1,200 Avios for £5 in Tesco with ‘Call of Duty’ (24,000 Avios possible per Clubcard!)

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It’s back!  When will Tesco ever learn?! Hopefully not for a while.

On Tesco Direct, there is a very average offer for 500 bonus Clubcard points and £5 off when you pre-order a selection of new video games.  Fifa 15, Battlefield Hardline, Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare and Destiny are all included.  It’s an OK deal if you are buying it anyway, but nothing to get excited about.

However, in store, something MUCH more interesting is back.

Call of Duty

Tesco is offering 500 bonus Clubcard points when you pre-order ‘Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare’, Destiny’ . ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’. ‘Fifa 15’ or ‘Battlefield Hardline’ for £5!  This is 1,200 Avios points or 1,250 Flying Club miles for just a fiver.

How it is meant to work is that you get a display box scanned at the check-out, pay £5, and receive a special receipt. (You don’t keep the box!)  Visit the store on the day the game is released and you are guaranteed to get a copy and you will get your £5 back as a discount.

The 500 bonus Clubcard points are credited with the pre-order payment.  You have NO obligation to actually go back to the store and buy the game on the day of release.

Tesco label

There is no obligation to ever buy the game when it is eventually released. This means that you can treat this as a chance to buy some Avios airmiles for 0.4p each!

You need to be very careful not to overdo this promotion. It is acceptable to buy ONE copy of each game ON EACH FORMAT per Clubcard.  For each of the five games that means you could do a pre-order for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 versions, netting yourself 5,000 Avios points. 

There seem to be 20 different variants available – five games across four different games consoles.  This means you can earn 24,000 Avios or 25,000 Virgin Flying Club miles for £100 per Clubcard account.

The boxes tend to be on a separate stand to the usual video games. You take an empty box to the checkout, it is scanned, but you do not keep the box – it goes back on the shelf. You will only tend to find these in larger Tesco stores.

It is possible that your local store will not have the special sticker up promoting the 500 points.  However, the points WILL go on at check-out.  Note that whilst the label in the image above does not mention that ‘Fifa 15’ and ‘Battlefield Hardline’ give you a bonus, they will.

(There is also a game called ‘Alien’ which is available for pre-order.  This is not included in this promotion and does not give any bonus points.  Do not buy any of these.)

If someone can provide the barcode numbers, it will also be possible to pay for these games at a self-service check-out in ANY Tesco store (except Express, as they have a different IT system) by manually inputting the bar code.  The problem is that all of the games except for ‘Fifa 15’ are age-restricted and a check-out supervisor would be required to approve the purchase.

This will also combine with the ‘£5 cashback for spending £10 in Tesco’ American Express deal that I posted about on Tuesday.

To summarise the above, this is how it works:

Visit the video games corner in a large Tesco store

Pick out empty ‘pre-order’ cases for any of the five games listed above, across any of the four formats

Pay £5 at check-out for each empty case you hand over.  Do not take the case home!

Your till receipt should show the 500 bonus points

Do NOT buy exactly the same game twice on the same Clubcard, whether in the same transaction or in different transactions.  If you do that you have crossed the Tesco ‘bulk buying’ line.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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    Infinity still working manually as of 5pm Thursday…. Posted on receipt, but no actual voucher printed…

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