62p. Do you think it’s worth a buying a few at this price? Is it a decent price/points ratio when ultimately converting to Avios?


  13. Akkers says:

    I purchased 20 books on 4 May but they haven’t tracked in my Tesco Clubcard account yet. Have they tracked for anyone else yet?


    • Roger Carpenter says:

      Not yet. When I rang they said to wait for the end of the promotion on 30/6.

  14. chris says:

    not looking anymore

    but did my 10 nearest stores

    and heres another “RH10 1GY”

    that has .05p orka and .19p eddoes

    to check your local(ish) area, just go to collection and change the store, than refresh this page (

    after clicking a collection slot

  15. markb says:

    Alas the vegetable offer is not available for me, will try the points for a £60 spend, anyone know if I can also use a helping hand coupon and/or £7 off a £70 spend coupon I got through the post

  16. huntsman says:

    Made £25 order but at final confirmation after payment it stated the order only qualified for 26 clubcard points (despite all the way through claiming 5201).

    Will the 26 be credited straight away and the 5201 only on delivery?