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More free Avios via Avios Suitcase … inc 20 'secret' ones!

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Yes, I know, its only a handful of Avios. However, I feel I have a moral obligation to share this one given that this is what Head for Points is all about! Miles earning tips so trivial that no-one else will print them ….!

I have written about Avios Suitcase before. It is a Facebook application that lets you earn Avios points in by completing a few simple tasks, such as following Avios UK on Facebook and Twitter.  If you haven’t played before, you should be able to earn around 150 Avios very quickly.

(The linked post talks of over 300 Avios.  However, the tasks seem to have been devalued in recent weeks!)

Avios Suitcase

There are two reasons why you SHOULD play Avios Suitcase:

The points post overnight (or within 48 hours at most), so you aren’t hanging around for them

They reset the clock for the ‘earn 1 Avios every 12 months to use Reward Flight Saver’ privilege at Remember that has better European availability for economy Avios flights than, so there is a real chance that you may occasionally end up booking via even if your main account is at

A new sticker appeared on my wifes Avios Suitcase account this week – ‘Avios Adviser’.  This encourages you to visit their Facebook page and leave a tip about collecting Avios.  (I recommend you write ‘Read Head for Points every day’!)

You don’t need to actually need to write anything on the Facebook page, though.  Just click ‘Share’ and you get your 20 Avios.

And a secret bonus!

Even if you have already ‘earned’ all the ‘stickers’ at Avios Suitcase, you won’t have earned these 20 bonus points though!  This is what you do:

Log into Facebook via the mobile app and visit the official Heathrow Airport page. Click ‘Check In’ – it will set your status to “xxxxx is at Heathrow Airport”. You do not need to be at Heathrow to do this!

Log into the Avios Suitcase app. You will have an alert waiting for you which thanks you for checking in at Heathrow. If you look at your Avios Suitcase points balance, it will have increased by 20 Avios.

There is no mention of this offer on the Heathrow or Avios Suitcase sites, but it definitely works as long as you use the mobile app.

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Comments (43)

  • John says:

    So this doesn’t seem to be going anywhere;
    a more useful tip might be to collect one sticker per year in order to keep your account active without real activity for 9 years :p

  • Trevor says:

    A wee tip regarding LHR check-in – no need to actually use the mobile app, you need only use the mobile site at

  • Annie says:

    Thanks for the info- the only sticker left to unlock is ‘the pioneer’. Can anyone advise please?

    • Werner says:

      In the alerts section you find all the stickers you have earned together with a button to share each. Click on each of these share-buttons. Clicking in the buttons list on each button shows you whether you have shared the button (“Congrat you have … shared …”).

  • Andy says:

    After about a week (last posted 4 days ago, which was 3 days after getting the first twenty points), the 40 avios have showed up

  • Werner says:

    There seems to be a new sticker (making a total of 8 stickers) named “connected” giving you 150 avios.