70 more free Avios for everyone via Avios Suitcase

Avios Suitcase is a Facebook game that can be played by anyone with a Facebook and an avios.com (not ba.com) account.  You earn points for completing a series of social media tasks.

If you have not already signed up, you can find out more in this post and this post.

Two new ‘badges’ are now available for you to pick up.

Avios Suitcase

‘Big Reward Nomination’ earns you 50 Avios for sharing news of the ‘Avios Big Reward’ competition on your Facebook page.  Remember to set your sharing privileges to ‘Only Me’ when you do this so that your friends do not see it.

#BigReward Twitter earns you 20 Avios when you send a tweet promoting the Big Reward competition.  Handy to have a throwaway spare Twitter account for things like this ….

Avios points from Avios Suitcase no longer post overnight but seem to go across in a sweep at the end of the month.

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So, the story of what happened on Monday with HotelTonight in Amsterdam ...
United's Club lounge confirmed as the Priority Pass option in Terminal 2
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  1. I did these a few days ago, the Twitter only got me 12 points though.

  2. Mothballed says:

    Rather oddly, I now have so many Avios Suitcase stickers (by which I mean more than a giddy nine!) that I have to click ‘Load Content’ in order to bring up the rest on-screen. It’s as though they think I’m on a dial-up modem.

    Someone in the Avios web development team may have thought it would be cool to use some dynamic page loading, without considering whether it might actually be a good idea…

  3. Do you know if this will be considered “earning” avios in the sense that it will activate the reward flight saver avios.com booking option?

  4. signol says:

    It looks like Red Spotted Hanky are doing another Fantasy Football game for the World Cup.
    And also, Loyalty Lobby is claiming that another IHG Big Win is coming for the summer.

    • pazza2000 says:

      Any idea when the points from the fantasy football season post across?

      • signol says:

        I think mine posted today, along with the first batch of F1 points!

  5. andy stock says:

    Thanks Raffles, worked perfectly.

  6. OT. Anyone take up the 8000 avios promo for the Economist magazine and got a pro-rata refund?

  7. I have the 20 point Twitter, but can’t see ‘Big Reward Nomination’ . How do you find it?

  8. Col A-B says:

    There’s another 50 Avios to be earned in the suitcase today when you complete “Big Reward Nomination Film”.

    • Col A-B says:

      Forgot to add the answer is New York – save 25 seconds of your life watching the film.

  9. Surbhi says:

    50 points for new sticker today for watching Big reward film and answering question at the end!

  10. There’s another 2 badges available (one is fathers day related).

    Only 25 avios but easy enough for a question (answer: New York) and a share.