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More free Avios via Avios Suitcase … inc 20 'secret' ones!

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Yes, I know, its only a handful of Avios. However, I feel I have a moral obligation to share this one given that this is what Head for Points is all about! Miles earning tips so trivial that no-one else will print them ….!

I have written about Avios Suitcase before. It is a Facebook application that lets you earn Avios points in by completing a few simple tasks, such as following Avios UK on Facebook and Twitter.  If you haven’t played before, you should be able to earn around 150 Avios very quickly.

(The linked post talks of over 300 Avios.  However, the tasks seem to have been devalued in recent weeks!)

Avios Suitcase

There are two reasons why you SHOULD play Avios Suitcase:

The points post overnight (or within 48 hours at most), so you aren’t hanging around for them

They reset the clock for the ‘earn 1 Avios every 12 months to use Reward Flight Saver’ privilege at Remember that has better European availability for economy Avios flights than, so there is a real chance that you may occasionally end up booking via even if your main account is at

A new sticker appeared on my wifes Avios Suitcase account this week – ‘Avios Adviser’.  This encourages you to visit their Facebook page and leave a tip about collecting Avios.  (I recommend you write ‘Read Head for Points every day’!)

You don’t need to actually need to write anything on the Facebook page, though.  Just click ‘Share’ and you get your 20 Avios.

And a secret bonus!

Even if you have already ‘earned’ all the ‘stickers’ at Avios Suitcase, you won’t have earned these 20 bonus points though!  This is what you do:

Log into Facebook via the mobile app and visit the official Heathrow Airport page. Click ‘Check In’ – it will set your status to “xxxxx is at Heathrow Airport”. You do not need to be at Heathrow to do this!

Log into the Avios Suitcase app. You will have an alert waiting for you which thanks you for checking in at Heathrow. If you look at your Avios Suitcase points balance, it will have increased by 20 Avios.

There is no mention of this offer on the Heathrow or Avios Suitcase sites, but it definitely works as long as you use the mobile app.

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Comments (43)

  • Tony mccann says:

    Just worked for me on the check in, thank you 🙂

  • Ed E says:

    A handy tip on this one (so your friends don’t think you are weirder than they already do) is to change the privacy setting on your LHR check in (the official purple icon with over a million check ins) to “Only Me’.
    This means it shows only to your timeline for you looking at it and no one else sees it. It us still picked up by the Avios Suitcase App and your points are instantly there!

    • Suzie J says:

      Thanks for the tip Ed E, I didn’t fancy spamming my friends’ new feeds with more talk of Avios! Succesfully published to my own news feed only and Avios credited instantly 🙂
      Raffles it looks like people are taking your advice – the Avios Adviser page has lots of recommendations to read HfP!

      • Rob says:

        Does it? I will take a look. Don’t actually use FB apart from running the HfP page – all these little games I do on my wifes account and then delete the activity, although she did ask me recently why she ‘likes’ American Airlines!

  • matthew says:

    Feel free to just delete the ‘check in’ as soon as you have the sticker also.

  • Frenske says:

    It worked and I saw there is also an extra 20 Avios to earn when posting an Avios earning tip after clicking on the Avios Advisor.

  • Ray says:

    Do the points post automatically to my Avios account ?

    • Tony mccann says:

      They normally hit the account the following day.

      • Werner says:

        I am still waiting for the points of the suitcase game of last week. Any ideas what went wrong?
        Is it necessary that the Facebook account data and the avios account data (name, email, birth date) are equal?

        • squills says:

          I wonder this as well. Anybody?

          My FB a/c is for monitoring only and contains no true details (name. address, email address etc) – it’s all made up.

          No Avios points last time I had a go at this.

          Worth another try? Or does it try to link FB details with Avios details?

        • Rob says:

          It doesn’t match anything to your FB account. I have a dummy FB account which has no personal info on it apart from my name and that worked.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, as long (obviously) you have input your (NOT BA) number into the setting page of the app.

  • Kathy H says:

    I am new to Avios – can I ask how you find the suitcase from the original home page after log in. Thank you.

  • Empers says:

    Off topic: I am on Finnair website trying to switch my BAEC no. for my CX Gold no. and the normal option to “Update your details” is not appearing on my booking?!?! Strange – has anyone else found this? I am trying to figure out if it is a problem with my booking or whether Finnair have withdrawn for all?

    Does anyone know of another Oneworld partner that allows the flipping of FF numbers?

    • fbrj says:

      Just tested mine on the Finnair site – a cx flight in March – was showing my cx FF No. Now switched to my BAEC No.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      Qatar let me change my BA and QF flight details and add my AA number last month

      • Empers says:

        Thank you, the Qatar website let me flip the FF to CX Gold and I have now successfully selected my seats. Strange that the Finnair would not let me as I have used it lot’s of time before. The Qatar website is nicer so I will use that in the future. Cheers

  • Ryan says:

    “However, I feel I have a moral obligation to share this one given that this is what Head for Points is all about!”
    That’s why I read. Keep up the good work!